Sunday, April 27, 2014

Diary Entry for Today (If I Had a Diary)

From here.

Woke up at 5am so I would have time to get breakfast and give my old boss a ride to work before the shift starts at 7am. Had a magnificent breakfast at McDonald’s. It was extremely filling, which was good because I hadn’t eaten at all yesterday.

Drove to the station to wait for my old boss. Listened to music while walking up and down a divider practising my balance. Despite the sun not yet even having begun to rise, it was still pretty damn hot, so I returned to the car. Took a ghetto shower by applying hand sanitizer to the underarms. Continued listening to music and reclined the chair. 7 minutes before he was supposed to show, I texted asking for a bottle of water. Got no reply. At 6:30am, I gave him a call. No answer. Sent a text. No reply. At 6:43am I gave another call, no answer. Got a text saying he missed his alarm and that I should go ahead. Replied “Ok” and went ahead. Didn’t really mind; earned me some brownie points.

Arrived at work just in time. Arrived still listening and singing to music ‘cause it was Sunday and none of the other departments work Sundays so I wouldn’t’ve been disturbing anyone. Set up my desk and started calling. Got assigned a buddy to train. This is excellent because it means that for one hour he’ll do all the typing, and then for another hour after that he’ll do the calling, too, and all I have to do is listen and tell him how to do stuff better. He was a good learner with a bit of an accent and only a wee bit of BO, so it definitely could’ve been worse. Could’ve been better, too, though. He could’ve been a girl with no accent. Would’ve been better for me and the respondents.

Anyway, we got a very good amount of completes and I was able to teach him quite a bit. Had a good idea for an ask on Tumblr and an even better idea for work. Also went through my old texts to pass the time and realized that I suck at texting. Being half-Asian does not prevent the straight white boy curse, I guess.

Approached my old boss and temporary boss to see if I could speak to the guy in charge of the department tomorrow about coming in as an assistant team leader for my internship. Old boss says forget temporary, just come in as assistant team leader, and don’t mention the internship. Previous internship offers were RM500 from another company and RM1200 from my dad. Old boss says I can easily get RM2000. That’s slightly more than the average wage in Mexico. It’s more than my older brother is earning. It also means I’ll be my younger brother’s boss.

Take a break and sing some more in the smoking area. Again, it’s Sunday so nobody’s there and I’m free to belt out My Way and Your Love Is My Drug (it was on shuffle) before returning to work. Got a few more completes and then called up my brother and some friends to see if I could convince them to come in tomorrow to boost attendance and thus make a good impression.
Realize I need new clothes now. Realize I should probably talk to my dad about what’s gonna happen to my allowance. Plan a dinner; I’ll pay.

Come home. Meet younger brother. Ask him if he’s seen the new boss around the office. “What, the brown guy?” he says. I tell him no, this new guy is more Chinese. Kinda white, too. Really handsome. Very intelligent. Enormous penis. Plays a lot of DayZ. Has a younger brother who’s on DotA all the time, always yelling. He only figured it out on the last line.

Went to get a haircut and a shave with my brother. Found a newspaper at the barbershop reminding me that Obama is in town. Obama has aged significantly since he was inaugurated around six years ago. He got the white hair and wrinkles and stuff.

Exit the barbershop and realize it is flooding outside. It’s monsoon season; the papers said it’ll be raining like this every afternoon at around this time for the next three weeks or so. And yet we still have a water shortage. Weird world.

Brother runs in the rain to get the car, I wait for him. The perks of being a boss.

Get in the car relatively dry, come home, try to buy “Like a Boss” .mp3 from Amazon. “This service is only available in the US”. Fuck you, then. Torrent the song. Test it out, too quiet. Download from YouTube. Too quiet. Realize my iTunes volume slider was just really low. Turn it back up. Torrent song again. Realize it is the exact same as the YouTube rip except double the bitrate and read-only. Finagle with the file until it is editable. Rename it to fit my file system. Create 64kb/s version for phone. Put on phone.

Go to Tumblr. 5 nice asks from 2 rad people. Ask Bailey the thing I thought of in work. Save a copy of the text in case I wanna ask anyone else. Begin answering ask. Write diary entry for today. Move on to next question.

Edit from 2020: I ended up not getting the promotion and also wow, apparently I was quite an asshole about it. Yikes.