Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whoa, a Concert

I woke up from a really weird dream this morning. It involved placebos and a bomb and a wedding and people I know and people I don't and other stuff. I wrote it all down because it might be useful for my Psychology dream journal.

I had a meeting for the HMC Rush Race at college. It was at 12:30, and I arrived at college at 12:45. I spent a while searching for the meeting, and I only found out later that I had passed it on the way in. Anyway, it turns out the comedic sketch has been replaced by a talent show, so I dropped out of the committee. I won't be in HELP any more when the event is held, anyway.

After the meeting, I took a nap. It was quite brief. I then bought some chips from Giant. They both weighed the same, but one was one ringgit while the other was two-fifty. The cheap one was pretty lame.

I finished one packet of chips and drove to refill my motorcycle. All the pumps were closed when I arrived, but they were opened just as I was leaving. The fuel only cost RM5, so that was nice.

At home I shared my chips with Hannah and Susanna and then I went on the computer for a bit. After a while, Hannah came in and told me that there was a free Boys Like Girls concert being held at Bukit Kiara. I told her to get ready because we were definitely going.

Unfortunately, all our cars were unavailable, so we had to take a cab. It was really jammed and cost ten ringgit to get there.

Once we were there we squeezed ourselves into line and waited for a bit, and when we got in we squeezed ourself as close to the front as we could. We got pretty close. After about an hour of waiting, a couple of DJs came on and played a mish-mash of popular music. I was pretty disappointed when they played Smells Like Teen Spirit without lyrics.

Anyway, the DJs finished and we were introduced to our host, who was someone famous that I did not recognize. The first thing he introduced was the president of Nokia, whose accent led me to believe he was South African or something. He talked about phones and music for a bit, and then he left to let the show continue.

The opening acts weren't as good as at the Digi concert with the All-American Rejects. Pretty much all the songs were in either Bahasa Malaysia or Chinese, and I didn't recognize any of the bands. Also a few people near the front fainted, so everyone got to move just a little bit closer.

When Boys Like Girls finally started playing, everyone was very happy. Their opening song was a cover of I Gotta Feeling, which then transitioned into Love Drunk. They played a bunch of songs that I knew and a bunch that I didn't, and they ended with The Great Escape. Martin Johnson climbed into the crowd and sang the second last song on someone's shoulders, and through all the songs picks and water bottles were being thrown into the crowd. A pick bounced off my head and fell on the floor, where it stayed for a little while before I found it. That was nice. Later, another pick bounced off my head. I spent considerably longer looking for it, but I couldn't find it. Hannah went searching and she came up with it, so we both had picks. That was nice. I carried Hannah on my back for a bit during The Great Escape, but after the first verse there was too much pushing so I put her down. I wanted to jump around anyway.

After the show was over, water bottles and picks and towels and drum sticks were all thrown into the crowd. Hannah caught Martin Johnson's towel, but a bunch of other girls caught it, too. They decided to cut it up and split it. We lost the girls, though, so Hannah never got her piece of towel. Oh well, at least she got a pick. She also found a one ringgit note on the floor, and I found a lighter. There were also a pair of shorts and a shirt on the floor.

When everything was over, we gave Ian a call and he came to pick us up. I didn't end the concert as thirsty as I thought I would. That was nice.

Um, we also met some other HELP students at the concert. They were doing their A-levels. I can't be arsed to slot that in the proper place of this post. It's late.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Much To Say Today, Either

I had pancakes for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch, and I had a class for each of my subjects. Also I went with Hannah to drop my dad off for dinner, and we bought M&Ms. I finished the Generals GLA campaign, too.

Yeah, it was a pretty standard day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eh, Not Much Happened

Today I woke up and then went right back to bed because I didn't have to drive Hannah because Aunty Rosie was around to do that instead. When I woke up again I ate some roti canai for lunch, and then a spent the next few hours trying to beat the China campaign of Generals.

I left at exactly the right time to arrive in college right when my class was supposed to start. Before I went in, though, I got some chips. As I was paying for the chips, I noticed a packet of mango-flavoured Tic Tacs, and I decided I needed to try those. I ate two every ten minutes during the lecture. It gave me something to look forward to.

When I got back home I let my siblings try the mints, and then I spent the rest of the evening beating the China campaign of Generals. For dinner I had beans and rice and meat, and then afterwards I had a piece of some kind of cheesecake. It was really cold, but really nice.

Ian went off to play poker and I played Stubbs on his computer. Ian had previously reinstalled Far Cry 2 on his computer, which prompted me to give it a whirl. It's still kinda fun. I think I may replay it on the hardest difficulty. Not sure if I want to go for 100% completion, though.

Hannah asked if I wanted to drive her to Bangsar Village. I said maybe. I wonder if she ended up going or not.

I should write up that dream analysis thing I need for my Psychology. Eh, I've still got five days or so.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Days in One Post

I did not do much on Monday. In college, a few more people were zapped. At home, I installed Stubbs the Zombie on Ian's computer and played it for a bit. I also watched Fantastic Mr Fox. It was okay, I enjoyed. Hannah managed to cut herself in the shower again, and Jan installed Far Cry 2 on his computer. Also I watched Dirty Jobs and did some exercise and then I went to bed without blogging.

I other stuff happened on Monday but I don't think I can remember. I do recall that on Saturday the air conditioning was turned on, which made it better than all the replacement Saturdays from last semester.

On Tuesday I made the decision to withdraw the RM50 that I had been planning to save. I spent some of it on Subway and some of it on potato chips. Subway was delicious, and so were the chips. I don't think I regret it.

Classes during the two days were okay. We did some meditation in Psychology on Tuesday, and I played with slinkies and springs in Physics.

Other things that happened on Tuesday, too. More people were zapped and back home we had mini hash brown things and breaded fish for dinner, which was delicious. I also installed Command & Conquer: Generals on my computer and played a few missions before discovering that all my saves from the last time I had the game installed were still there. I have saves from 2007. Awesome.

I think it rained on Monday and I rode back through it and got all wet. The could've been another day, though. I know it rained on Tuesday. I decided to stay behind and wait it out. In the meanwhile I talked with Carmeni and Kaminie about foods that I do not like to eat. The were shocked at how un-Malaysian my palate was.

Oh yeah, I also spent a considerable amount of time in Giant looking at the different candies and snack foods. I was comparing prices and wondering if I should buy anything. In the end I decided not to, but it was an educational experience nonetheless.

Man, this post is all over the place. Anyway my dad said we've got to be in bed by 12am every night or else he'll deduct RM50 from our allowance. Also I've got to drive Hannah to some place tomorrow in the morning. I was looking forward to sleeping in, too. Oh well.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Zaps and Naps

I woke up on the couch yesterday because that was where I had fallen asleep. I wasn't woken by my alarm as usual, though. I somehow woke up on my own around four minutes before my alarm was supposed to ring. I took a shower and went over to college. There were replacement classes at HELP because February 1st is a holiday. I brought the laser pointer that I bought at Petaling Street along.

Psychology was okay. Joanna and Denise weren't around, so I asked Carmeni if she wanted to play with the laser, but she had read my blog and knew what it was. Anyway, we learned about sleep and dreams. Appropriately enough, I kinda dozed off a bit during the class.

When class finished I met up with a bunch of my friends, and all of them except Carmeni zapped themselves with the laser pointer. That was funny. We went to Ali Maju's for breakfast and were joined by a few more people, who also all ended up zapping themselves. After breakfast, Amanda needed to break RM100, so I let her buy me some chips at Giant while I paid for her breakfast so that the cashier at Ali Maju's wouldn't get annoyed.

After I had my chips I went back to the hall. I joined a game of hide-and-seek, but we only managed to play one round before the class was claimed for a lecture. Instead, we sat around pointing the laser at people who would come over and ask to play with it, and then we would laugh as they zapped themselves. Arun was the guy who was provoking people to get zapped most of the time. He was pretty good at it. Anyway, this went on for an hour or so. It was very funny. There were a few people who could stand the shock, and even one guy who didn't even feel it, but for the most part the reactions were pretty hilarious, and because the voltage was so minor, everyone was good-natured about it afterwards. We even managed to shock a lecturer.

Eventually the hall got pretty empty, so I took a nap. When I woke up I got a few more people to zap themselves, and then I went over to my Physics class.

I got all my classmates except one to shock themselves, and I got Mr Naj to shock himself, too. Class was okay. I ate my chips while working on problems about spring constants and waves. I finished half an hour early and went home.

At home I watched Religulous and Up in the Air on Ian's computer. They was pretty good; pretty funny. I also took a lot of naps. I did my exercises while watching Time Warp with Jan. I went to bed without blogging because I was pretty tired.

Today I didn't do much. We went to church and my dad tried to get us to fix the internet connection to Hannah's room, but we didn't get far with that. We did make some progress, but ultimately it's still broken. I took a lot of naps.

Apparently Hannah thinks I'm going to get her a Seventeen subscription for her birthday. It's something like seventy ringgit. I wish she was just content with chocolate and jelly beans, like last year. Dang.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Should Remember What Is and Isn't Worth Eating

Today I woke up and took my time getting ready for Christian Fellowship. There was going to be a welcome to CF party later on. I was on the computer until twelve thirty, which was when it was supposed to start. Since I was bound to be late I decided to help Hannah drop off Yii Huei instead.

Yii Huei had to drop off some stuff at home before going to her friend's house so they could go watch a movie together, so I went with Hannah to drive her to those places. When we arrived at her friend's house we said goodbye because it would be the last time we saw her unless she came visited us after coming back from Penang.

Hannah and I went to eat at Popeyes because I had a craving for it. It was pretty tough to find a place to park, so I was grateful when we found an empty lot. It was near a parking machine that I couldn't figure out how to work, so we didn't pay.

We had to find an ATM before we could eat. While we were looking for one, Hannah convinced me to pay for her meal. She was the one who spotted the Maybank ATMs, though, so I guess she earned it.

Popeyes was okay. It was really filling, so even though I only had a biscuit, some mashed potatoes, and two pieces of chicken, I still couldn't finish everything I ordered. Hannah couldn't finish what I had got for her either. We only had a little bit leftover, though, so that was nice, at least. Anyway I don't think I'll be eating at Popeyes again unless I want more biscuits or mashed potatoes. Actually, I'm not sure why I came to that conclusion. The chicken skin is crispier than most places, and the meat's a lot more succulent. It's also priced around the same as KFC. Hm. Maybe I will eat in Popeyes again. I'll make sure I'm really hungry before I do, though, so I don't waste any food.

When we got home, I took a nap. When I woke up I watched a In The Loop on Ian's computer. It was good. After that I claimed the massage that Hannah said she'd give me if I paid for her meal. I then remembered that I hadn't walked the stairs even though it was Friday, so I went and did that. When that was over I was pretty tired, so I took another nap. When I woke up from that one I turned on the TV and did some exercise while watching a drama on the new Astro channel. It was called Half Broken Things and it was pretty good, too.

Anyway tomorrow I've got replacement classes at college. Also I'm apparently supposed to keep a dream journal for Psychology. Should be fun.

My birthday seems to be really really close. I wonder what I should ask for. I wonder where I want to eat dinner. I wonder if I should have a tiny party.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Hit of the Boom

I ate a lot today. I had chips, McDonald's, ice cream, and fries.

I ate the chips during Psychology class. They were sour cream and onion flavoured Cottage Fries and they were merely okay. They cost three ringgit per pack, though, so I'm not buying them again. Roller Coasters are better.

I had McDonald's for lunch. The twister fries were kinda stale. After that I read a bit of Guns, Germs, and Steel, and then I took a short nap.

When I woke up I washed my face with water from the coldest water fountain on campus, and then I went to Finite Maths class. I didn't fall asleep. Instead, I read more Guns, Germs, and Steel. The lecturer didn't seem to mind. Very soon we'll be covering things I don't know, so I'd better start paying attention in class.

Right when class ended I got a text that said Physics was cancelled because of the rain. Mr Naj couldn't make it on his motorcycle, apparently. I decided to brave the rain, and I got more soaked than I ever have before when riding.

I took a warm shower as soon as I got back, and then I changed into something comfortable and went online for a bit. Hannah and Yii Huei wanted to go to Petaling Street and I agreed to take them, so after a while Yii Huei came to tell me that we could go. I got ready, but Hannah was still faffing about on the computer. When we finally got her to get ready to go, we found that there weren't any cars available, so I took a nap while I waited for someone to come home.

Papa came home, so we took his car. First I had to put some petrol in it, and then I got a bit lost on my way to Petaling Street, but we made it there. We parked in an underground car park that Hannah found pretty scary. It stank, but the prices were reasonable.

Hannah and Yii Huei picked up some Ray Bans for ten ringgit each, and I bought a laser pointer for RM12. The original price was RM15, but the guy decided to give me a "special price" of RM13. When I asked for RM12.50, he told me not to worry about the fifty cents. That was nice. He also told me that the laser pointer also had a "boom". I wasn't sure what that "boom" was, but I was hoping it wasn't something to do with drugs, since a few of the other stalls had been selling bongs.

Hannah tried playing with the laser and she shocked herself. Turns out the other button delivers a little electric shock with amusing results. Anyway, we stopped at a McDonald's for some ice creams, and then we went home.

At home we asked Aunty Rosie to cook some of the twister fries that Papa had bought earlier. The girls wanted to go swimming, so I left my laser pointer with Jan and joined them.

Nothing much happened at the pool. Yii Huei and I wanted to go to the sauna, but Hannah was firmly against that idea for some reason, so we just hung around the pool and did nothing.

Jan told us when we got back that he had played with the laser in his curiosity and zapped himself, just like I knew he would. We also gave it to Papa to try, and the girls found his reaction very entertaining. We also got to have the fries that Aunty Rosie had made. They were delicious.

I then went on the computer. When Ian came home, I let him fiddle with the laser, and he, too, was shocked. It was funny.

I'm going to bring it to college.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Dinner Was Pretty Tasty

I woke up and then I fell asleep again and then when I woke up again I was told that I had to pick up Hannah and Yii Huei in half an hour.

Google Earth helped me a bit, but mostly I relied on Hannah's directions to get me to where I needed to go. After I picked the girls up I took them over to Sunway, then I came back home to get my motorcycle and I went straight to college from there.

Finite Mathematics was okay. I fell asleep in class again. We were given a quick break, so I used it to wash my face to keep me a bit more alert. It worked. I survived the rest of the class awake.

When class was over I withdrew some money and bought some fries, then I came home, swapped my keys again, and went off to pick up Hannah and Yii Huei.

When we got home I heated up some carbonara and ate it. It was pretty yummy. I then went on the computer for a while, or perhaps I took a nap. Maybe I did both. My dad woke me up to talk about parking, and then we went for a drive because he didn't want me napping some more. We picked up some frozen potato products and a Kit-Kat bar while we were out.

I think I'll eat lunch at McDonald's tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Early Classes and Unexpected Buffets

My Tuesdays start at eight, so I had to be up pretty early in order to make it to class on time. Before leaving I had a big bowl of chocolate cereal, which was nice.

I was a wee bit late, but that didn't really matter because the lecture started a wee bit late. I fell asleep a few times in class, but that didn't really matter, either.

During the break I went straight to the DSA to nap. I woke up an hour before my next class, and then went back to sleep for the next half hour. After that I went over to help Amanda with her statistics homework. Elo and Arun were playing the penis game from (500) Days of Summer a couple benches over. That was ballsy of them.

When I arrived at the lab, it was empty. I was about to call one of my classmates to check if there was actually a class being held, but then Mr Naj arrived. Anyway class was okay; we did some experiments with springs. It was kinda fun.

Once we had all the data and sorted out our graph, I left class and went back to the main block. I mentioned to my friends how hungry I was and how unfortunate it was that I couldn't go to McDonald's because of how little time there was left before class, and then someone pointed out that the marketing students were selling food, so I went over to them. They were indeed selling food. Because they were closing shop soon, they had a special offer of RM5 for an unlimited amount of food. I paid and ate a lot of nuggets and sausages. I also got a free cup of Pepsi. When I was done with the mini-buffet I bought some corn-in-a-cup from the table over and went to class.

Psychology was nice. We learned about perception and optical illusions and such. The class ended half an hour early, so that was nice, too.

Back at home I took a long nap. Later on I realized I did not have any more pages of Psychology to read, so that was nice. I did a hundred sit-ups and a hundred push-ups. Apparently sit-ups are bad for the spine, so I'm going to switch to bicycle crunches once I figure out how those are done.

I had pineapples and chocolate ice cream for dessert, but not together. A long time ago when my age was still a single digit, I ate a lot of pineapple. When I was done I couldn't taste anything for a long while because all the sourness had killed my sense of taste. Ever since then my mouth gets all warm whenever I see or think of pineapples. It's odd.

I'm going to drive Hannah around a lot tomorrow because she and her friends are doing stuff.

In a completely separate topic, it seems that every time I come home and get comfortable by taking out my contact lenses and changing into shorts, someone wants me to drive them somewhere. This seems to happen especially often if I hesitate before taking out my contacts because I'm not sure whether I will be going out later or not. Anyway after I find out that I've got to go drive about I have to put in my lenses and change again or else go out looking like an idiot. A comfortable idiot, but still.

Bleh. I hope dinner is tasty tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cookies and Naps that I Wish I Had Taken

I dropped my phone when I was leaving today. Fortunately it's an older Sony Ericsson model, so it wasn't damaged. I had to restart it because the SIM connection was a bit fiddly, but other than that it was fine. I realized I got a text from Joanna saying that she wouldn't be in college today because of a family emergency and I should pass that information on to Ms Selena. Anyway, I think I'll replace my phone sometime. It's very hardy, but the camera is broken and the screen is glitchy and I don't have a transfer cable and for some ridiculous reason it can only store around 100 text messages, whereas other phones don't even seem to have a limit.

I arrived almost fifteen minutes late for Psychology, which is the latest I've arrived for a class except for that one time last semester when I was an hour late for Advanced English because I was listening to Juria's birthday story, I think. Anyway I was lucky because Ms Selena was just starting the class when I arrived, so I told her that Joanna had a family emergency and wouldn't be coming today and then the lesson began. We learned about the eye and other sensory organs. We were told that people can taste stuff with the inside of our cheeks. I tried it out with a Nano Nano. It's true, we can.

After Psychology I had a nice long break, so I went with Amanda to McDonald's. It was still too early in the day for the lunch discounts, so I just ordered some twister fries and we shared those. When lunch was over we went back to Amanda's place because she was kinda sick of college and our next class wasn't until two o'clock anyway. In Amanda's house I had some really yummy butter cookies. They were the same kind as I had on Christmas, and they had maintained their level of deliciousness in the weeks that had passed. Amanda and I sat around talking about guys and their intentions, her family, and movies that, oh my goodness, I had to watch (Amanda's words, not mine). She actually wrote me a list of movies that she loved and I needed to watch. I haven't even heard of most of them: A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, The Sweetest Thing, Stepmom, Simon Birch, and Sleepers. Anyway I took a quick nap on the beanbags in her living room and then we went back to college. At college I realized I wasn't hungry for McDonald's any more which meant that Amanda's cookies had saved me RM12, which was nice. I did buy some nuggets from the marketing students because I like eating meat and helping marketing students. I spent the rest of the break talking and napping and eating tiramisu that someone had bought. The tiramisu kinda tasted like bananas.

Physics was okay. We learned about springs and waves, and the concepts were pretty easy to grasp.

Back home, Faith was lounging on the couch in a ridiculously cute manner. I woke Hannah up from her name to come over and see him, but he had moved. Anyway because I woke Hannah up, she had me take her to drop off her phone for repairs. She also wanted to go pick up her iPod, but I got her a slurpee instead. Of the RM50 that I withdrew on Saturday, I have RM10 left.

When I got back home again I took a nice long nap. After that I went on my computer for a bit, then I read the last few pages of my Psychology textbook, and then I exercised for a bit. I'm a bit surprised at how quickly I managed to finish reading my Psychology textbook. Also the sit-ups and push-ups are becoming easier to do. I did seventy-five push-ups today. I think I'll do a hundred tomorrow and maintain that. I might up the amount of sit-ups. I think I can feel an improvement.

My arms have been trembling slightly the whole time I've been writing this. I'm going to shrug that off as the after-effects of the push-ups.

When I wake up I'm going to wash my face so I don't fall back to sleep again, and then I'm going to have some cereal.

If I end up going to Amanda's house some other Monday, then I'm going to be sure to eat more cookies and spend more time on her beanbags. Her family has a very comfortable living room; I want to spend more time napping in it.

Monday, January 18, 2010

No Significant Events

So I had breakfast at McDonald's, which was nice, and then I went to church and fell asleep during the sermon, which was not so nice because I had bought gum specifically to prevent that, and then I came home and drove my dad to Mid Valley and then later I went with Hannah to pick him up, and then we stopped by a gas station so Hannah could buy some Oreos, and while we were waiting I played with a lighter for a bit until I realized what a terrible place that was to play with a lighter in, and then we came home and I took a nap and when I woke up I watched The Hurt Locker which was pretty good.

Hannah's beanbag seems to have gotten worse because now there are little white beanbag bits scattered across part of the floor. Also Hannah managed to cut herself in the shower and she did not even dry off completely before going to the kitchen to get a plaster. I thought that we kept plasters in the bathroom anyway.

I want to eat more McDonald's breakfasts. I'm also thinking that perhaps I should only make posts when something happens instead of everyday. Oh well.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late to Rise, Late to Bed

So after I wrote my last post, Ian came home and said that he had three people ready to play Left 4 Dead 2 and he needed a fourth person, so of course I agreed. Sean Joel and Jan were the other two. Ian was rushing me a bit, but I got to eat a bit of bacon and eggs before I went.

Anyway first we had to go pass some money over to the dad of the dude whose car Ian hit a while back. We spent enough time waiting for me to be able to say that Ian could've waited at least until I got my contact lenses in before we left. Ah well.

L4D2 was awesome fun as usual. The only downside was that Ian didn't want to cooperate on the first finale, and we ended up having to turn down the difficulty to Normal to get past. Also the guys who ran the cybercafe kept dropping by to tell us to "make the noise small". We shrugged them off. Anyway the second campaign we played was hilarious fun, so that was good.

After that we went over to Maybank so I could get some money (I now have RM150 in my bank, which is still quite a bit) and then we had some KFC. The popcorn chicken was pretty yummy.

Nothing much happened on the drive after that. We sent Sean Joel home and listened to football on the radio, but that was it.

Anyway back home I saw that Hannah's beanbag was in the living room. Hannah said it was there because it had a hole in it and she was waiting for Aunty Rosie to sew it up. Also, Yii Huei and Rebecca are staying over. I've only had, like, one sleepover ever, and that was when I was eight or something. Maybe I'm jealous.

Anyway I'm going to read and exercise and go to bed. I think I'll chew gum to stay awake in church tomorrow. Other plans for tomorrow include watching The Hurt Locker and taking a nap.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Responsibilities, Yay

I woke up this morning on the couch. I had originally intended to nap on it for a wee bit before taking a shower and going to bed, but the nap lasted way too long. Anyway I did take a shower and I did go to bed. I woke up again at two in the afternoon.

Anyway, Friday. I had a meeting for HELP's Rush Race that I told Ms Selena I'd attend, so I was in college fifteen minutes before it was supposed to start. That was a bit odd, that the one day I would arrive so early to college would be the day when I didn't actually have a class or anything.

I sat around with Davinia and perhaps a few other people while waiting for eleven o'clock to roll around. We spoke about which cousins Indians were allowed to marry and which they weren't and whether it was weird or not to like your cousin. We also looked through the list of Indian inventions on Wikipedia. Diamonds were on the list, so that was a thing.

At a little past eleven I realized where I had to be and went to the meeting. It was a pretty good meeting. I'm on the committee for a comedic sketch that's supposed to raise RM5000 for the event. It should be fun. The meeting kinda reminded me of NCO council meetings in BB, but the difference is I actually care about helping out with the Rush Race. Also I'm not the person doing the minutes any more, so that's nice, too.

After the meeting was finished I went over to the KPD for the first Christian Fellowship meeting of the year. There weren't any activities planned, so instead we just did praise & worship and prayed for a whole bunch of stuff. It was okay.

When I got back home I was informed by Jan that I had to drive him to get his hair cut before taking him over to Cheras so he could sleep over at Sri Sempurna to get the place ready for Fun Day. Before I did all that we sat down to catch the second half of this show on the National Geographic channel about the Aryan Brotherhood. It was pretty interesting.

I was wondering whether I should've gone with Jan to get my hair cut, too, but I decided to stay in the car and listen to music from Jan's iPod instead. I would've used the radio, but the antennae in the Kancil is busted and we haven't fixed it yet. Jan got back with an okay-looking haircut and I drove him to where he needed to be and then I drove myself back.

When I got back home I think I took a nap. I may have done something before it, but I definitely took a nap at one point. My parents woke me up a few hours later as they were leaving the house. I heated up some spaghetti carbonara and spent a while online before watching Year One on Ian's computer. It was either that or The Hurt Locker, and Year One was shorter. It was a pretty mediocre show, but I had expected as much so I wasn't that disappointed.

After that I read my Psychology textbook and did my sit-ups, and then I fell asleep on the couch.

Anyway since I woke up again this afternoon I haven't done much. I had some carrot cake for breakfast (Or lunch), and I think I brushed my teeth, although I'm not 100% sure on that one. I'm going to spend a bit more time online, and then I'm going to watch a few more movies from Ian's computer, and then I'm going to (as usual) read my Psychology textbook and do some sit-ups. I wonder if I'll be this free next weekend, too. I hope I will, but I guess I'll have homework to do by then.

But yeah, I settled my college fees on Thursday, so I don't really have any pressing items in that department. Once Mr Naj prints out the Physics slides I'll study them and memorize the relevant formulas, and if Mr Chen distributes any Finite Mathematics homework I suppose I'll do that, but right now I'm free, and that is nice. I've also got RM200 left from the RM300 I get each month, which is twice as much as I usually have around this time of the month. That is also nice.

Oh yeah, it's Saturday. Hmm. I guess I'll do twenty-five push-ups this evening alongside my sit-ups and see if I can stick to that. Hopefully daily exercise will make me hungrier so I can eat more and get bigger. This anorexic-type look is getting tiresome.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I Can Control My Hands, but Not My Mouth

Thursday, hmm. I woke up after around six hours of sleep, took a nap, went through my morning routine, took my motorcycle to college, helped Denise out with her Finite Mathematics, and then went for my first class.

Psychology was okay. We mostly reviewed what we'd learned early, and then we covered a bit of Psychophysics, which I find very interesting. Also, there are only three dudes in the class. There aren't any really outstanding girls in the class, except for maybe this girl who was also in my moral class last semester. Her Arabic pronunciation seems perfect and she looks Eurasian or something. I guess I should figure her out before I'm done with this semester. Oh yeah, I also volunteered to show up on Friday for this meeting to raise funds for HELP's rush race.

Psychology ended early, so my break was a bit longer than an hour and a half. I spent it with Joanna, mostly. I followed her to the lab and took my RISK turns while waiting for her friend to be done with some assignment. I also read thirty out of fifty of the best places for the best food in the world. I found it because I was using Google while hungry. Oh yeah, Joanna and I continued our argument about whether belief in a non-specific god is enough to get a person into heaven (it isn't). I don't think we reached a definite conclusion. Oh well, at least we'll have something to talk about later. Anyway afterwards we went to McDonald's. The fries were rather above their usual standards of tastiness, so that was nice. Right before my class was about to start I bought some Nano-Nano sweets.

Finite Mathematics was okay. I fell asleep midway through but woke up when my name was called when the lecturer was taking attendance. After that we were free to work on our tutorials, but I understood everything there already so I helped out other people. The lecturer noticed that I wasn't doing anything, so he assigned me a specific question to test if I really did know the material. I managed to do most of it, but I did get a bit wrong. I figured out my problem and fixed it, though. I think the rest of the class may see me as the smart one. I like that. I certainly wasn't the fast one in Engineering Mathematics Applications last semester, and I'm pretty sure I was only the inquisitive one in Physics.

Between Finite Maths and Physics I had a wee little break, so I talked to Amanda and people in the meanwhile. Joanna is kinda forcing people to go to this Valentine's day thing that she's organizing for her Public Relations class on the eleventh of February. Also she wants sponsors, so I'll have to remember to ask Clement if he could help out with that. Anyway, Amanda said that I can be her Valentine at the event if we both end up going. That means that there is no way it will suck worse than last year's annual ball. I doubt it'll suck. Even if it does end up sucking, there's a McDonald's nearby where I can eat all the suck away.

Physics was okay. It was a tutorial day, so we just had to get the answers to some questions and then we could go. I made some mistakes with decimal places and I had to look at the answer sheet for some of the last few questions, but overall I understood what was going on, so I think I'm okay. So far the subject is only marginally more difficult than last year.

Elo was doing some Finite Mathematics homework as I passed her on the way out, so I stopped to help her out a bit. It's a pretty easy subject and I like it so far. Solving the questions is kinda fun in an intellectually stimulating sorta way.

Back home I removed my contact lenses and changed into my unsightly-yet-comfortable at-home clothes and got ready for a nap, but then I was told that we were going out for dinner so I changed right back. That was a bit tedious. KFC was merely okay. There were a bunch of transsexuals next to us in line. A disproportionate amount of transsexual sightings seem to have occurred at KFC. What is up with that place and shemales? I think I've only ever seen, like, one transsexual outside KFC. Maybe two. The other half-dozen or so sightings have that odd fried chicken theme going on. It's weird.

When we got back home again I took my Psychology book to Hannah's room to read, but I didn't get far. Hannah and I watched Faith roam around the room instead. He's a strange cat, he is. It's going to be pretty hard to find another cat that can take his place after he's gone, but hopefully that won't be 'till midway through the decade or so.

I did the rest of my reading in the living room. Jan was lounging on the couch with his iPod, my mum gave Hannah her first razor, Mercy hopped on the chair I was in and snuggled up next to me, but nothing else really happened. Wait, actually I guess something else did happen. I finished the last bit of licorice that was Hannah's Christmas present for me. I think I'll go buy some more.

Also today Jan and I talked about how we both confessed our attraction to girls and how they both shot us down with the answer that they already knew we liked them and they had no feelings for us although they did think that we shouldn't be with them anyway because they weren't the best people (in Jan's case because she was a "bitch" and in mine, a "slut"). Women, eh?

Also also, I realized today that it seems most of my classes are scheduled directly after Mr Joel's classes, since his writing's always on the board when I walk in. Ever semester his "x" becomes harder and harder to recognize. In my first semester it was basically an "n", but now it's morphed into something pretty different.

Speaking of Mr Joel's classes, I also saw Sue Ann today. She confirmed that she got a High Distinction for EMA. I knew she would. I wished her good luck with the rest of her studies and stuff.

I should sleep earlier and wake up later on Friday night. I'm a pretty tired dude.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Wow, This One's Done Before Midnight

Today was a Wednesday, so I only had one class: Finite Mathematics. I woke up in the late morning feeling fairly rested. I made myself a pancake for breakfast.

I arrived in class almost exactly at 2:00pm. The lecturer was ten minutes late. The lecture once again covered stuff I already knew, so I stayed awake by chewing gum, playing with a component of a file holder that I found a while ago, and thinking about video-goggles and what time it would be when I looked at my watch. We got a five minute break, and I used it to dash across the hall to exchange greetings with Davinia before heading back to drink some water and return to class. The remaining few minutes passed slowly, but they passed.

When I got home I went on the computer for a bit until Hannah summoned me and we went to Bangsar Village together to read and stuff. We stayed for three and a half hours. Hannah finished three books, and I finished The Lost Symbol. It's certainly an entertaining read.

As we were parking back home, we spotted my dad's car. We met up with him and he took us out for dinner at Sin Kee. The chicken chop and pork chop recipe had been changed. Now there's cheese on top of the meats. I usually don't eat cheese, but after the first few bites it was pretty okay. I think I still prefer it cheeseless, though.

Anyway now I've got a cheque from my dad to pay for my school fees. I have to remember to hand it in tomorrow. I've still got to read my Psychology textbook and do my first bit of homework and a hundred sit-ups, but there is still a lot of night left to go.

Today I Will Say Nothing with Less Words than Usual

There usually isn't anything important or interesting in these posts. This one is no different. It's going to be a bit shorter than the average, though. Well, that was what I had originally thought when I started writing this, but then I realized how much had happened today so I might be wrong.

I had three classes today. Finite Mathematics was early in the morning and went by slowly, Physics lab was fun because we got to play with water (I didn't really understand the experiment though, which is pretty bad, I think), and Psychology was fun and interesting.

I met Elo after Physics; it was her first lab class. She was really early so we went to eat lunch. She told me that the people I'd seen her with on Sunday were her cousins.

For Psychology we were let out early to go do some very basic, simplistic research. I was with Denise and the yellow-haired Chinese girl for that. She's okay, I guess. Our task was originally to walk the hall to count how many guys were studying and compare that to how many girls were studying, but when we saw how little there was to count we switched to a different objective and counted to see whether there were more groups or people sitting alone. There were 17 groups of people and 24 people sitting alone. The other groups checked things such as whether girls or guys spent longer in the bathroom (girls spent an average of three minutes, guys spent an average of one), whether students or adults paid more for coffee, and whether strangers would smile at people who smiled at them. It was fun.

After college I went with Hannah to Bangsar Village. I spent my time reading The Lost Symbol, and I'm not sure what Hannah did. Since her phone was broken I told her I'd meet her at the car at five-thirty if she couldn't find me. At five-thirty there was no sign of her, so I went to the car. She wasn't there. I saw her on the escalator as I was going back to MPH, and I told her that the new deal was that if she wanted to go and couldn't find me, I would be at the car every half hour. We stayed and read stuff for another hour before we got a call from home saying dinner was ready.

Dinner was really yummy. We had fried chicken, home-made potato wedges, and some cucumbers.

I took a nap on the couch at around nine o'clock or something. I woke up at eleven or twelve and did my sit-ups and read my Psychology textbook. I can afford to stay up this late because my class tomorrow isn't until two o'clock.

I got my first piece of homework today and I have to remember to pay my fees before Friday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not Very Interesting

I didn't do much today. I was ten minutes late for my first class, I took a long nap instead of hanging out with friends during my break, and I drove Hannah, Jan, and Susanna to McDonald's so they could have something to eat. Also, I watched Moon. It was a pretty good show. I fell asleep a lot today. I maybe should sleep earlier at night.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Drove and Drove and Drove

Jan had to go to a BB meeting after church, so I volunteered to drive him. First, however, we stopped over at a corner shop for some lunch. When we were sitting down at our table I noticed that Elo was having lunch with some people one table over, and my mum noticed that her doctor was at another close table. We said hi. That was a nice coincidence.

When we got home it was apparent that we had spent a bit too long having lunch and so Jan was going to be late. I took the keys to Ian's car and dropped Jan off at the YMCA, which is where he had said the meeting was going to be. On my way home, he called and said that the meeting was actually at Wesley Methodist Church, so I turned around and picked him up. I got lost on the way there, so I asked Jan to call Ian so he could use Google Earth to guide us there. Ian failed, so Jan called and said he would be really late and was told that if that was the case he didn't need to go, so I drove him home.

When I got back home I barely had time to settle down before I got a call from Audrey asking me to pick Hannah up from her house in half an hour. I looked up her address on Google Earth and said told her it was entirely doable. An hour later I remembered where I had to be and got in the car and drove to pick Hannah up.

I arrived at the road, but then I realized I wasn't given a house number. I called my mum to ask for Audrey's phone number so I could call and ask which house it was, but as I was talking to my mum I saw a bunch of girls with a bunch of dogs leave a house. As they got closer I recognized them as Audrey, Hannah, Ebony, and Audrey's sister. That was good timing.

I got out of the car and walked the dogs with them. Ebony and I took our dogs far ahead of the rest, but I stopped for a rest while the others caught up. Audrey told me I shouldn't've sat where I was sitting because the person who owned the house I was in front of did not like dogs. Later on she told me that that person was Anwar Ibrahim. We also saw one of the cop cars that patrolled the area every half hour because of that.

At Audrey's house I had some pop tarts and sat around playing with a hamster because Hannah didn't want to go yet. We finally left when my dad called and said that she had to be home immediately because she had had a long day. Ebony came home with us because I had offered to drive her home, too.

I barely had time to hang up the car keys before my dad asked me to go drive him to Mid Valley so he could pick up a thing to fix a door. I managed to drag Jan along with me and buy enough time for a quick nap. On the way back from Mid Valley we wanted to stop off at Sin Kee for dinner, but the restaurant was too crowded, so we resolved to come back later after I had dropped Ebony off.

Ebony didn't know where exactly her house was, so I told her to get the address and look it up on Google Earth. She only managed to get the general area, but that didn't matter because she told me that she could direct me once I got to Tropicana Mall, and I can get there without a map.

After Hannah and I dropped Ebony off we went to meet my dad and Jan at Sin Kee. The food had just arrived when we got there. They were out of chicken chops because it was closing time, but the pork chop that I got instead was good enough.

Back home Hannah finally gave me the massage she promised me for driving her to and from Sunway a while back. For all the delay, it was merely okay. Audrey had told her about Paranormal Activity and she was scared, so she moved over to my parents' room to sleep that night, and so I got to read my Psychology textbook in her beanbag. It was very comfortable.

My first Monday at college starts in eight hours. Should be fun.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Driving in the Rain

Today I drove Hannah and Ebony around in the rain, because that is what they wanted to do. We stopped over at Bangsar Village and I spent enough time reading The Lost Symbol to make Hannah impatient, but not enough time to make any significant headway into the book. Oh well.

After that we went to McDonald's and I shared my fries. I paid way too much for that meal. I should stop eating McDonald's unless it's during the discount lunch hour and I'm with friends. We had free carbonara at home, and carbonara is delicious.

Anyway before we went home I drove around for a bit so I could listen to Ian's CDs. The rain was nice, too. I enjoy rainy weather, it changes things and makes them more interesting.

Back at home I read my psychology textbook for a bit again. I think I can stop mentioning that in posts now. I learned about senses. It was cool. Psychology is an interesting subject, I'm glad I chose it. I feel I'm misusing the comma. Perhaps I should use the semicolon instead. This paragraph has lost coherency.

I have two arbitrary thoughts to add to this post: The splotch of dried blood or whatever under my fingernail that I got during my second motorcycle accident is right at the tip now, so it'll be gone soon. There's still a small scar on the finger it's on, though, so I guess I'll always have that to remind me. Also I left the door to the bathroom open when I was brushing my teeth on Friday, and Stefanie walked into our room and saw me naked. The next time she entered our room she didn't knock. I think such an event would have caused me to knock the next time. It was surprisingly unawkward afterwards. Hopefully the angles were such that nothing significant was seen.

Also I watched (500) Days of Summer and it was really good. I'm pretty sure the "day after" scene is the funniest thing I've seen this year. Well, aside from this.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Title Isn't Coming to Me; so This Will Have to Do

Jan woke me up at one forty-five by playing obnoxious music from his speakers. I never wake him up when he's sleeping through the afternoon, but then again Jan is a dick so this is expected behaviour from him.

Anyway, Hannah wanted me to drive Stefanie and her somewhere later, so I said I would. I got changed into my going-out clothes (a coloured shirt plus trousers and socks, basically) and waited for her to say when. She told me later that Stefanie had changed her mind and so I might not be driving. When I heard this I went to my room, took off my socks, and faffed about on the computer.

When I was on Google Reader checking up on people's blogs, I read Joanna's post about a firebombing or something. Anyway her post was really misinformed, so I corrected her in her chatbox and went on to Facebook to add in a few more paragraphs for good measure. Later on I tried to get on Facebook but it said that the site was undergoing temporary maintenance even though Jan and Ian could get in fine, so I guessed that they had just temporarily banned me or something. I got in fine later, though.

But yeah, someone threw a molotov cocktail into a church. Apparently whoever did it was upset over the ruling that allowed Catholics to say Allah. My mum got a text saying people were rioting, but that turned out to be a bullshit rumour. Ian got, like, seven calls asking whether we could see the riots from our balcony. All we could see was a light drizzle and a heavy traffic jam.

Anyway Stefanie decided that she did actually want to go out, so we went. Audrey was there, too. Apparently Hannah and Stef had changed their minds about Central Market and so we were going to Bangsar Village instead to find Stef's water bottle. I read the first few chapters of The Lost Symbol while they went searching. They didn't find anything, but the book was an entertaining read. I think I'll get my dad to get it when the paperback version is released in Malaysia.

After failing to find Stefanie's bottle we drove home where my dad gave me RM100 to pay for my books and some petrol for the car. After refilling the car, I dropped Hannah, Stef, and Audrey off at Bangsar Village to take pictures of the sunset, and then I lent Stef fifty bucks so she could mail a couple of packages to North America.

Once I was done driving about I read my 42 Psychology textbook pages. That took a while.

My plans for today were to go to Christian Fellowship and watch a movie on my computer. I didn't do the former because I woke up way too late, and I didn't do the latter because I forgot.

Also today I read some of The Host, which is a Stephanie Meyer book that Stef was reading. It did not suck as much as I was hoping it would. I think I may have enjoyed it a bit. Man, I really hope that Dan Brown cancels out Stephanie Meyer or something.

Also also, today was the last time that I'll be seeing Stefanie and Ruben for a long time. Their mum came by to pick them up an few hours ago (she also repaid the money that her daughter owed me), and they're going back to Indonesia on Sunday. Yii Huei already left to Hong Kong a while back to continue her vacation, so now Hannah's best friend is Ebony again. I have less people to drive around, which is a pity because I enjoy driving. Ebony's staying over with Hannah tonight. I hope they want to go somewhere tomorrow, because I don't have any plans and a drive would be nice.

The Last Day of the First Week of My Last Semester

Four day school weeks are nice.

My classes started at eleven today. I ended up leaving a little later than I should have due to procrastination. My motorcycle ride took five and a half minutes, and I arrived in class just before Ms Selina. Psychology was fun and interesting. During class I checked how many pages there were, divided that amount by 14, and then resolved to read 42 pages a day so that I'd be finished with the book in two weeks' time.

That's what I spent my break doing, mostly. I read the entire preface and ten or so actual pages (I didn't count preface pages as part of the daily 42 because they are in Roman numerals), and then I had to go to my Finite Maths class. I was a little early, though, so I went up to Giant for a while to grab something to snack on. When I was there I started looking for the packet of chips that would give me the most bang for my buck, and settled on an 80g pack of Roller Coasters for one-something ringgit. It was pretty tasty.

Finite Maths was again covering stuff I had already learned. I ended up falling asleep halfway through class, but the lecturer gave us a break so I went to wash my face so I'd be more alert when we did the exercises and stuff.

After Finite Maths I went over for my Physics lecture. We learnt about matter phases and deformation from stress and pressure and stuff. It was cool.

Back at home I made myself some pancakes from batter in the fridge. I also fell asleep while reading a few more pages of the psychology textbook. Ian woke me up because he was heading to the CC to play Left 4 Dead.

Left 4 Dead was awesome fun. We were at a different cybercafe than last time. The graphics were spectacularly better, and there were headphones so I could finally hear what the game sounded like. It sounds awesome. Also the guns and gore are absolutely beautiful. We had a good time playing with friends, even though I lost pretty much every round.

On the way home we stopped for McDonald's. As I was eating I found another cockroach on me, for a lifetime total of a dozen or something. I stopped counting a while back. I do not know why those bugs are attracted to me; I shower everyday. Maybe I just have some kind of animal magnetism. It would explain why my cat is so attached to me, at least.

Anyway when I got back home I finished up my daily reading and did my sit-ups and came here to write this. Tomorrow I'll be sleeping in and then I'm taking Hannah and Stefanie to Central Market. I forgot why. I think Stefanie persuaded me to do it just for the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being a helpful brother. Stefanie is dangerously persuasive. I like it better when Hannah's the one asking for favours; then at least I can extract French fries or something from her. Oh well.

That is pretty much it for this post. Oh yeah, Elo came back today. It was nice to see her again, I guess.

Finally here is a list of people who want to be on lists:
1) Joanna Noelle Ambrose

Wish granted, I guess.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday is One-Class Day

I've only got one class on Wednesday. It's finite maths and it starts at two. I woke up at ten.

I checked my phone and saw that I had a text from Hannah asking if I could take her to Sunway. I said I could. I drove her and Jan to Sunway at around twelve thirty, and got home in time to go on the computer for a little bit before I had to leave for class.

I arrived in HELP at exactly two o'clock. The lecturer was late, so I made conversation with the people behind me. They're all nice people. They are in their first semester and probably my age. That's nice.

The lecturer arrived and taught the class about linear equations and slopes. I had learned all this before. The class seemed to go by really slowly. The lecturer's style is nice, though. He talks like a grandfather or pastor or something, and he makes things very clear. Still, I was very glad when class ended because it was extremely boring.

Once class was over I had two things to do before going to pick up Jan and Hannah. First, I had to withdraw some money, and then I had to buy the Psychology textbook and the Finite Mathematics notes and tutorials for the semester. On my way across the hall, I noticed that Amanda was crying and Joanna was comforting her. I asked Carmeni why Amanda was so sad, but Carmeni didn't know. I had a hunch, though.

After I got my money from the ATM, I went over to Secret Recipe to pick up a piece of cake to cheer Amanda up. I don't think I could be too sad if I was given free chocolate cake, and so far I think this is also true of everyone.

I got the Finite Maths notes on my way down. When I got to where Carmeni and Amanda and everyone was earlier, there was no-one there. I texted Joanna to ask where Amanda had gone, and found that she was already in class. I waited outside and passed the cake to one of the latecomers to give to Amanda. She texted her thanks as I was buying my Psychology textbook.

When I was buying my Psych textbook, I overheard a girl asking about the CTS textbook. I asked her if she had bought her Advanced English textbook yet and when she said she hadn't, I offered to sell her mine. She bought it for half price, so I got fifteen ringgit. That was nice.

After that I rode home, swapped my motorcycle keys for the ones to Ian's car, and drove to pick up my siblings. Stefanie came home with them, too.

Back at home we got changed and went swimming and lazed around by the pool. I went on the computer and took a nap and drove Hannah and Stefanie to 7-Eleven, and while they got slurpees I had some fries. The fries were delicious.

I haven't done much since then. I did talk to Amanda on Facebook, though. She thanked me for the cake and confirmed my hunch about why she was crying. But yeah, aside from that there isn't much else to talk about. I hope Amanda feels better tomorrow.

Oh yeah, also, I think my gut is looking less flabby. It's hard to tell since there wasn't much there to begin with, but I'm going to go ahead and say these sit-ups are working.

First Day of My Last Semester

So it was back to routine again. I woke up at six-thirty, read the Bible, had some cereal, put in my contact lenses and freshened up for the day, grabbed my bag and left for college.

My motorcycle was on the verge of dying right up to the first traffic light. I had to hold down the choke right up 'til then. I managed to get to college safe and sound, though. Now that my helmet box is attached again, I don't have to hook my helmet under the seat any more. That's nice.

Since I arrived at HELP at around seven thirty, Carmeni was the only other friend I saw. We talked for a bit and she told me that Finite Mathematics classes weren't starting until the tenth, so I decided to accompany her to her statistics class. The first stats class had a quiz to assess their knowledge so it could be compared to the end of the semester. The bits on probability were pretty simple, but I just guessed the rest of the answers. Once we were done with the quiz we were allowed to leave.

As we were leaving the classroom, Carmeni and I started arguing about whether salvation was based on works or faith. She had said something about people going to hell based on what they did, which I think is bull, so then she asked me why then was there purgatory, and I told her that there wasn't. She didn't believe me and bet me two ringgit that there was Biblical evidence of purgatory. I took the bet.

After that I went to the admin desk to see what the status on the Finite Maths sign-ups were, and I was told that they had already started, which meant that Carmeni was either misinformed or a liar. I'm assuming the former. Anyway, I went to the lab to sign up for my Finite Maths group. While I was there I also went on line to check if the Bible mentions purgatory, and it does not. That was nice.

Once I had signed up for my Finite Maths group I realized that the first class was from eight to nine-thirty, which meant that it was just ending. I ran over to the class just in time to meet the lecturer and add my name and details to the class roster. The lecturer looks like a nice enough guy. He's old and Chinese. Should be fun.

My next class was at twelve, so I mostly just hung around talking to people. I found out that Alessandra had managed to get three High Distinctions last semester, bringing her total up to five. I found out later that she was one of only three people to get HDs for Psychology. I'm glad she was in my group for Malaysian Studies and Advanced English. Anyway, I spent most of my first break with Amanda. We went to McDonald's and I bought fries and we talked and ate and then got root beer. Apparently Amanda only had RM300 to spend for the whole of last semester, which is probably three or four times less than I got and averaged to around three ringgit a day, which is ridiculous. I'm suddenly a whole bunch more appreciative of my allowance. Also I found out that Carmeni thought that my family was rich, which is silly. We aren't even upper middle class. We are just middle class and my parents may be giving us a bit too much disposable income, but do not tell my dad that I said that.

At twelve I rode to the science lab for my first Physics lecture. I was told that six people had survived from last semester, so now our class was around half the size. We didn't really learn anything in class aside from the course outline and where our marks would be coming from. Our final chapter is going to be modern physics, which I am very excited for. The list of subjects we'll be covering looks a lot more difficult than last semester, so I don't have high hopes for a distinction or anything, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to pass this. If I work hard enough I'm confident that I'll pass, actually, so it's all a matter of how much effort I put into this subject.

Class ended early, so I rode back to the main block and took a nap. At two o'clock it was time for Psychology. I'm in Psychology with Carmeni, Joanna, Arun, and this girl from my Moral Studies class who was dressed exactly like Hannah. She had a purple shirt, a brown scarf, jeans, converse shoes, heck, she even had brown hair. She's one of the better looking people in class. Right behind me was this Chinese girl who dyed her hair yellow and wore Hello Kitty crocs. Yikes.

Psychology was a fun class. Ms Selena is an excellent lecturer to have, and I could tell that I was going to have fun. Whether I would be able to out-perform Alessandra in this subject was a different question, though, but I think that I should be able to get a at least a Distinction if I put the effort into this.

I've only got one class on Wednesday. It's a Finite Maths class from two o'clock to three-thirty. I think I've already learnt most of the stuff in Finite Mathematics during Engineering Mathematics Applications and Calculus, so I think I'll do okay. I think it'll be my HD subject of the semester. I hope it'll be my HD subject of the semester. Also, Elo will be coming back on Wednesday and I will try to meet all the people from last semester who I did not meet earlier. I am looking forward to it.

Also it has been nice not to have to swim today. I don't think I gained anything from all those laps, except for the knowledge that I am able to stick to a routine like that. Next time I'll be doing more laps, and I'll be doing them in the day. It will be nice to finish with some muscles and a tan. Anyway I'll try to remember to add push-ups to my new routine which is currently just sit-ups. I will do twenty-five push-ups, and I will do them on Saturday. I hope.

Oh yeah, after college I filled up my motorcycle and it cost RM11, which is three ringgit more than usual, so either they raised the price or my motorcycle was dangerously low on fuel. It rides a lot better now with its full tank, so that's nice. Also Hannah woke me up in the middle of a nap to give me a back massage, which was also nice, because right after I could go back to sleep feeling a lot more relaxed. I love naps and massages and I hope to combine them more often.

I want to watch Avatar in 3D with a friend.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last Laps

So it was the last day of my semester break. I woke up, went through my morning routine, took a nap, went with Hannah to drop Jan off at Mid Valley so he could watch Avatar in 3D, came home, did my final ten laps, met the very fat cat that scared Amanda on New Year's Eve (She shouldn't've been scared of him; he's very friendly and affectionate), did another hundred sit-ups, and then realized that I had to pick Jan up.

When I opened the door to leave the house, this huge thing went buzzing past me. It slammed a wall and collapsed upside down and started flailing about. At first I thought it was a bee or something, but upon closer examination it turned out to be a cockroach. There are huge flying cockroaches in my house. Wonderful.

I killed it with a shoe.

The mall looks really eerie at night when it's all dark and closed up and stuff. Jan was waiting for me outside because I was around ten minutes late. He didn't seem to mind.

Anyway now I'm back home and all packed and ready for college. Packing basically consisted of emptying out my files from last semester, stuffing the paper under my desk, putting the empty files in my bag, and zipping it up. I'm waking up at six-thirty. Should be fun.

So I did not complete any of the plans for my blog. The posts are still in Times New Roman instead of Verdana. The list posts are still list posts. The old posts with mistakes still have mistakes because I didn't review them. Other plans I didn't go through with include: spending a whole day driving around and getting lost, and meeting up with my friends to go see a movie or something. Oh well, at least I walked to Menara KL and KLCC and did ten laps every day. I wonder if I'll be able to stick to this sit-up thing for the rest of the year. It's getting easier every day. I wonder if I'll add push-ups.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekend End

I didn't do much today. I managed to stay awake in church, and then I went home and napped, then I watched Ghostbusters, then I napped some more, then I went swimming early (10:30 is early by my standards, at least), then I did another hundred sit-ups, then I went on the computer. It was a pretty boring day. I liked it.

College starts on Tuesday.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My First Movie of the Year and Such

I woke up in the afternoon again today. Hannah and Stefanie wanted to go to Mid Valley to watch a movie, so I said I'd drive them there since I wanted to watch Avatar. They were quite impatient, though. Hannah was very glad when I'd finally finished my (delicious) lunch and gotten ready to go.

First my dad drove to the pharmacy to pick up some meds and kit-kats, then he let me have the car. It took me a really long time to find parking in Mid Valley. Stefanie got sick of waiting, so she climbed out of the car while it was still moving. I stopped to let Hannah out after that. I found a parking space a few moments later, which was nice.

The line for the movie was pretty long. Someone near the end got distracted, so I walked to the spot in front of him and he didn't notice. Hannah and Stefanie hung around trying to work up the courage to ask someone in the front to buy tickets for them, but it didn't work out. Instead they found Ebony somehow and started talking to her. I said hi to Ebony as her sister and she passed me, but I might as well have been invisible. Her sister pointed me out to her right before they went down the escalators though, so she did end up noticing and saying hi.

Hannah managed to cut forward a bit in line, and Stefanie and I joined her. When I got to the counter, the guy told me that all the screenings of Avatar in 3D were sold out. There was no way I was going to watch it in 2D, so I almost left, but I decided to see what Hannah and Stefanie were doing. The guy at their counter managed to get me a ticket to the nine thirty screening. It was in a spot off-centre and real close to the screen, but it was a lot better than nothing. I drove back home and took a nap while waiting.

At around seven I woke up and went to pick up Hannah and Stefanie. We drove around a bit while waiting for Ryan Seacrest to reach the number one song of the decade on his countdown. It was "Yeah" by Usher. The aughts were a pretty shitty decade musically, methinks.

After I dropped the girls off I went back to Mid Valley. I had dinner at Burger King and omitted my usual items of an ice cream and extra onion rings. I know why I left out the onion rings, but I think the only reason I didn't have an ice cream was because I forgot to order one. BK ice creams are wonderful.

The hall that was screening Avatar opened a few minutes late, and so I missed a few previews because of my decision to finish the large coke that came with my meal at BK. The movie itself was awesome, especially so because of the 3D. I think that I might watch it again, if I get the chance. The plot and dialogue weren't as stupid as I thought they would be, and the visuals matched my high expectations.

When I was walking back to the car after the movie finished, I got a text from Athirah. I gave her a call after I parked back home. I think it's the first time I've ever spoken to her. There were a lot of awkward pauses, but I did my best to cheer her up.

After I'd said goodnight I went upstairs, turned off the shower that Hannah had left dripping for goodness knows how long, changed into my swimming stuff and went downstairs for my ten laps. This time I wasn't interrupted by any guards, thankfully. On my way upstairs I noticed people in the multi-purpose hall. I wanted to investigate closer, but I didn't recognize anyone on first glance as I was passing, so I decided not to. I changed my mind after I heard some very familiar-sounding laughter. Turns out Ian and his friends were playing poker inside. Joel was winning quite a lot. I talked about Avatar and tried to convince Joel to watch it in 3D. It seems everyone I talked to has seen it in 2D, which is such a waste. This is probably - no, definitely - the best-looking 3D movie ever, plus subtitles for the alien language are in English in the 3D version so you can actually understand what's going on. It's more than worth the extra six ringgit.

Anyway because I'm posting this at 4am, I'm going to be hella tired at church tomorrow. Oh well.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Day of the Decade

The 1st of January 2010 was similar to the 1st of January 2009 and 2008 in that my family spent an hour or so around noontime watching CNN's coverage of Times Square on New Year's Eve with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper. It was fairly funny and a nice, lazy way to start the day, the year, and the decade.

In the afternoon, Ian, Jan, Ruben, and I went to a CC with Kenneth and Joel to play Left 4 Dead 2. Versus in that game is really fun.

When we got home I took a nap, and when I woke up Colin and Nicholas were here, along with their parents, because we were having a barbecue. It took me a while, but eventually I woke up enough to drive to 7-Eleven with the guys to get some drinks and snacks. In the middle of the meal I got a call from Hannah asking me to pick her and Stefanie up from Mid Valley. I told Hannah I'd be there in a bit because first I wanted to show the guys the roof. Jan and Ruben climbed to the top with me, but Colin and Nick chose to stay more grounded.

Hannah and Stefanie asked me to take them to 7-Eleven, so for the third time in the day, I did. They are rather loud passengers, though, and Stef kept trying to switch the channel to R&B bullshit or whatever.

Later on at around 1am at night, when everyone had left, I went swimming. When I got to the pool I saw a guard up in the building telling me I couldn't go swimming since it was past ten. I told him that I'd been going swimming after ten for the past month. He told me I still couldn't swim, so I told him I'd be real quick. He had his eye on me the whole time. When I was done I checked the rules. There wasn't anything on the board about a closing time for the pool.

When I got back upstairs I did a hundred sit-ups while Jan played Carnivores 2, which is one of the old games we downloaded recently. Jan found out a way to adjust the graphics to make the guns shinier and to make blood come out of the dinosaurs when he shot them. I can't wait to try those settings on my computer later.

I think today (Tuesday) I will be going to watch Avatar in 3D. Also the sit-ups I did tonight will hopefully be the first of many that I will be doing for a long while. Amanda inspired me to try and get a six-pack. I might add push-ups to the routine later, I dunno.

I've spent almost three-quarters of my High Distinction reward money already. Hm.

Friday, January 1, 2010

End of the First Decade of the Twenty-First Century

The last day of the first decade of this century was great.

After waking up at around eleven and spending some time on the computer, I drove to drop Hannah, Jan, and Yii Huei off at Mid Valley so they could watch a movie or something. When I came home I picked up Ian and we went to TMC to pick up party supplies. My dad had agreed to subsidize us RM100 for the party, which meant that we only had to pay RM20 each of the RM140 purchase. We got everything: Chickens, mincemeat, sausages, buns, too much chips, M&Ms, and BBQ sauce (We were actually supposed to buy black pepper sauce but they both start with B so I got confused). Jan was supposed to get the drinks, and he did.

We got back, unloaded the stuff, and Aunty Rosie marinaded everything while Ian got the burgers ready. I think Aron was hanging around at our place for a while after dropping Stef and Ruben off. Anyway, I faffed about on the computer until it was time to pick Timothy up. I asked Hannah if she wanted to come along, and she said yes. She thought I was going to pick Stefanie up, so we ended up going to Mid Valley three times before we managed to pick up Stef and Yii Huei. Hannah actually mistook these two Indian ladies for her friends because they were wearing the same colours. Silly girl. Once we had the girls, I used my memory of the route I'd seen on Google Earth when I'd entered Tim's address, and we found his street with relative ease. I couldn't find his house, but I called him to come outside and Stefanie pointed him out, so that went well.

When we got back it was past seven and time to start the party. I poured out bowls of chips and M&Ms. The corn chips were really popular, as were the M&Ms. The Chipster chips weren't. They also got kinda soft after a while in the air. Next party there will be more candy and more corn chips.

Jared Locke came over, as did Joel and Hanan. We karaoked for a bit, and at nine I unplugged the karaoke and handed it to mum and pa to take to their party. After karaoke it was time for Twister. Amanda arrived while we were playing Twister, I think. I gave her a tour of the house and then she sat down to chat with my dad while the Twister games went on. Stef and Jan were the big winners, I think. While Amanda was on the couch, Faith wandered out of wherever he was sleeping. She said he was the biggest cat she's ever seen, and she was pretty scared of him. I thought that was funny.

Ian went out with Jared to get stuff for a drinking game, and Amanda and I went to look at the view while waiting for Davinia. Amanda said she couldn't believe I didn't have a girlfriend, because my building was a great place for "berdating". I told her that I'd help her boyfriend and her get access to the roof any time they wanted, but they'd have to clean the dead pigeons off first. Avian carcasses are not very conducive to romance.

When Davinia arrived I showed her the view and we took some pictures, and then we went down to the playground. We met Hannah, Yii Huei, and Stefanie downstairs since they had just finished their swim or something. Amanda, Davinia, and I took turns on the swings, but a guard chased us and the other people there out because it was 11pm, so I showed them the sauna instead. Amanda and I also went and climbed a tree I hadn't climbed in years. We then took a walk around half of the compound. Amanda literally screamed when she saw one of my neighbours' cats, because it is something like twice the size of Faith.

We went back upstairs after the walk and waited for the countdown. I tried to cook some stuff in the meantime, but I can't barbecue anything except steak, so I kinda ruined the burgers. The first round of the drinking game was over, so the guys came out. Amanda helped Jared recall the camp where they had met before. She had recognized him earlier but he couldn't remember her because she had managed to get in much better shape since then. It was a cool coincidence that they knew each other from before.

Our countdown to midnight was a little early, but we stopped caring once the fireworks started. The Dataran Merdeka show was the most impressive, but there were other displays going on all over the city. We could see at least two dozen, I think, but the biggest were at KLCC, Menara KL, Dataran Merdeka, and Mid Valley. By the end of it we couldn't even see the Twin Towers because they were obscured by smoke. After everyone else was done, Mid Valley finished their show. At 12:30 they did a few more, and since they were the only ones still shooting off, all eyes were on them. Clever.

After midnight we were thirsty, so Amanda, Davinia, and I took my brother's car to get some drinks. When we got in the car we spontaneously decided to go to HELP so that we could be the first students there in 2010. I parked in the CEO spot and we took pictures. It was fun. After HELP, we tried to get to a 7-Eleven, but the police had blocked off Telawi so we had to take a long route around to find a place to park and walked to the 7-Eleven instead. During the drive, Amanda had the window rolled down and was yelling new year's greetings to anyone nearby. Unfortunately, when we got to the 7-Eleven the slurpee machine was off, so Davinia and Amanda didn't get anything to drink. Instead, I bought root beer, a Pepsi, and some ice cream. The Pepsi was my first drink of 2010, I think.

When we got back home we found out that Jan and Joel had lost the drinking game and were both very drunk. Also, Sarah had arrived, so I said hi to her. I went with Amanda to see if the roof was open, and it was, so I got the rest of the guys and we climbed to the top. It was awesome.

When I climbed down I watched Jan's hilarious drunken antics for a bit, and then I walked Amanda and Davinia to their cars. I had a great time with them; I'm gonna try and hang out with those two more next semester.

Back at home I helped Hannah clean up the house while Ruben took care of a very drunk Jan. Jan had done the following: thrown up, accidentally dropped and broke our only purple McDonald's glass, stumbled around, requested water, received water by saying "I like water!" and then sipping a mouthful or so while spilling the rest all over his face and the floor, told me I was annoying, told Ian he was fat, questioned who Sarah was, spent an entire shower insisting he was not drunk, questioning later why he had gotten drunk, insisted immediately afterwards that he wasn't drunk, and begged Ruben to stay with him while he fell asleep. All-in-all, very entertaining.

After the night wound down we still had a few people sleeping over. Also, Mama and Papa came home, and Hannah and I told them all about the night and what Jan had done. They weren't upset at all. I think it's because we did a real good job cleaning up. We asked them how their night went, and they said it was good. Probably not as good as ours though, and they had left the karaoke behind. Oh well.

Anyway now morning is only a few hours away. I'm waking up at eleven so I can do my morning routine in time to watch the ball drop in New York on CNN. Should be fun.

Oh yeah, also, sometime after midnight Amanda, Davinia, and I decided to give the New Year's Greetings to our friends. In our first attempt to Carmeni, I sent "Happy" from my phone, Amanda sent "2010" from her phone, I sent "2010" from Davinia's phone before I heard Amanda had already sent that, so then Davinia sent "Carmeni". We didn't get a reply, so we tried again by sending "Happy" "2010" "Joanna!" to Joanna, but Jo only received the first two messages. She got Davinia's "Joanna" around an hour later. Also, I sent Athirah a few New Year's texts, too. I text her a lot.

Anyway, 2010 is here! So far it's been awesome! Hopefully it will stay this way.