Monday, November 30, 2009

Buying Cakes is Harder than I Thought

Yesterday, my brothers and our friend, Joel, went to play Left 4 Dead 2 after church. It was awesome. I am getting that game during the semester break.

Today it was Joanna's birthday, so when I saw her this morning at college I said that I would get her some cake after my classes were done. I had already wished her a happy birthday on Facebook and via text, but I wanted an excuse to have cake because cake is delicious.

Anyway, my first class was Advanced English. We got our scores back for our presentations. I did about as well as I had expected with a 4.4 out of 5, which was better than I should've for the effort I put into the slides. The highest score in class was from Ka Jeng, who got 4.9 out of 5, which is pretty awesome. I knew when she was presenting that she was gonna score higher than me, and probably get the top score. It was either her or Marcus. Marcus got 4.85, so my guess was totally justified. Alessandra didn't do too badly, either. After we got our presentation scores back we also got our scores for our research papers. I scored 13.83 out of 15. Marcus got 14.17 because he had pictures and graphs. If I had included a graph in my paper I would have tied with him. It wasn't really fair, though. His research paper was miles better than mine. I threw mine together in a couple of nights, and all my citations are clumped in the introduction with the body and content being 100% bullshit. His paper is well-researched and cited and overall pretty awesome. I'm not complaining, though. I like high scores. But yeah, the continuous assessment for Advanced English will be on the board by Thursday, so we can all check then and see who the best is. I can say with great certainty that it isn't going to be me. I didn't put much effort into my assignments. I might have had a shot if I did, but Marcus and Ka Jeng are pretty strong competition. I think Marcus might be the top scorer this year. I'll be surprised if he doesn't get a HD.

When class was over I stopped to chat with people in the hall on my way to McDonald's. Apparently Almas, my classmate from CTS, has been trading since he was 17. He's the sole breadwinner for his family until they open a restaurant. He showed me the program he uses to track currencies in real-time and told me about the time he lost RM8000 in one day and the other time he gained RM3500 by working from 5am 'til the end of the day. That is some impressive stuff.

I had a pretty big breakfast meal at McDonald's. Unfortunately the ice machine was broken, so I had to have my Milo hot. I tried drinking it, but I burned my tongue instead. After that I just used it to dip my McMuffin in before finally getting impatient and dumping an ice-cream in it to cool it down. I was still hungry afterwards.

At 11 I had my optional Physics class. I could have chosen not to go and I wouldn't have lost any attendance marks since it was the last week, but I went anyway. We did some revision on concave and convex mirrors, and then I fell asleep when we revised rotational motion. I woke up a few minutes later at the end of class.

I met up with Carmeni and Elo and Li Ying and the rest of them and asked if anyone wanted to go with me to get some cake for Joanna, but they were all too lazy or something, so I went myself. I came back with two identical slices of chocolate cake, but no candles, utensils, or napkins. I told the girls that that's why I wanted someone to come with me. They did not anticipate that I would have so much difficulty buying cake. Anyway I went to get the necessary goods, and when I came back they told me that when buying multiple slices of cake you should have each slice be of a different type of cake. These cake-rules are confusing. This is why I wanted a cake-buying partner. They should have listened to me when I asked.

Anyway, they called up Joanna and told her that she had to get down here urgently, so she came down and we sang happy birthday and took pictures with the cake and candles. I ate a lot of cake. I probably ate more cake than Joanna did, but I think it's okay because I only ate from one slice and I let everyone else have at least one forkful, plus I paid for the cakes anyway. It was really good cake. I want similar cake for my birthday.

Mmm, cake.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Further Adventures

Hannah and I went to Bangsar Village to get her some chocolate. As we were walking there from the car, I noticed that my shoe was broken. We went to Village Grocer to look for some superglue and chocolate, but the only glue they had was for sticking stuff to paper and the line was too long for Hannah's liking so she didn't get any chocolate. I did manage to find these bags of liquorice, which is awesome. I need to buy some later sometime.

Anyway, we went down to the hardware store and I bought some super glue while Hannah got some chocolate from elsewhere.

Once I'd fixed my shoe and Hannah had her candy, we went over to Bangsar Village II to the Starbucks there because it has an awesome view to watch the sunset from. Hannah and I passed the time by singing at each other. Hannah won. Well, she lost twice and I lost twice, so we tied, but since she lost really early on one round I decided to give her another chance and that was my downfall. When the sunset was done we went in one of the stores to look at paintings before leaving to McDonald's for Hannah's dinner.

I could not resist the temptation and bought myself some twister fries. They were good.

When we got home I had some carbonara. It was delicious.


On Friday I went to bed at 5am and woke up at 5pm. It was glorious. Cali was rescued by the maintenance people, but she escaped and is now wandering the building somewhere downstairs.

Today was pretty cool. I woke up at 10, spent an hour catching up on the international news, went out to eat with Jan and Hannah and my dad, then drove to Sri Beringin to see the view and make my dad's new car go really, really fast. There is a hill that is like a rollercoaster at the appropriate speeds. It is awesome.

When we had lunch I talked about the Japanese occupation of Malaysia and how some traitorous bastard (Literally, he was an illegitimate child with a bunch of different dads) named Patrick SV Heenan was partly responsible for the swiftness in which the Japanese achieved air superiority. I also ate a chili, which was quite a painful experience. Jan had dared me to do it as revenge for the time I dared him to do the same. He kept offering me "advice" which did more harm than good. I hope he enjoyed my suffering, because I sure enjoyed his.

Anyway, after we were done in Sri Beringin we went to look at another view. Jan and Papa decided to stay in the car because they were sleepy, so Hannah and I went off alone to see the view. The mood was perfect. It was windy, there were loads of trees, thunder roared in the distance. It even began to rain a little when we reached the top. After enjoying the view for a few seconds, we noticed that it was starting to rain really, really heavily, so we ran back to the car. We got in just as it began to come down in torrents. I switched the wipers on to full blast and joined Jan and Papa in singing American Pie all the way back home.

It was a nice outing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

For the Most Part, a Good Day

Today was great right up until our kitten stranded herself in the airwell on a ledge at the eighteenth floor. Now she's got three days to either gather up the guts to shimmy across a pipe to somewhere safe, give up hope and fall off, or die of thirst. I hope she doesn't do the last one. That would be pretty depressing, and also kinda smelly.

Anyway, I got to wear my suit again today. It was awesome. The jacket is still oversized, of course, but I had it slung over my shoulder most of the time anyway. It is a much cooler way to carry a jacket than just wearing it. The shoes are awesome. They make this real stylish noise on tiled floors. I almost got a blister, but it would have been worth it. The trousers and undershirt are amazingly comfortable, and the tie is great, too. I love that suit. I want more excuses to wear it.

My excuse today was two presentations: one for Advanced English about my research paper The Formation and Loss of Childhood Phobias, and another about dealing with my hypothetical uncle abusing my hypothetical cousin for Critical Thinking Skills. They both could have gone better, but considering the effort I put into the slides (not much) I think I did as well as I deserved.

I decided to ride my motorcycle to college as usual. The combination of my awesome suit, oversized jacket, and cute motorcycle turned quite a few heads. It felt good.

My first class was Engineering Mathematics. We had a quiz, and it was the easiest quiz so far, save for Physics quizzes. I might have a shot at a credit in this subject.

Advanced English was okay. I was the second guy in my group to overshoot the time limit. We had a maximum of seven minutes, I ended after almost eight. Proper use of allocated time was worth 10% of the score for the presentation, which was worth 5% of our continuous assessment, so I only lost a quarter of a mark. I don't think it's going to matter.

After that I went to have brunch with Alysha. We ate at Ali Maju's and we did not get exactly what we ordered, but we ate it anyway. When we got back to college a fire drill was going on. I met Annora and we talked a bit. I mourned the loss of my jacket to the imaginary flames. When the alarm stopped ringing, I was one of the first back into the hall. I thought about someone could have gained a lot of quick cash by looting everyone's bags during the drill. Luckily, no-one did, and my jacket and bag were fine.

Once I'd collected my stuff, I followed Aaron San to the DSA and we talked about chords and ping-pong-playing robots and such. I also discovered that they've got Risk, Monopoly, and Chess in the DSA. That's pretty awesome. Next time I have a four-and-a-half hour break, I'll try and get some people together to play a half-game of Monopoly or Risk.

At 12:30, the dudes at the DSA had to go to class, so I went down to the hall, found a comfortable position, and fell asleep using my jacket as a blanket. It was so incredibly comfortable. I was awoken twice: once when the girls in the table nearby started talking about boobs, and again when Carmeni decided to wake me up to tell me I was napping. I wonder why she felt I needed to know.

At 1:45 I went with Amanda to go get something to eat. Along our way to McDonald's, we came across this whole group of Coca-Cola people giving out free Cokes for this "Brrr!" advertising campaign. I accepted a can and we continued on our way to McD's.

Amanda was very very excited when we got to McDonald's because she saw that the Prosperity Burger was back. I told her about how every year I would give the Prosperity Burger a try and every year I would be let down. She said she loved the burger, and the fries. I agreed with her on the awesomeness of twister fries. She bought her meal and I bought my fries and we headed back for class. Along the way Amanda said that the feeling of food in your stomach when you were really really hungry was the best feeling ever, and I said that there was a better feeling. She said that she had never felt that feeling before but she'd get back to me with a comparison if she ever did. That led to a somewhat interesting conversation, but we were interrupted by more free Coke. It was a very refreshing interruption.

I ended up giving two of my free cokes to my classmates from CTS, and Amanda ended up giving a bite of her Prosperity Burger to Arun. I didn't really want the cokes, though. I just didn't want to turn down free stuff. Poor Amada was looking forward to eating the burger all on her own, though. She was still unsatisfied when I met her later. I hope she managed to eat her fill later on.

Anyway, Critical Thinking Skills was okay. Oliver thought his presentation was today and he was very relieved to find out he was wrong. Almas knew his presentation was today, but he didn't come prepared. I told him that he could still try to give the presentation without slides because he could still get 2 or 3 of the possible 10 points, but he said he'd give it a miss. Ah well, at least we got to finish early. My presentation went relatively well, except I was speaking a bit fast. After class, Ms Tay told me that I shouldn't spend so much effort helping some people, because they clearly didn't care and were already lost causes. Not everyone can be like me, she said. That was a compliment I almost felt bad for receiving.

After class I went to grab some more Coke. They recorded me saying "Brrr!" for their ad campaign, but I don't think I'm going to be in any videos. I realized later that the point was to shiver with your body, whereas I was just shaking my head real quick. Oh well, I still got free Coke.

When I got bored of hanging around the Coke people, I made my way to the post office to learn how to send a letter. While I was there, I met this French lady who was mailing some letters to her mother-in-law. She had been in Malaysia for the past year and a half because her husband was an electrical engineer doing telecommunications work with the company that's working with Maxis to do P1 Wimax. We talked about our educations and what we thought of Europe and Malaysia. She said I would appreciate Malaysia's heat a lot more if I ever visited Holland during the winter. Anyway, there is apparently a French School in Kuala Lumpur. It is called the Kuala Lumpur French School, and it's in Segambut. Both her daughters are students there. They're 9 and 13. From the way the lady looked, I was expecting them to be younger. Even though my expectations were one way, I was still hoping they would be older. I am not entirely sure why.

Anyway, it came my turn to go to the counter, and the lady behind the glass gave me an envelope and some stamps. It only cost RM1.80 to send a letter to the Netherlands. That's awesome. I left the post office to go online and find the address I was sending the letter to. When I was done, I saw Joanna in the lab. She asked me to follow her to wait for one of her parents to pick her up. We walked in one big loop to McDonald's to wait for her mum. I met her friend, Alan, in the McDonald's. He came to Malaysia from Zambia two years ago, and he said that that was the worst decision he's made in his life. After Jo's mum picked her up, we spent a while talking about how we ended up in HELP, souls, Moore's law, positioning mirrors and slowing light to see the past, the capacity of a brain, philosophy, and religion. Our conversation ended when I glanced over at the post office and saw it closing, which meant it was five o'clock. Alan had a Thanksgiving dinner to get to. It doesn't really make sense, because Thanksgiving is an entirely American holiday that has absolutely nothing to do with Malaysia and shouldn't logically be celebrated internationally (Unlike, say, Halloween), but his friends were there so it made sense for him to be there too. He's a cool dude, though. A real smart guy. I shoulda met him earlier on in the semester; we would've had a lot to talk about.

Anyway, when I got home I dropped the letter off in a mailbox in the lobby and came home. Hannah showed me that Calico had somehow ended up two stories below us on a ledge in the airwell. I climbed out a bit and took some pictures. Here is one. It is the first picture on my blog. I hope it will not be the last picture of Cali.

So yeah, we have a kitten stuck there. I don't know how we're going to get her back up.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fixed a Leak with a Lie

The secret I am keeping is of much greater magnitude than I previously believed. A lot of people who I thought would know actually don't, which means that keeping this quiet is even more important. Once I found this out, I told Carmeni that it turns out I had heard a false rumor and that there actually was no secret. She bought it, so now I don't have to worry about any more questions from her. She was suspecting it to be something else about someone else anyway, so I think that the secret's safe for now. I hope I forget about it soon. I won't be able to tell anyone I'm keeping a secret if I forget I have a secret.

Five classes today, all of them were okay.

I got more homework in EMA. I don't know when I'll do them, but it will have to be sometime before Thursday, because that's when our last quiz is.

We learned about Science and Pseudoscience in CTS. That was interesting.

I had McDonald's for lunch. It wasn't worth what I paid. The twister fries are a very clever marketing ploy that I fall for every time.

The ATM said there was a problem with my card, but I couldn't get through to the bank when I called them.

We did an experiment involving the refraction of light in Physics. It was cool.

I watched some presentations for Advanced English.

I went to Moral Studies class before everyone else arrived, went to sleep, and woke up a little after class started. There weren't many people there today.

I went to the bank after college to see about my card. It worked fine when I got there. That was odd.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Second Chance

Today I learned of another secret that I can't let the lecturers know. This time I'm going to make sure I keep my mouth shut. It's nice that I was one of the first to know, though.

Anyway, we had Engineering Mathematics Applications class in Donut Empire today. I had five donuts, but Mr. Joel managed to pay for them somehow. Fortunately, mine weren't the only donuts he paid for. Adrian and Sue Ann also didn't have a chance to pay for their pastries, and neither did Sue Ann's boyfriend or his buddy. Mr. Joel told us to use the money we had saved to bless other people, since it is better to give than to receive. I'm not sure what I'll do with my RM6. If anyone's reading this and wants some fries or something, I guess this is your chance to get some for free.

In Physics today I learned about light and how you can bend and slow it. It's pretty awesome. With a high enough refractive index or a large enough distance (or a combination of both), you could set up a mirror in such a way that when you look into it, you will see the past. It would require seventy-five thousand kilometers of material with a refractive index of ten for a five-second delay, but still. Pretty awesome thought. Of course, you could achieve much the same result but just hooking up a camera to a monitor and setting a delay, but that's cheating somewhat, and it's probably already been done.

We had presentations in English. I was timekeeper. Alysha was absent because she was sick or something. I hope she still has a chance to present. I told her to text Mr. Dharminder and tell him he was sick, so hopefully he'll show some mercy.

Between classes I taunted Carmeni with my secret and helped her out with her group's presentation on HIV/AIDS for Moral Studies.

When I was done for the day I went to lunch with Denise. Well, that was the plan, anyway, but I got sidetracked for a while talking to Amanda and Davinia, and when I went back to find Denise she had already left to McDonald's. I managed to intercept her right at the table, but then I realized I wasn't in the mood for McD's so I asked where Jia Yin was having lunch and went off to find her.

When I got to Ali Maju's I sat next to Jia Yin and a bunch of people she had just befriended that day. I was also sitting next to two girls from another college, but I didn't know that yet. I asked them if they were taking Foundation in Science or Arts and they told me that they weren't in HELP. I asked them if they were with Jia Yin and her friends and they said they weren't, they were just sharing the table. After that we got to talking and I had a nice conversation with them about our parents and our colleges and our schedules and studies and the food in Pusat Bandar Damansara and stuff. When they left I was only able to remember one of their names, Joanne. If I see the other one I will be in quite an awkward spot. Also I'm pretty sure that's not how Joanne's name is spelt. Anyway, talking to strangers is fun and I highly recommend it.

After lunch I sat in for Elo and Carmeni's Moral Studies class to help them with their AIDS presentation. They ended up stopping only six minutes into what should have been a fifteen-minute presentation, but aside from that and some factual and explanatory errors on their part, it was pretty good. I think they'll get more than 7/10. I find it hard to believe that Elo didn't know what latex was, though. Has she never been in a 7/11 before or something? Also, Carmeni didn't know what sheep gut condoms were made from (Hint: It is exactly what it sounds like).

It was raining again when I rode home. Third Monday in a row.

When I got home I called Effie to see if she was free on Friday. She said that she was broke and she would have to check with her mom to make sure they wouldn't be out-of-town on vacation that day or something. I said okay, and then I took a nap. When I woke up it was late. I went on the computer to blog and stuff, and now it is later.

I have two presentations on Thursday I haven't prepared anything. I'm planning to do that tonight. I've also got to do the review exercises for three EMA programmes. I am going to either be up late tonight, or shit is going to get procrastinated.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Free Stuff and a Joyride

Today we had replacement classes for next Friday since that will be a holiday due to Hari Raya something-or-other. I arrived in college at 8, but the classrooms were locked. Only SR6 was open, but it was in use. Mr. Dharminder went to look for maintenance to see why they hadn't unlocked the place yet. In the meanwhile, Mr. Joel suggested we hold our class in McDonald's, which we did.

EMA in McD's was nice. Mr. Joel offered to buy breakfast for the three of us, but I was the only one to take him up on it. The others were too modest to accept the offer. I don't think they realized that it was rude of them to decline a meal. Anyway, I didn't want to seem greedy, so I just had a standard Sausage McMuffin meal. I figured I'd buy the extra hash brown later so it wouldn't look like I was taking advantage of the situation. I didn't buy the extra hash brown afterwards. But yeah, class was good. We sat outside and learned about partial differentials, which are probably easier than determinants. During class I heard Warwick Avenue and You Belong with Me play right after each other on the radio inside the restaurant. It was a pretty cool coincidence, since those were the two songs that Diana Danielle had sung at our ball. Mr. Joel commented on how the response from students about the ball wasn't as strong this year as it was the year before, and I said that that was probably because the committee this year decided to hold a ball with barely any freakin' dancing. That seriously should be the number one priority of any ball. Anyway, the lesson ended and Mr. Joel tried to salvage the free meal situation by offering Adrian one of the free boxes of cereal that came with the meals (Sue Ann accepted the other), but Adrian just passed that off to me. It's still in my bag, I think.

After class I tried sharing my Sims 3 saves with Sue Ann so she could check out my family, but there was an error with the files so that didn't work out. Oh well. After she left, I tried teaching Amanda how to use Venn Diagrams. It was easy with just one proposition and two circles, but when we got to three propositions and three circles, even I was confused. Joelah passed by and commented on how pointless the Venn Diagrams were since they had zero real world applications. She did mention that the rest of CTS was very interesting, though, which I agreed with. I took the chance to ask her about how much she'd read of the Jeffrey Archer book I lent her, and she said she was halfway through. I think I should've given her Twelve Red Herrings instead of A Quiver Full of Arrows, but oh well. I hope I can find out what she thinks of Freakonomics since that is one seriously good book. Personally I haven't started on 50 More Crime Stories, the book I exchanged Freakonomics and A Quiver Full of Arrows with her for, so maybe I should do that.

Anyway, at 11:00 it was time for CTS, so I said goodbye and good luck to Amanda and headed down the hall. Along the way I spotted Elo and Carmeni, so I stopped briefly to inform Carmeni that Elo had slept with two different dudes in the same night. I left without explaining. Elo tried to call me back to tell clarify for Carmeni, but I told her she could have fun sorting it out herself. She was smiling, anyway. It does seem pretty true that girls enjoy it when dudes act like jerks. It could have just been a funny situation, though.

At CTS, Ms. Tay said I could have the lecturer's chair to sit in since it was comfortable and she wasn't going to use it, so that was cool. We learned about Science, which was also cool. I like the subjects this semester; they are a lot more interesting than last semester. The lecturers are pretty cool, too, but Ms. Annie and Ms. Selina are still my favorites. That's not to say I don't appreciate Ms. Tay, though. I would rather have her than any of the other CTS lecturers because she's new and she doesn't mind me commenting on the lectures during class. The activities she has us do are also really fun.

After CTS I met up with Elo again. Someone had got Arun a cake for his birthday, and Elo said I could have a slice. The cake was great; it was so delicious and moist. I called up Hannah to ask if she wanted to get some lunch at McDonald's since twister fries were being served again, but she said she had already had some earlier. However, she was still up for lunch, so I told her to bring down the car keys at 12:30 and we could go grab a bite. A few minutes later, though, Ms. Selina stopped by and asked if we were free. She was showing a movie in the theatrette for her Psychology class and she was wondering if we were interested in joining. I told her I'd cancel my appointments, then I called up Hannah and told her not to bother with the keys.

I went to McDonald's to get some twister fries and then to Giant to get some potato chips. I was waiting in the queue for a while because the lady in front of me was redeeming her loyalty points for cooking utensils or something. I still managed to make it to the theatrette before the movie started, though.

The movie was awesome. It was Identity, and it had John Cusack (You may know him as the main character from 2012) and Ray Liotta (Tommy Vercetti from Vice City) in it. I was proud of myself for being able to predict what was going to happen next (mostly), but the real twist of the story was super awesome, even if I managed to guess it a few seconds before the reveal. I realized at that point that I had actually read the summary on Wikipedia a few years ago, but thankfully I had forgotten almost all of it so there were still some surprises left. The ending was really awesome. All-in-all it's been one of the best movies that I've seen this year, and I got to watch for free.

After the movie I took my bike for a little joyride. I went to Damansara Heights and into Seri Beringin. The guard was asleep, but even if he wasn't I don't think he would've stopped me. The roads were completely clear of traffic, so I was free to do basically whatever. I drove around and found some pretty awesome views. It's a bit of a pity that I was alone, but I'm not sure if other people would have been very interested in that kind of thing.

I went home after I was done aimlessly driving about. After a nap, Papa took Jan, Hannah, and I for chicken chop at Sin Kee's, which was delicious, as it always is.

Today was pretty great.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cute Bike

I was on my motorcycle at a traffic light and another motorcyclist stopped next to me. He turned to me and told me that my license plate was crooked. I said I knew. Then he commented on how small my motorcycle was. I said I knew. Then he said that it was a "cute bike". I thought, "Holy shit; that is literally what everyone says when they see it. My motorcycle is apparently so cute that strangers will strike up conversation with me just to inform me of how cute it is. Wow. I will never impress anyone on this thing." Also I said I knew. After that we talked about where we were going and why were going there, and then we stared at passing cars until the light turned green and we drove off and we never saw each other again.

Earlier on in the day, after EMA, I made a note of all my homework in my notebook. Some of it is due tomorrow, and I have done none of it. Well, except for the second draft of my argumentative essay which was due on Saturday at 11pm but I submitted a couple of hours ago because that is when I thought it was due.

Li Ying, Elo, and Arun are back from camp. I talked to them about the room arrangements and who slept where. There were separate rooms for girls and guys, but apparently the campers couldn't be bothered with that kind of segregation so girls and guys slept wherever. Also, there were three people for each room and each room had two beds. That meant that at least two people had to share a bed, or else someone had to leave the room or sleep on the floor. I don't think I could share a bed with a stranger, but those at the camp seemed to have no problem. Elo said that on the last night she had slept in the same bed as Arun and his roommate. I told her that that meant I could say that she had slept with two dudes in the same night. She said that sounded wrong. I said that was exactly why it was going to be so fun to tell Carmeni. Luckily for Elo, though, I had forgotten all about that conversation when I saw Carmeni later on that day.

Christian Fellowship was fun today. First I fixed a broken door with the multitool I carry around for exactly such situations, and then we had a prayer walk/hunt. Each group would get a clue with a word scramble on top and some prayer suggestions on the bottom. Unscrambling the clue would reveal the place we had to go to next. On the way there we would pray for the items on the list. When we got there we'd do a challenge for our next clue. The challenges were charades, hangman, and figuring out the missing elements in the periodic table, in that order. The prayer items were college-related. It was fun. I guess it was also kind of spiritually beneficial.

After almost 11 years, I'm resigning from the Boys' Brigade. It's the oldest uniformed body in the world for youths, and I was in one of the largest companies in KL. I don't have (m)any friends there. I used to enjoy it somewhat because my friends from primary school was there, but recently they've all left except for one, and I'm not that close to Ashley. I'm not close to anyone. Anyway, I've got a lot of responsibilities in the company that I'm capable of handling, but I don't want to handle them because it's a thankless and also kinda pointless job. There are other reasons, but I don't want post them because then it would seem like I'm just quitting because I'm a whining bitch (even though I totally am).

Anyway, assume you are locked in a room with a perfect clone of your current self. There are no doors, no windows, no cracks. The clone will completely disappear in one hour, and then you will be released from the room by, let's say, robots. No one will see what you do, no one will ever know what happens, no one on the outside world will ever even know that you were locked in a room with your clone for an hour. What would you do?

My friend wanted to thank me for helping her with her Argumentative Essay by buying me some snacks or something, but I said that accepting material rewards wouldn't be right. Instead I asked her if she could thank me by satisfying my curiosity and answering the above question. She said she'd probably fight herself or have sex with herself to see what it was like, but if she could only do one thing it would be the fighting. I said that I would only pick sex if the parameters were changed so that the clone was exactly like me in every way except she was female, and she agreed that if the clone was of a different sex that screwing them was totally okay. With the conditions above, of course, I would love to beat myself up, mostly because I kinda hate myself for doing a lot of stupid things, and this would be a chance for me to vent my anger on an acceptable target. For more reading on this you can read the blog post where I got the question from.

Speaking of friends and homework, I've got to remember that I'll be studying Venn diagrams with Amanda tomorrow. I think that is it for now.

Oh yeah, I also took a nap at around 7 or 8pm on Thursday but somewhere along the line I forgot that it was a nap and the next thing I knew it was 6am and I needed to get ready for college. On the plus side I was already dressed, but I also had missed a shower and I had to brush my teeth with extra vigour because I had slept through my usual dental hygiene time from the past night.

Okay now I think that is it for now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Last Assignment

I handed in my last assignment of the semester this afternoon. Turns out the deadline was actually the next class, so I had a chance to make it better, but I couldn't be bothered. It's just Moral Studies anyway; the only reasons for putting extra effort into your work for LAN subjects is if you're just a few points shy of a High Distinction or if you're really close to failing. I'm hoping for an 8% or 9% out of 20%, so we'll see what happens there. It's only 1500 words long out of the 2000 word requirement, and it hasn't been proofread or spellchecked and it was written in two hours so the content is pretty horrendous, and there's no referencing, so perhaps even eight and nine is optimistic.

Also I got the results of the quiz I took last week for EMA. I got 28 out of 40, which is actually the highest I've scored on any test so far for that subject. That's nice to know. Mr. Joel said he was very lenient with the marking on this one, but it's still a victory. As usual, Sue Ann got full marks. She's the smartest person I know. If it hadn't been for a misunderstanding on principal roots she would very likely be finishing this subject with perfect marks, and it would be an insane understatement to call that an outstanding achievement.

Alessandra and Marcus were comparing their marks from psychology in English class. They both got eighteen-point-something out of twenty, which is only point-something less than the highest scorer in the subject. That is pretty awesome.

Also in English we got our results back from this practice quiz we did. I scored the highest in class with 51/68, but nobody was surprised. I do act like a bit of a smartass in English, so I can't blame 'em.

I realized that the dude who did the really incredibly gay opera singing and pole-dance-on-a-chair thing from the ball was in my Moral Studies group. His group was doing a presentation today. It was pretty hard to watch. I don't think I'd be wrong to say that that guy is the gayest dude in college. Annora agreed with me. She was staring at her table the whole of his performance at the ball. She had a much better time than me because she thought the dinner was really good. I did not go to the ball to eat. I went to the ball to go to a ball: fancy clothes, music, dancing, socializing, all that good stuff. There was not enough dancing.

After Critical Thinking Skills I looked through these pictures of the capital city of Kazakhstan. It's a cool looking place with nice looking weather. The pictures were from one of the dudes in my class who was trying to fix people's perceptions of his country. Apparently most people think that Kazakhstan’s like Iraq or whatever because of Borat and stuff, and that is upsetting to Kazaks. I guess those pictures are a good way to educate people.

I read through most of the manual for my motorcycle. I learned things I did not know, like how to operate the steering lock and at what speeds I should change the gears. It's good to know.

I rode home in the rain again. I'm not sure if I'll ever recover from this cough and runny nose.

I was going to celebrate my lack of assignments by playing Stronghold or partaking in some karaoke, but instead I took a nap and watched Bruno. The funniness of that movie does not balance out its gayness. Borat was better, I think.

Yeah I think that's it for today.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Not So Alone After All

I was talking to people in college today and apparently I'm not the only one who thought the ball kinda sucked. The organizers really should have found a way to include more than ten minutes of dancing for the people attending. Seriously what is the point of a ball if there's not going to be any dancing for 95% of the whole thing?

Anyway I finished reading my Critical Thinking Skills textbook today. I still think it's a really interesting textbook. I'm gonna keep it and lend it to Hannah after this semester is over. I'm definitely not selling it.

I've been sick for a week now. It was raining again this afternoon, just like last week. This time the rain stopped before I rode home, so I guess I won't be getting any sicker than I already am.

Li Ying, Elo, and Arun have gone to this camp in PD or perhaps Pangkor or somewhere with a P, at least. I wonder if/when they're going to replace their classes. It was Arun's birthday today, but I'm not sure if anyone from college got to wish him a happy birthday. I'd rather spend my birthday in college than at a camp, I guess I hope he doesn't feel the same way or today would be kinda sucky for him.

I had lunch with Denise and Jia Yin. Well, technically that's not true. They had lunch while I waited for my order of French fries to arrive before finding out almost an hour later that the guys at the counter had forgotten my order again. This is the second time I have waited for fries that did not come. I maintain my opinion that Spinky's is one of the suckiest places to go for lunch in Pusat Bandar Damansara.

During lunch we talked about Denise and her ex-boyfriend and whether they should get together during his semester break even though they'll have to be apart again when his next semester starts. I said I thought they should, since knowing that something is going to end shouldn't prevent you from enjoying that thing, and Jia Yin agreed. Denise said she didn't think going through all the end-of-relationship emotions and stuff was too high of a price to pay for two months of niceness, so she's not going to do anything. I would totally pay that price if I was in the same situation.

We also talked about the rain and why it was nice. Jia Yin said it was nice because it was depressing, but I said I thought that was the wrong word. Denise said it was nice because it was gloomy and I said it was nice because it was moody, but I don't think any of those words are the right ones. I would look up the correct adjective right now, but I'm lazy.

I also remember talking about apologies. I mentioned that I had learned that it was possible to apologize too early, but I was unsure if there was such a thing as an apology that was too late. The girls said that there it was never too late to apologize. I said that past a certain point it would just be digging up old dirt and that the easiest thing to do was to keep avoiding the person you offended, especially when you'd have nothing to lose because you two weren't really friends in the first place and you haven't spoken since the offense was committed so there didn't seem to be much hope there anyway. Denise said maybe that person might be waiting for you to apologize, but I think it would be slightly more obvious if that was the case. In the end I decided that it would be easier to just avoid people you've offended and not apologized to for a long while, especially if you soon won't see them again. The only downside is you won't know whether they stopped caring about the offense or were still mad at you, but whatever.

Also clothes were talked about, I guess.

After lunch I went to buy some fries from McDonald's, but as I was walking along the college corridor I saw these dudes playing Borderlands. I was passing by just as they were fighting the final boss. They defeated him and there was the infamous shitty end cutscene (so terribly unsatisfying) and then the considerably less shitty credits. I talked with them about Borderlands and Left 4 Dead 2 and Modern Warfare 2 before they had to go for class, so we said "nice meeting you" to each other and I was off to get my French fries.

The fries were nice. I'm not sure whether seven-fifty for two large packets is worth it, but I had the money and I was hungry so whatever.

I went home, took a three-hour nap, faffed about on the computer for three hours, began working on my 2000-word moral assignment that I had known about for 11 weeks but only started yesterday, and got distracted by blogging. I still have 1500 words to go or something and the thing is due tomorrow. I'm going to be up quite late tonight, I think.

Oh yeah, I also got a text from Denise telling me to have some rest and get well soon. That was nice of her.

Right, time to get back to work.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Failure and a Ball

I failed my first quiz of this semester. It was for EMA. I fell asleep studying for it the night before. It's not exactly a good omen.

I found out from Zach that there's a latch under the seat of every motorcycle where you can attach your helmet strap to so it doesn't get stolen. That would have been handy information to have before Thursday.

I managed to nap for around ten minutes before having to get ready for the ball.

I left for the ball in a perfectly fitting shirt, trousers, and tie with a slightly oversized jacket at 6:20. I took my brother's car, which he was gracious enough to lend to me.

I got stuck in a jam and then lost and only managed to find the hotel at 7:50.

While I was lost I saw a truck from the Sheraton Imperial, which I thought was a funny coincidence.

I parked behind the hotel and got charged RM10 for it, but I had the money it was okay.

I arrived at the elevators at the same time as Mr Joel and Ms Annie, my EMA & Calculus and Intermediate English lecturers, respectively. It took me a few minutes to be certain that Ms Annie was Ms Annie. I have trouble recognizing people when they've got makeup and really different clothes on.

I found out that the ball hadn't started yet. This was relieving.

I found my table. I knew three people there.

I found Elo's when Elo called me over. I didn't recognize her because of her makeup. Her dress was awesome, though.

I met Joanna and I managed to recognize her.

I met a few other people.

I sat at my table and listened to the opening speeches.

The dinner began and some performances started. I took off my jacket and left it off for quite a while after that.

I took some pictures with some people.

The performances were okay. Some were pretty awesome, and some were pretty lame, and some were really, really gay, but for the most part they were okay.

The ball bit kinda sucked because I didn't have anybody. I didn't even have anyone to hang out with and talk to. I just sat around and looked over at the lecturers, who were seated in front of me, the stage, and the people on the right side of the ballroom. I was looking to the right because of how I was seated and because there weren't many people I knew on the left.

I was texting Hannah and Athirah, the girl Hannah met at the AAR concert when she was lost. It was better than doing nothing. Also at one point this girl sang You Belong with Me, so I called Hannah and let her listen to that.

At Hannah's suggestion, I didn't dance.

At one point I stepped outside to look around. I hung out in the unofficial smoking room for a while and held Jo's bag while she did something.

Most of the people at Elo's table left early to go to a pub. The ones who came back near the end only stayed for a very short while before leaving again.

When it ended with a closing dance I was looking for anyone I knew so I could invite them to dance so that at least both of us could say we danced with someone at the ball. I didn't find anyone; I think they were all gone.

After the ball I talked to the lecturers for a bit and took some photos with them. Ms Annie said she was proud of me for getting a High Distinction in Intermediate English last semester. That was nice.

I took a few of the leftover goodie bags and picked up a complimentary ticket to a nearby club. I wasn't sure whether to go to the club or not.

I hung around until the last few people were leaving. They talked me into checking out the club, which I decided to do.

Finding the club was easier than I expected. It was right next to where I had parked my car, so that was convenient. There was supposed to be pole dancing or something, but the poles were empty. I got bored of the loud, dark, and smoky club pretty soon and left without doing anything.

I got lost driving home, but I got home anyway.

Now I have to prepare my uniform and study for the Advanced Drill Badge test tomorrow. I'm not going to get very much sleep tonight.

A few thoughts about the ball and stuff:
I should have got a ticket at Elo's table. Mine was kinda boring, although it did have a good view of the stage.
The dude who performed with those oversized yo-yo things or whatever was awesome, even if he did drop them a few times. The glow-in-the-dark ones were like freaking magic or something.
The Michael Jackson impersonator was surprisingly good.
The people who decided not to go because they didn't have dates were the smart ones. I had a pretty miserable time.
I didn't talk to Juria at all. In fact, I was actively ignoring her when all of us were leaving after the ball. I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do or not. Now I still don't know where we stand. I'm going to guess that it was the wrong thing to do. Should've said something. I'm never gonna get any damn closure at this rate.
The city is a terrible place to drive in at night for me. I get lost too easily. I can get home from anywhere, but if I don't know where my destination is supposed to be then it will be a long, long while before I get there.
I probably would have been better off not going to the ball at all.

This post would have been so long if I wasn't tired.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Helmet Got Stolen

Somebody stole my helmet. That was quite inconsiderate of them. I had to drive home with my head completely unprotected. It started raining, too. When you're on a motorcycle and rain falls on your face it is like a thousand little bees all stinging at once. Also, I got new contact lenses and they almost got scratched up by dust flying into my eyes. I hope whoever stole my helmet has his motorcycle stolen. That would be some serious karmic justice.

Streamyx cut our internet line last night. My dad stopped paying the bill three months ago because of how shitty their service was, but because of how inefficient they are, they only got around to doing something about that recently. So we got three months of internet connectivity for free. Now we're running on a Maxis line, and it is so much faster. It's beautiful.

The ball is tomorrow. Holy shit.

I've got a quiz tomorrow for EMA. I said I would study for it, but I haven't. I'm going to after I post this. I will be up late tonight.

I want to get into a fight with someone and win. Beating someone up would be awesome. Unfortunately (Or fortunately), I haven't met anyone who I could both beat in a fight and justify fighting. Oh well.

College was okay today, except for my helmet getting stolen at the end of it. I got my English midterm results back. I had 16.13 out of 20, but I managed to talk the lecturer into giving me another .27 marks for one of the answers in the cloze passage. I could have gotten a bit more, but he doesn't believe that "habitats" was the right word to use to describe the "seas around Johore". Man, I was only using a plural noun to refer to a plural noun. That shit should be totally legit. Ah well, 16.4 is pretty good. Still .6 away from a HD average, but good. Especially since it's higher than Joanna's score. Scoring higher than other people is one of the great joys in my life.

I read a chapter of my Critical Thinking Skills textbook today about Science. It's the most interesting textbook I've ever read. It's called THiNK and it's by Judith Boss. Judith sounds like the kind of person I would have liked to be friends with back in primary school. Too bad she was in primary school four decades and an ocean away from when I was. Ah well, at least I got an awesome book.

I want to talk to someone for a really really long time. Like, just sit down and have a conversation that goes on for hours. Maybe there would be snacks involved, or musical instruments. Or swings. Or just really really comfortable furniture. I do not know. I just want to talk.

I'm kinda lonely, you see.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Greetings, and also Wednesday is Satay Day

So I'm dateless for the ball. It's unsurprising, but it still kinda bites. Ah well, until the ball I'll tell myself that I'm gonna hit on one of the single chicks there. Of course, when the actual day arrives I won't, but I'll then I'll tell myself that I totally would've if it hadn't been for one little thing I couldn't've anticipated.

Anyway, today. Today there was a quiz for Moral. I didn't understand most of what was being asked. It wasn't really because I didn't know the material; it's that I literally did not understand what the quiz wanted from me. I hope I score more than half marks on it, though.

Today I also ate satay. The satay dude comes to Pusat Bandar Damansara every Wednesday and he makes the best beef satay I've ever tasted. I had eight sticks today. As anticipated, they were delicious. I really missed them when he wasn't around for the fasting month and the next few weeks after that. Six weeks without Wednesday satay, that is a hell I would not wish on my worst enemy. Mostly because I don't have one, but also because that satay is so delicious that deprivation of them could very well be considered inhumane.

Also today I saw this dude run a red light. I was on my motorcycle facing his lane and waiting for the light to turn to green so that I could turn. When it turned, I began to turn in, but then I saw that he ran the red and tried to make the turn, too. As I swerved to avoid him I was all "Dude [you're] breaking the law" but he did not hear me because I did not say it loudly and he was in a car. I really wanted to flip him off, but I decided to restrain myself when I realized that would require taking at least one hand off the handlebars, which would make the motorcycle quite a bit harder to control. When I overtook him I found that "he" was actually an old Indian lady, but I'll allow you to make of that what you will.

Anyway, I got to thinking about greeting people today. Usually when I see someone that I recognize in college I'll greet them in some way. With friends I'll raise my hand or nod or say "Hey man" or "Hi dude". I do this because I usually cannot remember people's names, which I feel sorta guilty about because everyone remembers mine, even people I do not know. With lecturers I'll say "Morning/afternoon/evening sir/miss", because you gotta be formal with the lecturers. I'll only greet lecturers who teach or have taught me, and those lecturers that greet me first. If I'm really familiar with them I'll just say "Hi sir/miss", but I am rarely really familiar with them. If I'm suddenly greeted by someone who I do not recall meeting, I will just say "Yeah, hi" or "Hey" or something similarly noncommittal. I really need to figure out who those people are someday. They always catch me by surprise. Also, there's this lady that I met in the Mist Club during that fashion show thing a few months ago. I don't see her often, but whenever I do she always asks if I remember her and I say yeah and then we wait for a few moments while I try to remember where she's from and then right when I start saying "Mist Club" she says "Mist Club" and it seems like I have forgotten which is not true and makes me sad. She's nice, though. Also also, whenever I see people who I have not talked to in a long while because I've been avoiding them because I did something stupid that I have (weakly) apologized for with an apology they did not accept or maybe did accept but didn't tell me about, I'll panic a little as I watch them approach and wonder whether to say hi or not before deciding not to and looking elsewhere as they get closer and sidestepping when they get real close so they know that I'm trying to stay out of their way and also because they tend to sidestep, too. It's an effective system for avoiding both conflict and closure.

I like followers. I've only got two, but I'm pretty sure they don't read my blog. I know Hannah and Ebony do, though, but they aren't followers. If you've read this far, I'm not asking you to follow me, but, y'know, it would be nice.

I had Engineering Mathematics Applications homework to do. It's due in 10 hours. I didn't do any of it. I don't have a good excuse, I just prioritized less important things and now I'm too tired for it. I hope I know enough about vectors, because that was the homework and that's what's coming out for the quiz this Friday, which is also the day of the ball and also the day I have to study and get my uniform ready for the Advanced Drill Badge test on Saturday, so yeah, Friday's gonna be a long day with a long night. Yay, I guess.

On a perhaps unrelated note, I could do with a hug right now. Preferably from someone attractive, female, and unrelated to me. I will, however, settle for an adorable picture of a puppy, perhaps with a funny caption. I think Google can help me with the latter.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Materialistic Comfort

Went with my dad, his friend, and Hannah to go buy a shirt and some trousers for the ball. Managed to get something that I think looks really good. Or at least pretty good. Well, it's formal and I like the feel and look of it, so there's that. It cost quite a bit though, so I'm going to find more excuses to wear it after the ball to justify the cost.

I started writing a letter during Physics and finished it up during lunch. I haven't mailed it yet, and I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to that. Hopefully I will because letters are cool.

Took a four-hour nap after lunch while waiting for the rain to stop. It didn't stop. The motorcycle ride home was damp and kinda miserable. It probably didn't help that I've been feeling sick the past few days. I've had a runny nose and a rather painful cough for the last two days or so, and all I've done to try and fix those problems is suck on some Strepsils and sip some tea. They kinda help, I guess.

Effie wasn't in HELP today. Jia Yin told me that she had left college already, so last week was her last week here. That kinda really sucks.

I've been putting off work for a while due to illness and tiredness but mainly laziness. Ugh, I hope I don't fail any subjects. I really really need an easy third semester. I've got to get my Moral Studies survey done soon so I can compile the report that's due next week. Also I tried studying for the quiz that I'll be taking tomorrow, but I forgot what was important. We'll see how things go.

Yeah that's it for now I'm tired and I really need some rest.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Pointless and Inconsequential Babble

Zombieland was awesome. I watched it twice when I should have been writing my Moral Studies survey and my Advanced English argumentative essay. I'm glad Jan says the main character reminds him of me. I much prefer being likened to Columbus than Fogel from Superbad.

Hannah's friend, Ebony, thinks I am the least annoying of Hannah's brothers, but my hair makes me look like a ten-year-old. Joanna thinks I should cut it. Looks like Jia Yin and Effie's advice from the start of the semester wasn't so sound after all.

Ian was a colossal prick about the door being locked. We were all in the room and couldn't hear him outside until Jan's friend, Joel, told us that the phone was ringing. When I went outside I heard Ian banging on the door, so I unlocked it. I shouldn't've. He was screaming at me for the next ten minutes or so for not hearing him, the whole time conveniently forgetting that I had been in the same situation a few weeks ago and I didn't get anywhere near as upset with him for not hearing the doorbell and phone. Also, it was totally his fault for being stuck outside because he had forgotten that I had cell phone sitting on my desk and he could have called me at any time and I would have heard it and let him in. He got so upset in his forgetful rage that he shoved me. Later he told me I should consider myself lucky that he didn't hit me instead. Yeah, because I'm so fortunate to be living with a brother who only resorts to minor physical violence when he's upset. Man, I'd pity his girlfriend for being stuck with a potential domestically abusive chode, but he'd have to have one in the first place before I could do that.

Anyway I'm going to do all twenty questions for my survey and at least get a draft of the argumentative essay done before I go to bed. There, now it's on the internet, so it must be done. Ugh, I'm regretting that promise already. Oh well, it's for the best in the end.

Also yay, going to get some fancy trousers tomorrow for the ball. Should be fun.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Ramblings

No real structure for this one except for whatever pops into my mind.

I really like karaoke, but I can't carry a tune and I am essentially tone deaf. When it comes my turn to sing, the only person in the room who is having a good time is me. I also enjoy dancing, but I've got no rhythm and I am terribly uncoordinated, so I am a really sucky dancer. I haven't seen anyone dance worse than me. Despite the embarrassment, it's still a lot of fun.

I need music when I'm on my computer. I've got a playlist made of every song that I like. I leave it on random and listen to it the whole time I'm browsing the web or blogging or causing wanton destruction in Just Cause or Vice City. So far I've got 5 hours and 45 minutes of music on that playlist, and my top three songs (I Will, My Monkey, Hey Julie) have 218, 172, and 157 plays respectively. For some reason, I won't close my iTunes until I've finished the song I'm currently listening to. Also, I try to make sure that “Push" and "Creep" have equal play counts. Those songs are just linked in my head somehow.

I want to write a letter to someone. I'm not sure who; I just think it would be a nice surprise for them.

I've been reading Hannah's friends' blogs recently, mostly to see what they're saying about my family and me (It's all positive stuff). I also read them because I like having lotsa new items available for browsing in Google Reader, and those tweens tend to post a lot of stuff a tad more interesting and less emo than Joanna, Elo and Denise.

I want to fill in my list posts on this blog, but if I ever have time to do that then I also have time to do assignments, which are obviously more important. So neither gets done, really.

I got a text on Monday from the girl who lent Hannah a phone at the concert to call me with. She was checking to see if Hannah managed to find me and Jan and whether she got back okay. I said that she did and we had a great time at the concert. She replied that she had a blast, too. We spent the next five hours or so texting each other, so that was nice.

I got my research paper submitted, but I think this is going to be one of the few English assignments in which my friends are going to score higher than me. I didn't put much effort into it and I didn't proofread it properly. Also I didn't include any pictures, graphs or charts, which I recently found are necessary. Oh well.

I haven't been eating much. On Friday the only thing I ate was four free cupcakes. They were good, though.

I haven't been sleeping much, either. My average bedtime lately has been around two in the morning, and I've been waking up at around six or six thirty. I do end up taking a lot of naps, but I don't think those count as real sleep.

I've been hanging out less with people from college. It's okay. I have been wanting to talk to Effie lately, since she's leaving soon and she's an interesting person and she cares. I hope I see her on Monday. I think she's the first girl that I've anticipated meeting this much who I haven't had a crush on. It's nice.

Still on the subject of college people and talking to them, Shannon's a cool dude. We used to go to the same public speaking club when we were both homeschooling, and he recognized me last semester. I didn't remember him, though, so I only knew that I had met him previously when he told me in McDonald's after the pajama party/movie night. My first interaction with him in college was during the movie, when I leaned forward to make a comment about Left 4 Dead and I startled him. That was fun. Anyway, we were talking recently after college was over about stuff and the subject of our dads and their jobs came up. Turns out that both of us have fathers who worked in offshore oil rigs for Schlumberger. It's a small world.

So far I'm liking this post a lot better than those long, boring ones I usually write about my days and all their uninteresting details. I think I'll write more of these.

10th KL should have a Twitter feed to keep its members informed. I'll have to bring that up with Lieutenant (and now also Acting Captain) Esther. Man, she's the highest ranking person in the company now. That's awesome. Interesting that Clement didn't know about the amount of respect and authority his girlfriend commanded until I told him this Sunday. Also interesting was the piece of advice he gave me about women: don't pursue them, let them pursue you. If a guy indicates that he's interested in a girl before she indicates she's interested in him, then the relationship is either impossible or doomed. I may be misinterpretating that or paraphrasing it wrongly, but it seems sound.

When it comes to girls and me, I have always been the first person to indicate interest, though, so that's not a good thing. Coincidentally, I have always been the only person indicate interest, so that's probably a worse thing. I guess I won't have a girlfriend for a long, long time. Oh well.

Yeah I think that's about it for now. I wonder what's on CNN.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I should spend more time studying and less time hanging out with groups I don't belong to. At the very least I should spend my not-studying time with friends who actually care if I'm there or not, since right now it seems that the only reason most people have me around is because they're too polite to tell me I should leave.

I do know a few people who care, but the problem is I rarely ever see them, and when I do they're usually with a bunch of other people who I don't really know or get along with that well. Whenever I do get the chance to talk to them one-on-one, though, I really enjoy it, so at least there's that.

This post was mostly prompted by a conversation I had earlier today with Effie (who is definitely one of the people that I'm talking about in the second paragraph of this post), but the thoughts I'm expressing here have been kicking around in my head for quite a while now. I guess I should start to act on them. Next time I've got a break, I'll find a cozy place to read a book in instead of wandering around looking for the company of people who aren't that spectacular to be around anyway.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Should Have Been Working on My Research Paper and BB Responsibilities, but I Went to the All-American Rejects Concert Instead

It was awesome. I'll give the day in list form first and then maybe get back to it and expand it later because it's late now and I am really tired

-Woke up and went to BB
-Rather lousy time at BB
-Found out what my new responsibilities are.
-Made a to-do list.
-Found out the name of Elo's mystery texter from Friday. I don't think I mentioned him in the last post.
-Got another survey filled to replace one with slightly odd results, ended up pissing off my brother for delaying them.
-Got stuck in a long jam home.
-Called after mishearing that they were giving out tickets. Brothers were initially skeptical about the call.
-Got home
-Saw Hannah get RM50 from Mama for the concert
-Left home quickly with Jan and Hannah to get them to their concert.
-Used all the money in my wallet to fill the car's empty tank.
-Went home to get my phone and tape the broken antennae to the roof of the car so it wouldn't fall off.
-Strugged to find the venue for the concert
-Argument over the RM50 of concert money that Hannah had given Jan to take care of.
-Call to Mama to settle argument.
-Figuring out a solution.
-Applying solution by leaving Jan in line while taking Hannah home to charge her phone, get her wallet, buy some food and drinks, and withdraw some money.
-Returning to Jan several hours later. Dropped Hannah off and went to park the car.
-Realized Hannah had left her phone in her bag, which was in the car.
-Found Jan
-Went looking for Hannah
-Asked event organizer to make an announcement telling Hannah to meet us at the VIP entrance
-Left Jan to wait at the VIP entrance while I went to look for Hannah.
-Found some dudes selling extra tickets. Bought one.
-Got a call from an unknown number, it was Hannah.
-Arranged meeting spots in case we got split up again, went into concert.
-Observed how shitty the VIP area was, asked Jan and Hannah to come over to the main area so we could get close to the stage.
-Went off alone when they said no.
-Met a bunch of Form 3 girls about five rows from the front and discovered that I was surrounded by their schoolmates.
-Waited with the girls for the concert to start
-Concert started, awesomeness ensued.
-Waited half-an-hour for the All-American Rejects to start their set.
-All-American Rejects started their part of the show. Was almost beyond awesome.
-Caught a bottle thrown from the stage.
-Carried a girl on my back during "I Wanna" after she asked for a better view.
-Carried her again during "Mona Lisa" when Tyson climbed down to find a girl in the front to sing to. He didn't pick her, but we still really really close to him.
-Concert ended.
-Watched the girl I carried find an AAR pick on the floor; gave bottle to one of the other girls.
-Introduced girls to my siblings before saying goodbye.
-Drove home, Jan was being very unpleasant the entire trip, to understate the problem.
-Stopped at Mid Valley and gave Jan the option to either apologize or get out and find his own way home.
-Hannah called Papa who told me to come back and said he'd talk with us.
-Went back home, got talked to.
-Shower. Realized I was covered in glitter from the concert.

Have I ever returned and expanded a list-form post? Probably not. Oh well, I'll try to make this one different from the rest.

Edit (13/01/10): Huh. Still haven't expanded that list. I added a new tag to the post, though. I guess it's a start.