Sunday, June 20, 2010

Copping Out with a List Post

So here's what happened:

- Lost is finished. I've been following it for six years and now it's over. I am both sad and happy. I enjoyed the finale.
- I'm in college for one last semester doing only one subject: Bahasa Kebangsaan. I was supposed to do Java Programming, too, but there was a scheduling clash. I was still being billed the resource fee for Java, but I got that sorted out.
- Bahasa Kebangsaan has been pretty easy so far. It's every Friday for three hours, so it's a bit long. On the plus side, I managed to get in the group with the prettiest girls for my assignments.
- I never actually went for karaoke. There were too many postponements and nobody could make it, so it was cancelled.
- I watched Toy Story 3 recently with Hannah. It was really, really good. One of Pixar's best, and that's saying something. I missed the end because I had drank three cokes and I really needed to go, but we managed to sneak into another theatre to watch it there. We also got to compare the 2D of that theatre to the 3D of ours. The difference is very subtle.
- Our whole family and Ebony went to Penang recently. Ian and Jan were there for Pesta, so we were there to support them. It was a fun vacation.
- Hannah, my dad, and I saw a dude doing a snake show by the pool. He kissed a cobra and a king cobra. It was pretty awesome.
- We had lunch at the Hard Rock cafe. It was pretty dang cool. Hannah told me to put my new sunglasses on this statue of Michael Jackson. It worked pretty well until they fell off and now the lenses are a little dinged up.
- I got some new sunglasses and the new Netherlands Jersey from the night market. It's missing some details, but it's still pretty cool. Altogether they cost me RM50.
- I watched the England - USA match with some England fans in the hotel. The fans were more entertaining than the match was.
- I got to take a warm bath.
- I had to drive back from Penang to Ipoh.
- Susanna wet herself in Ipoh and there was nobody home except for Ebony, Hannah, and me, so we had to clean her up.
- A few weeks before this I drove Audrey, Hannah, and my dad to FRIM to see Mama and Susanna, who were on a picnic.
- Along the way, a lorry smashed into the back of the car in a roundabout. He drove off before we could get his number.
- I noticed that the road to FRIM was at the intersection with a huge amount of cigarette butts that Joanna, Solo, and I had passed when we were lost during Davinia's surprise party.
- We saw a couple of really big fish in FRIM.
- The Tans visited for a day or something. Hannah and I picked Elselyn, Ruben, and Stefanie up from the LCCT. Jan might have been there, too. I have driven to the LCCT very many times.
- There are many kittens outside of where I have my Bahasa Kebangsaan classes. They are cute and don't mind getting close to people but they still won't let anyone touch them. I'm working on gaining their trust by feeding them chicken. They won't eat fish.
- I'm playing a lot more RuneScape now. I have a lot more in-game money than before because I met a dude who is really good a predicting the market. Lately we're riding a trend caused by a game change that will give us a 50% return on investment. Considering the usual ROI is around 15%, this is looking very good.
- Hannah let me sleep over in her room because she was scared of the dark or something. It was very cozy and comfortable but she told me a secret (which I already knew, and teased her about) and made me promise that I would do all sorts of stuff for her if I told anyone. So now I've gained nothing, but she can threaten me with all sorts of nonsense if she thinks I'm teasing her too much or whatever.
- I'm following the World Cup. I find that football in and of itself is pretty boring, but when you've got national pride and stuff added to the mix, it can get quite exciting. The Netherlands has done really well so far.
- I lost a whole lotta money gambling. My float's been reduced by RM250 back to what it was a few months ago. It used to be a whole lot more, but that didn't last for long.
- That is about it, I think.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Stuff's Happened, I Just Haven't Blogged About It

Sometime before Thursday I'm going to blog about the past three weeks. Not much happened in the first two (karaoke definitely didn't), but recently there was a car accident, some long drives, and college stuffs. I guess I could write about all that now, but I'm not motivated enough yet. I'll do it later.