Saturday, February 27, 2010

26th February, 2010

I watched The Book of Eli with Ian while Jan watched Valentine's Day. The movie was okay. Burger King afterwards was also nice.

At night I went out to get Hannah a McFlurry. I bought some fries. That was nice, too.

I finished reading the Old Testament for the second time a few days ago, in the morning of my Physics test. So now I've read the whole Bible twice. Cool.

Hannah says that if I drive Ebony and her around she'll let me read the seventh book, but if I crease it I'll owe her ten ringgit. That sounds like a fair deal.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last Mid-Term, Woohoo!

So I arrived really early for my Psychology mid-term. There weren't many people around, so I found a nice corner and took a nap. Carmeni woke me up around fifteen minutes before the test began. We did a little bit of studying, but nothing significant.

Carmeni lent me her pen to fill in stuff right before the test started. That was nice. The test itself wasn't that hard. I finished it half an hour early. When I got home I checked to see if I had got a certain case study question right, and I hadn't. It was observational learning, not operand conditioning. Oh well.

I spent most of the afternoon napping on the couch. I dreamt about whether or not my earliest dream of that nap was a dream or not. It was quite mind-boggling. When I finally woke up five hours had past. That was nice.

My dad took Hannah, my brothers, and I out to dinner at Sin Kee. That was pretty tasty.

When we got home I played a few Zero Hour skirmishes. Soon I'm gonna watch some TV and do some exercise, and tomorrow I'm going to watch a movie with Jan and Ian. Hopefully I will also eat some Burger King.

24th of February, 2010

When I woke up I was feeling pretty ready for my Physics mid-term. It went okay, I think. Two of the questions were unanswerable because we weren't given the Young's modulus of steel and the length of a certain spring, but I managed anyway.

After I finished the test, I ate McDonald's and had a jelly ice cream at KFC.

Back at home I took a nap and woke up really sweaty because someone had left all the windows open. It was a very hot day.

Later on in the evening my brothers and I went to baptism class. When we got back I finally beat the last general in the Zero Hour using a strategy I had thought up during the class. That was satisfying.

Anyway now I've got to do my exercise and then I've got to study for the Psychology mid-term tomorrow. Should be fun.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Practically a Vacation Day

Today I woke up late, but since I had no tests I went back to sleep and woke up even later. That was nice. I had cereal for lunch and spent a lot of time on the computer. I drove around with Hannah to get fast food. That was tasty.

I haven't do any Physics studying yet. I'll do that after this show about riots is finished. I also watched this show about large fish. That was pretty cool.

Hannah isn't letting me read any more Princess Diaries books because I creased the last one and dropped it in a puddle that had formed under our couch because of the rain. I'm glad it rained (It's been bloody hot lately), but I am sad that the book is kinda ruined now. Oh well.

Oh yeah, a few days ago Ian and Jan bought Modern Warfare 2, which is cool because I can finally see something new when I glance at their screens. I am so sick of DotA and CoD 4.

I'm still stuck on that damn Zero Hour level.

Monday, February 22, 2010

More Mid-Terms

So on Sunday not much happened. I enjoyed breakfast at McDonald's, so that was okay I guess.

Today I had my Finite Mathematics mid-term. It was pretty easy. After it was over I went and had breakfast at a corner shop in Lucky Gardens with some of my friends from college.

When I got home I finished reading another book. I then watched a movie on Ian's computer before driving Hannah to get a slurpee and a magazine.

Ian managed to fix the internet connection, so now we're back online, so that's nice.

I've got to study for Physics tomorrow, since the test is on Wednesday.

I'm on the last level of the Generals challenge in Zero Hour. I'm not sure what I'll play once I've finished.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

This Post is About Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

So on Thursday I went to college. My first class was Psychology and that was okay. For lunch I ate McDonald's. After that I took a nap for a while, and then I had Finite Mathematics, which was also okay. I read more of The Lexus and The Olive Tree. I still can't tell if I've past where I stopped last time. I got a text from Mr Naj saying that he had an accident and couldn't make it to college, so there wouldn't be any Physics that day, so I got to go home early.

In the evening I think I either gambled some more or drove Hannah some place. Our internet connection was broken again, so we could only go on for a few minutes at a time before it stopped working. Therefore, instead of going online, I played Zero Hour. I managed to beat the level I was stuck on, and the two after that, and so I was done with the China campaign. That was nice. Now I'm working my way through the General challenges.

On Friday I woke up kinda late since I didn't have any classes. At 12:30 I went to Christian Fellowship, where we watched this movie about a drama class in a Malaysian school. It was okay.

Back at home I played more computer and drove Hannah around some more, since she had Ebony over. Hannah and Ebony bought some wax strips, and when they got back I watched Hannah wax her face, and I tried a couple of the strips out on my toes to see how much they hurt. They don't hurt that much.

That night I fell asleep on the couch because I was too lazy to take a shower. I wasn't too lazy to brush my teeth, though, so there's that. I woke up at 5am and moved to my bed, where I slept for another five hours. I took a shower before noon, though, so it all works out.

Today was okay. I finished the fourth Princess Diaries book, which Hannah let me read because I drove Ebony and her around, and then I played more Generals. For dinner I went out with Ian, Jan, and Joel and ate Subway. It was quite delicious, but they've got a three serving limit on the olives now, which makes me sad.

I should have spent today studying for the mid-terms next week, but I didn't. The only subject I'm worried about failing is Physics, though, so I'll just study that intensively on Sunday and maybe do some Psychology later on in the week.

My phone is getting worse. It's having troubles charging. I might have to replace it soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Break's Over

So today college started again. I woke up a bit early because I thought I had a cell group meeting for my Christian Fellowship, but it turns out that that's been cancelled due to the Chinese New Year break. I got to college a little late for my Finite Mathematics class. It was half-empty. Since I had finished Guns, Germs, and Steel, I started reading The Lexus and the Olive Tree again. I couldn't remember where I left off, though, so I may have re-read some sections. Oh well.

After college I had some fries from McDonald's, and they were really good. I like it when that happens.

When I got home I watched Lost and Toy Story 2 and read the homework for my Baptism class, but then I called Ian and found out we don't have a Baptism class today.

Hannah wanted to go to McDonald's for dinner, so I offered to drive her in return for permission to read the fourth Princess Diaries book. She accepted, but there weren't any cars available so I grabbed the motorcycle keys instead. Luckily, my dad was downstairs when we were talking to the bike, so he took us to Wendy's instead. It was pretty good. We got to eat Baskin Robbins for dessert. I had Cotton Candy flavoured ice cream with gummy bears on top. That was nice.

Back at home I gambled and swiftly lost RM20, and then I did my exercises. Also, Hannah threw a cat on me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From Thursday to Today

Nicholas' birthday was pretty good. I was an hour late, but I didn't miss much. I ate a lot of lamb and drank five beers, and I gave Nick his zappy-laser thing as a present. A lot of people from college were there, along with a lot more of Nick's family and other friends. It was quite a fun atmosphere. Nicholas proposed to Carmeni in one of the songs he sung, and her response was "Yeah, whatever", because apparently he proposes to her a lot when he's driving her around. I guess she'll know it's for real when she sees a ring. At the end of the party everyone from college danced, and then we all went home. I caught one of the last few trains, since I arrived in Bangsar station just a few minutes before 11:30, when the LRT closes.

The next day my whole family left to Ipoh for Chinese New Year. This year was even more boring than last year, but it was still quite fun. I only set off one firecracker, but there was still plenty of gambling and karaoke, and for the first time I could drink beer, so that was okay, too. Also we went to the cybercafe a few times and I played Left 4 Dead 2, so that also prevented me from getting bored. The Ang Paos were very nice, of course. I got something like RM400 altogether, but I lost RM100 of that gambling. Ah well, that's Chinese New Year for you.

I drove my dad's car back to KL. Driving the highway is tedious and not much fun. I much prefer sleeping in the back seat. When we got home I took a nap and then Hannah and I went to this open house. We arrived just as Dr Mahatir was leaving, so we didn't actually get to see him. Oh well. I had some satay and Hennessy VSOP and a lot of peanuts. The inside of the house was really cool; they had very comfortable rugs and sofas. The host of the open house also grew shaped melons, which I thought was pretty cool.

Anyway I didn't do my exercise all throughout my stay in Ipoh, and I didn't do them today because I only remembered about them right after my shower, and by then it was too late since I'd get all sweaty again and then I'd need another shower. I'll start again tomorrow.

Also Hannah is being selfish with her books. She recently got the box set of all The Princess Diaries, and I read a few of them in Ipoh because I was bored and they are pretty good books, but now she won't lend me the fourth one. It was worse in Ipoh because I had nothing else to read (I had just finished Guns, Germs, and Steel) but now that we're back in KL I guess I can find another book. Still, I want to find out what happens next. I don't like leaving things unfinished.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Days, One Post

Eh. On Tuesday I just went for my Psychology class and came home and tried to get past the level in Zero Hour that I'm stuck on but I could not. Instead I dropped Hannah off so she could watch Valentine's Day with Audrey. I went with Ian and Jan to pick the girls up and after dropping Audrey back home we had some fast food and then we went back home.

On Wednesday my aunt came over from Australia. She and her roommate are staying in Hannah's room, so Hannah has to sleep with Susanna and Aunty Rosie again. Susanna threw some cards onto our neighbour's balcony and they returned it to us. I was not aware we had such good-looking neighbours. Anyway I had some spaghetti carbonara for an early dinner and then I went with Jan and Ian for baptism class at church.

I'm still stuck on that Zero Hour level.

Oh yeah, also, I met my second semester Advanced English classmate, Jeh Ying, at Popeyes on Monday. I forgot to mention that in the other post.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Driving About

Nothing much happened on Sunday, but on Monday I only had one class so I wasn't in college for very long at all. Physics classes start again on Thursday, but I'm liking the more relaxed schedule for now.

Anyway, when I got back from college I watched The Men Who Stare at Goats on Ian's computer. Hannah wanted to go pick up her tickets and drop some stuff off at Yii Huei's grandmother's house, but we didn't have to leave yet so I watched Rat Race. It's been a long while since I saw that movie. It's still pretty dang funny.

After the movies, I drove Hannah to get her tickets and drop off her stuff. Jan came, too. We ate lunch at Popeyes, and I'm still undecided about that place. I like the biscuits, at least.

When we got home, Hannah realized she had forgotten to drop off a cable, so we would have to go back out again. I took a nap first, and then we went.

After that was done Hannah tore up the pants she was wearing because they had a hole in them, and then she started a blog for Jan. Meanwhile I did my exercise and took a shower early because there wasn't much else to do.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Wish Today Was a Lazy Day

I woke up at six and then I went back to sleep. When I woke up again, it was eight fifteen, and I thought that I was late for my replacement class. I got changed quickly and rode to college. I almost got hit by a car on the way there when I merged without looking.

Anyway, when I arrived in class I discovered that it wasn't my group, and my class wasn't starting until 9:30, so I had almost died for nothing. Also I was wearing lousy clothes and my glasses weren't in and I hadn't even got the chance to brush my teeth.

While waiting for Psychology to start I sat around with my friends and told them why I was early and wearing glasses. They asked me if I had a chance to brush my teeth, and I said I hadn't, but I had a mint instead. They asked if I had a chance to take a shower, and I said I never do, not in the mornings, anyway. Apparently this is unusual. Apparently, everyone takes two showers in a day. I think one at night is enough. How dirty can you get when you're sleeping.

Anyway, Psychology was nice. We watched some commercials and Ms Selena analysed some of us, me included. I also found out that Kelly is full Chinese, which surprised me because she looks mixed. But yeah, class was fun.

After class we had a bit of lunch in Ali Maju, and then I went home. At home I watched Hot Fuzz, and then I took a nap, and then I watched The Invention of Lying.

I'm looking forward to finishing my exercise and going to bed. I'm quite tired.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quizzes and More Birthdays

On Thursday, I had two quizzes and an assignment to submit. The quizzes were easy enough, and my assignment was turned in on time, so that was nice.

I slept on the couch at night because I was too lazy to take a shower and exercise. I did all that when I woke up the next morning.

It was Faith and Jan's birthday on Friday. I went to Christian Fellowship before celebrating. The speaker was a guy who was detained under the ISA for a while a few decades ago. He wrote a book about his experiences, which I bought. It was pretty good.

For Jan's birthday we celebrated with some cake and a meal at Chili's. After that we had a lot of people over for poker. I managed to win RM30, so that was nice.

Also I bought my first can of beer today, and I finished that Zero Hour GLA campaign, and Hannah gave me my birthday present, which was marshmallows and licorice.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday! Yay!

Okay, firstly, I have been legal for two years now. Age of consent in Malaysia is 16. More people should know this. The only thing that happens when people turn eighteen is that they can legally consume alcohol, and that is what I did. But that comes later in the story.

First, I woke up. Then I did my morning routine and climbed the stairs and such. Then I went on the computer for a while, then I got on my motorcycle and went to college. I arrived about an hour and a half early for class. This was because my friends might have gotten me cake, and I did not want to miss an opportunity for cake.

There was no cake, but that was okay. I bought some lemonade and got a free cupcake, and then I went to meet up with peoples. I was wished happy birthday by a lot of people all throughout the time in college (thanks again you guys!), so that was nice. I went for lunch and bought Subway and ate it in the hall. Apparently Carmeni and Elo think it's weird to put potato chips in a sandwich, but fries in a burger are okay. That is ridiculous. They are both fine ways to enhance food.

I got a yearbook from some people who were giving out yearbooks. I look pretty lame in the picture. There aren't a lot of Science stream students in HELP.

I didn't pay attention in Finite Mathematics, because the lesson was about stuff I already knew. Instead, I read more Guns, Germs, and Steel. It's a really fascinating book.

After that I helped Elo out with her Physics, and then I went home. At home I went on my computer for a while, and I may have typed out my Dream Journal for Psychology. I either did it then or way early in the morning. Whatever, it's done now. I doubt I'll get 5/5, but I hope I won't get less than 3/5. Maybe I should've worked harder. Whatever.

My mum bought cake. She bought individual slices since the whole cake was too expensive. There were two slices each of Mango, Chocolate Indulgence, and Oreo Cheesecake. I had a lot of Indulgence and some Mango. The Mango tasted like fish, and that is why I did not eat so much of it. The indulgence was delicious, and there was not enough for everyone who wanted it.

When the cake was done I went back to the computer for a bit, and then I drove everyone to the Coliseum. While waiting for the food to arrive, I went to the area around the bar and read the old newspaper articles they had up there. There was stuff from 1921. That's awesome.

After a while, our food arrived. Ian and Jan had the ribeye, and I ordered the most expensive steak on the menu. Jan couldn't finish his food, so he gave me a chunk of his meat. It was better than mine. Oh well.

When we left the restaurant, Ian found a fine on his car. Apparently the guy who told us where to park did not know what he was doing, and now we owed the government RM50. Ian said I had to pay, but I told Ian that since he was the one who told me to listen to the guy who was telling us to park, he should pay. Later on we decided to ignore the fine since it was from DBKL and Ian says nobody takes those guys seriously.

Anyway, we went to Petaling Street to get a laser pointer for Nicholas' birthday. I also bought Jan a shirt for his birthday, which is on the 5th. Hannah has been trying to guess the design on the shirt. She's going to be a bit underwhelmed when she finds out.

Before we got back we stopped to pick up some whisky. Ian got it, but in hindsight I probably should've made the purchase, since what is the point of being 18 if you're going to get other people to buy your alcohol anyway? Whatever.

Back at home, Ian and I started off with two shots. Ian decided that was enough for him and went into the room to spend the rest of the night on the computer. Meanwhile Hannah and Jan and my mum played drinking games with me, and after I had finished a few glasses of whisky and coke, I had one more shot, threw up in a plant pot on the balcony, washed up, and went to karaoke.

Hannah did not want to join in the karaoke, but Jan and my parents did, so that was nice. I spent an hour or so singing in a semi-tipsy state, so that was fun.

So yeah, that was my birthday. I think I was slightly drunk before I threw up, but after that I felt a lot more lucid, so that was a bit disappointing. Eh, not bad for my first time seriously drinking.

I've got to do two quizzes after I wake up. I'd better brush up on my Physics or I'm in trouble.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Almost Eighteen

So today I woke up on the couch. I hadn't done any exercise the before I fell asleep, so I did that, and then I realized I hadn't walked the stairs the morning before, so I did that, too, and then I had some cereal.

College was back after a three-day weekend. I spent Finite Mathematics alternating between nodding off and reading Guns, Germs, and Steel. After that I sat around with Elo and Joanna and Carmeni and other such people. I think we spent most of our time talking about Nick's 21st birthday.

After that I went to accompany Amanda for her lunch. I got some fries while she got doughnuts and fried rice. We talked about what happened on her 18th birthday party and how she went clubbing and got drunk and threw up and lost her shoes and such. Sounds like fun.

When lunch was finished I think I hung around a bit more talking to people about stuff, and then I went to the KPD to do my Physics lab. We were working with pendulums and such. It was okay. I spent a lot of time arranging pins while my lap partners did the experiment. I don't know what I'd do without them.

After Physics I went back to the main block for Psychology. I decided to sit in the back with Carmeni. It was nice.

When I got home I got my Moral Studies textbook to give to Amanda, and then I got Hannah to print out a map to the place she needed to be to pick up the tickets for her Valentine's Day premiere. We then drove around for an hour and a half looking for the place before finding out that Hannah had printed the map to a place in Subang Jaya when her tickets were in Petaling Jaya. Anyway, we went to Amanda's house to give her the book, and then we stayed and ate cookies and drank coke for a long while. That was nice.

Now I'm back at home and I've been on the computer for a long while. My plan was to study for my Physics test on Thursday and also complete my Psychology assignment, but that's not going to happen. I've got the Psychology document open, waiting to be completed, but I've been putting it off by reading a Reddit thread about the craziest facts people know and other random internet stuff. I hope to finish it before I go to bed, but I won't be able to study Physics. I guess I'll do that tomorrow in college.

I'll be eighteen in fifteen minutes. Yay!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Frustrating Day

Today I woke up early because I had to drive Jan to some BB meeting or something. When I got home I played through the USA campaign of Zero Hour. I got stuck on one mission that was terribly frustrating. Also, my new headphones barely give me any room to move my head, so that was irritating, too.

At four I went to pick Jan up, but first I had to fill up the Kancil since the tank was empty. When I got to where Jan was, his meeting wasn't finished. I ended up waiting for half an hour before he was done. On our way back we stopped to check our bank accounts to see if our dad had given us our birthday money, but he had not.

Back at home, Hannah asked me to take her somewhere tomorrow so she could get premiere tickets to Valentine's Day. I'll have to take her right after I get back from college. Bah.

Anyway, right when I was about to take a nap, Ian told me that there was an opportunity to play a 4 vs 4 L4D2 game, so of course I went with him. When we got there we waited an hour for the eighth person, who never arrived, so we played 3 vs 3 instead. For some reason I played pretty terribly and we lost, so that sucked.

Back at home my dad told me he had deposited my birthday money already, but I couldn't log into my Maybank2u account to check.

Also I realized that my birthday is gonna be pretty lame. I'm basically going to have dinner and then get drunk and that will be it, since I've only got one friend who's confirmed they'll be free on the day and if there's only going to be one person then I might as well not bother.

I'll write the outline for my dream analysis thing so it'll be easier to do it last-minute on Wednesday.

Broken Headphones and Overspending

On Saturday I woke up late and spent pretty much all day indoors. I rewatched Shaun of the Dead and at night I went out for McDonald's with Joel and Jan.

On Sunday Ian and I tried to fix Hannah's internet while everyone else went to Ipoh. After we were done fiddling with the wires and such we went on our computers. At one point I popped out to the kitchen for a snack and when I returned, my headphones were broken. I called my dad and he said that I could buy new headphones, but it would count as my birthday present.

I took a nap while Ian played poker. When I woke up we went to Bangsar Village to get some headphones and something for the internet, and also some dinner. We ended up misunderstanding a RM20 voucher and overspending our budget. The food was good, though.

When I got home I checked out my headphones and found that the wire was pathetically short. The sound quality is excellent, though. I just can't move my head around that much.

Anyway I finished the USA campaign for Generals and then I wrote this. My birthday's in three days and my Psychology assignment and Physics and Finite Mathematics quizzes are in four days. I think I'll write my Psychology thing tomorrow.

Oh yeah, Ian also managed to fix Hannah's internet connection, so that was nice.