Tuesday, May 21, 2024

(2024-05-21) To-Do List

 Roman numerals, because why not.

I) Fix my name. Fix it so I actually have a name, lol. Right now I'm still nameless, officially, but apparently my family name is "Cheah Kian Aun Shaun" and that has been causing frustrations and delays for the past four years or so.

II) Finish plans and send out invites for the 2026 eclipse in Spain (or Iceland) on the 12th of August. Grammatically ambiguous sentence, I guess, but you know what I mean. Plenty of time for this, we can do it a year ahead of the date itself and should be fine. As long as Bailey (or any other person. Actually heck it, I'll do it alone if I must) shows up, we win. I hope Nine and Jelte and Jeroen and Rebecca and come along, too. And... Laiku? Lai-gu? Something 姑. Aunt Christina. And... Charm? Shahm? Her partner. Seems I am terrible with names, perhaps that's why fate took away mine.

III) Head to Facebook to grab those doggie photos and put them back on the post about saving the German Shepherds. That's still the redirect for shauncheah.com, so it's kinda important, or something.

IV) I've forgotten what the purpose of this list is. Is it all my To-Dos? Or just the big long-term ones? I oughta do groceries soon. So item four on this list is groceries, lol. Okay.

V) Finish this list.

VI) I'm kinda bored of writing this already, could end it now. Just remembered something, though: fix all the "jealous"ies in this blog to "envy"ies. It's something I've wanted to do for a long while, apparently.

VII) Black Graceful in OSRS. But I'd have to start doing quests for that, and I enjoy being Questless. Well, Members questless. This isn't a To-Do so much as a... It's a goal. I could achieve it if I want, or just let it lie. I'm not too fussed either way.

IIX) Or is it VIII? If I had to bet, I'd bet on VIII. Oh well, I've already wrote it and I don't feel like going back to fix it. Um. Oh, check what the Roman numeral for Eight is. Lol.

IX) How long do I want this list to be? Ninth item could be determine how long I want this to-do list to be. Twelve items, an even dozen. There, done. Nine is completed as soon as it's written, lol. Nice. Nice.

X) Get that face mole sliced off. I've nicked it shaving enough that the colour's basically all gone so it's essentially invisible, which is nice, but the bump in the skin still causes issues while shaving and I'd prefer if it wasn't there and I've already had other moles removed with great success. Wanna get all my moles sliced off, feels good and it's such a quick and simple procedure. They literally just inject a thing to remove the pain and then they slice it off and that's it, done. Amazing. 32 years I've lived with these (well, perhaps not. Perhaps some developed after birth) and they were so straightforward to fix.

XI) Finish memorizing Het Wilhelmus. I've got W, I, L, and M pretty good in my head by now, but that still leaves a whole L, E, V, A, N, N, A, S, S, O, and V to do. I enjoy it, though, so it's nice to know there's loads left to go. It's like when you start a videogame and check the level select menu and find you're still in the first act and there's still so much fun left to go. Nice.

XII) I was gonna put "end this list" but that's already the fifth item. Hrm. Go get fully waxed. I've done basically all except legs (and back, but I don't really have any hairs on my back anyway) a couple times, and on Thursday I'll be at Bela Wax for like an hour and a half to do everything, including legs. I know where the most painful place is, though, and I know I can survive it. I'll just anticipate until that point and after that I'll know each thing that comes after is less painful than the most painful thing and that'll get me through.

Neat. Nice to-do list. Also not something I'd be delighted to have as the most recent thing on my blog for a long long while, so posting this will also serve as motivation for me to blog a bit more often, maybe. We'll see.

As with the past few posts, I'll leave it untagged and future Shaun can add tags if he wants.