Friday, May 14, 2010

Surprise! (Not Really)

Yesterday was Davinia's surprise birthday party. I only found out about it the day before when Amanda sent me a text saying that I needed to confirm whether or not I could make it because Joanna and she needed to book seats and order the food. What she didn't mention was what it was all about. I sent Joanna text and she told me to call her back later. I did, and she told me that it was Davinia's surprise birthday party. Her actual birthday was a while back, but Amanda was in Australia and most of us were busy, so we were going to celebrate it again properly. I told her that I would definitely be there.

Amanda told me that I had to drop by her house to pick up some stuff before I went to pick up Joanna and her boyfriend, Solo. I was at Amanda's house by 5:45, but I was waiting around for a while before Amanda came out with the cake she had baked, a present, and a sash that said "Birthday Girl" for Davinia. She told me not to look at the cake because it was the ugliest cake in the world.

Once everything was loaded up I drove over to the apartment that Jo and Solo were staying at. On my way in I pissed off the guard by not paying attention and almost running over a cone. I held up the Kancil's broken antennae while I waited for Joanna and Solo to come downstairs so that I could listen to the radio.

When they got in the car I told Jo that I didn't know how to get to the restaurant, so she called up her dad and had him guide us there. We arrived at LaLa Chong without incident. We were the first people there, so we went into the room, ordered our drinks, and ate peanuts while waiting. We also took some pictures.

After a while, Carmeni and Nick arrived. Unfortunately, Davinia and Amanda arrived at the exact same time. Joanna called Nick and Carmeni and told them to rush in quickly while Amanda took Davinia to the bathroom for a while. Nicholas and Carmeni managed to get inside in time, and a little later Davinia stepped in and we all said "Surprise!"

Davinia did not look very surprised, but she was happy anyway. After Nick put the Birthday Girl sash on her, Davinia told us that she had suspected something like this was going to happen. She had seen a list of invitees in Joanna's house, and she had also seen Joanna hugging Solo through the window when she arrived.

We had a good dinner anyway. It was a seafood place, so there was soup with little clam-like things, some really excellent fish, crabs, and a bunch of other stuff. Dinner conversation was all over the place. We talked about Carmeni's birthday party and what I had done and what Amanda had done. Apparently I had danced, even though I didn't remember it. Also, Amanda was so obsessed with her ex that she had ripped a button off his shirt that night. I shared what Amanda had told me with everyone, and I also let Davinia (or Jo) read a text that I had typed up that night that I did not remember. It was about how drunk I was and how Amanda should get back with her ex. We also talked about clubs (Bangsar is crap, expensive places are better, clubs with mainly Chinese patrons generally tend to be better than clubs with mainly Indian patrons) and boys' nights out and stuff. It was good times. Milan arrived a bit later when we were all about to leave.

We decided not to cut the cake at the restaurant. When Amanda mentioned that, though, Davinia chimed in that she hadn't known there was a cake. So we actually still did have a surprise, but we didn't really spring it as good as we could've. Oh well. Davinia's present from Amanda was really cool. It was huge picture collage of all her friends. I was in it, but I had pretty lousy hair in the picture that she used. Oh well.

The room we were in also had a karaoke machine. It was a bit of a struggle to get it to work, but we managed to find a few good songs. When we were done eating we did a bit of singing. The last song we sang was YMCA, because that is a very fun song with a dance everyone knows.

After dinner our plan was to go over to Laundry at The Curve to continue the party. Nicholas had to drop Carmeni off at home, so I followed him out of where we were since I knew how to get to The Curve from Kepong. Solo and Joanna were with me. Unfortunately, we were on the wrong lane and missed the flyover to Kepong. I decided to drive on the road under the flyover since I assumed when it ended we would be in Kepong, but this was not the case. After a while we ended up at Batu Caves. We had our eyes peeled for signs, but none of them were to anywhere we wanted to be. Fortunately, Joanna spotted a sign for Petaling Jaya and Damansara. Unfortunately, I missed the exit and we ended up on the Duke highway. We were now very lost. We passed by Zoo Negara and missed another turn to Petaling Jaya and Damansara. I decided to head for KLCC since I could find my way anywhere from there. Once we hit KLCC I went on to Dataran Merdeka, then Bangsar, then finally the Curve. We literally did one big loop of the city before arriving where we wanted to be. I told Joanna I'd buy her a margarita for getting her so lost.

When we arrived one of the clubs was playing "Solo", which I thought was pretty funny considering my present company. We met up with the guys at Laundry and Davinia introduced us to her friend. I think his name was Raj, but it probably wasn't. Anyway, I was told not to order anything since we were going to head upstairs soon, and we did.

We went to this place called Sanctuary. It was pretty cool. It had an ice bar, which was like this big freezer kept at -15 degrees Celsius with a bar in it. One drink would get you ten minutes inside. We didn't go inside, but it was pretty cool to look at it.

Nick got a bottle of whisky for the table and I got a margarita for Jo. She said I should try a sip, so I did. It was bitter and sour and not my thing at all. It was also the only bit of alcohol I drank that night. After that I just drank the free-flow coke that came with the whisky. I drank a lot of that coke.

Joanna, Solo, and I had arrived at 12 o'clock and the club closed at 3. Until then we drank and danced. I didn't do much dancing at first. I did do some dancing in my chair to start with, but after a while some songs that I liked were played and I had to dance to them. Later on I started dancing to any song that I recognized. I got tired as the night went on, but fortunately there were these big cushioned chairs right near us so I sunk into those during the less interesting songs. The music was so loud that I could actually feel it. It shook the cushions until it was almost like being in a massage chair. That was cool.

At around 2 o'clock, Amanda and I went to get something from 7-Eleven to cut the cake with. Amanda took off her boots and walked there barefoot because her feet were killing her. When we got to the 7-Eleven we couldn't find any knives. Amanda considered buying a ruler and cutting the cake with that, but luckily we found some plastic forks so we got those instead.

Back in the club I was a bit worried that I had missed "Your Love in My Drug" since I really like that song and it would've sucked if it had played while I was gone, but it turned out that they never played that. So we sang happy birthday and Davinia cut the cake and fed it to everyone and we danced some more. Near the end of the night some real good songs came on, like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "It's My Life". We also heard "Uptown Girl" and "Girlfriend". Those were fun to dance to. Near closing time they played "I Gotta Feeling" for a really long while. It's a very good song for a club, though, so I can see why they did that. The last song they played was "Sweet Child o' Mine". By the time it was all over I had lost my voice and I was pooped out from all that dancing.

Milan carried Amanda down the stairs and drove her home. We all said our goodbyes and good nights to Davinia. Nick said he'd see me again at Red Box for karaoke. I drove Solo and Joanna home and we took a slightly longer route because we missed an exit, but we weren't really lost. We discussed murder houses and how Joanna was spooked of them.

When I got home I took a shower and went to bed. I think all that dancing was exercise enough, so I didn't do my sit-ups or anything.

All in all it was a pretty good time.

Another Week on Break

On Monday I went to college to see about appealing my Bahasa Kebangsaan. I was told that I have to go to the LAN headquarters in Wisma PKNS in PJ to do that. While I was receiving this information, Arun, Joanna, Zach and Li Ying found me. Joanna was there because of something with her Malaysian studies. I asked Arun about Friday and offered to buy him lunch for taking care of me when I was drunk, but he said there was no need. He told me that I scared Elo by saying I puked on her purse. Fortunately, I didn't. She had given me the purse to hold for a moment while she did something, and it was still with me when I passed out. It's a miracle that it survived the night clean. Arun also told me about Amanda and how she was clinging onto her ex and how she almost fell out of Davinia's car when they were leaving. It was relieving to know that I was not the only super-drunk person that night.

I bought some sausage rolls that the students were selling and sat down with Nick and Carmeni for further discussion. Carmeni and I did some planning for karaoke in the future. Later, Denise joined us with some insights about where to go. Mr Naj passed by at one point and I asked him how much I passed by, and he said that I had only barely achieved the passing mark. Zach also dropped by to ask me whether the sausage rolls were any good. I recommended the chicken to him. Also, at some point Nick explained to me that Carmeni and he were saying "I like you" to each other because they had gotten bored of "I love you". I thought that was pretty funny.

Eventually everyone left for lunch or classes, so I left, too. When I got home I made a Facebook event for the karaoke. After that I drove my and Yii Huei's dads to the airport so they could go to China. Yii Huei's dad is there for the expo in Shanghai, and I forgot why my dad's there. Anyway, it was a long-ish drive and I got a wee bit lost on they way back. I ended up passing SEGi college along my way. Eventually I got home, though, so it was all okay.

My dad's plane landed at 12:30am, so a few days after I dropped him off I was back outside the airport with Jan waiting for my dad to call. We played chess in the meanwhile. It was a tie both times.

When my dad finally did call we drove up front and parked for a bit so we could go inside for a while to get some dinner, but both McDonald's and Mary Brown were closed for pest control or something. We ended up eating at the McDonald's in Bangsar.

After we got home I watched the second last episode of Lost that Ian had just downloaded. I've been watching Lost for one third of my life, and it's finally going to end next week. I'm excited.

Hannah woke me up early the next morning because my dad was sponsoring our breakfast at McDonald's. My McMuffin was a little stale, but the meat and the hash browns were still excellent and the meal was free so it was all cool.

A few days ago, Hannah and I had gone to the MPH at Bangsar Village so we could read the rest of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Hannah made it to the second or third book and I was almost done with the last one when a guard came up to us and told us that they were closing. We'll be going to back to finish this weekend because Hannah wants me to take her to pick up some tickets so she's willing to go and read with me as a favour.

Actually I already did her a favour. A few nights ago she decided to make herself some coffee ice cream. She got all hyper afterwards and asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I managed to bargain her down to a walk around the building. We stopped at the playground and then went upstairs, so we only really went halfway. It was a pretty boring walk.

We've been eating at Baskin-Robbins a lot recently. This is because their ice cream is delicious and because they give an extra scoop every Wednesday to people wearing pink and half priced ice-creams every 31st of the month.

Today Jan, my mum, and I went to our new dentist for the second time. Our first appointment with him was the day of Carmeni's party. My dad was tired with the prices and quality of our old dentist, so my mum found a new guy. We were a little upset at the change at first, but when we heard that he was also an acupuncturist who combined acupuncture with dentistry in lieu of anaesthetics, we almost panicked. When we got to his surgery, though, we were a little more relaxed. There were couches and drinks and a wide-screen TV and we were also told that we could get anaesthetics if we really wanted, so that was good. We had very quick check-ups while my mum got some acupuncture for her shoulder and arm. It was a pretty good experience, actually. I spent most of my time waiting for my turn watching a show about pandas. It was very cute.

Anyway, today we were there to have our cavities filled. He found three holes in my teeth last time at the check-up, so he was going to clean them out and fill them in. Jan went first and left behind his iPod. I played some checkers while waiting. When my turn came, the dentist found another cavity, but he said he would fill that one for free. The cleaning and filling was very quick. It was a little bit painful, but the pain was only for a split second each time, so it was manageable. Now I have new fillings and my teeth don't ache any more. Yay!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Break's Over but I'm Still Doing Nothing

Anyway, aside from the party, here is what else happened recently:

Ian, Jan and I got confirmed, so now we can join the rest of the church during Holy Communion. Also, no more baptism lessons, so yay. Also also, after we were confirmed we got to eat a celebration dinner with our family at Chili's. I managed to finish my fish and chips this time, too.

I went to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Hannah the other day. It was pretty good. On thing that had Hannah and I confused was Chloë Grace Moretz. Her character isn't in the book, and in the movie she doesn't do anything important or say anything funny. It's almost as if they had her in the movie for her star power or whatever, but the movie has been in production for two years, so she can't have been known for her roles in Kick-Ass or (500) Days of Summer. It's just weird. Anyway, after the movie Hannah and I went to MPH and read a book about the making of the movie. After that I moved on to the second book in the series. Hannah and I had read the first one when Ian bought it as a present for Sarah. I only managed to get halfway through the second book before the store closed. Hannah wasn't even done with the one about the movie. I bugged her about being a faster reader for the rest of the night.

Also a while ago I drove my dad to pick up his Chinese visa. I also took him to Mid Valley after that to get him to a meeting. I drove around for forty-five minutes looking for a parking space. I was surprised by the amount of people who went to their cars just to drop off their bags. I did not know people did this. It seems cruel. Also, there was this lady who walked to her car, got in, drove forward a bit, then backwards a bit, then got out and left. That lady is a terrible person and one day she will suffer for her cruelty. Anyway, my dad's meeting finished before I could get a parking space, so that sucked. Just before we left he found out that he had another meeting in the same place right after that, though, so I got to drive off to Subway and have lunch anyway. After that I pulled over outside the mall and took a nap with the radio on. All the driving and waiting around was tiring, but it was worth it for that sandwich. Man, I love Subway. I love food in general, I think.

Hannah downloaded a semi-decent quality bootleg of Kick-Ass to watch. I'm still not really sure why she was so enthusiastic about that movie. After she was done she told me it was just okay. Huh.

I went to HELP to see about getting my certificate of completion, but they told me that since I was home schooled I had to do Bahasa Kebangsaan before I would be done with my Foundation in Science. Alessandra had the same problem, but she said we could appeal, so I'll be trying that. If appealing doesn't work, I'll either have to do it while I'm taking my degree and then have HELP give me an exemption, or I'll have to take the subject in HELP with a few extra courses so I'm not just wasting time. The next intake for the subject starts around next month, though, with registrations open at the end of this month, so I won't really be seeing my friends for long anyway if I choose that.

I finished the Evil Campaign in Battle for Middle Earth 2. Now I'm just trying to win an eight-player free-for-all skirmish. It is tough.

I think that's about it.

And That, Children, Is Why We Should Moderate Our Drinking

So yesterday night was a blast. It was Carmeni's birthday party and the first time a whole bunch of us from college would be seeing each other since finals. The location was this pub called Backyard. It was a pretty cool place.

I arrived at 7:45, which would be 15 minutes late except that this is Malaysia and it was a party so I was actually early. The only other people there were Carmeni, Nicholas, and Kaminie. They had already ordered their food, but I arrived in time for drinks. I had a bottle of Heineken to get started while I tried to work out whether I would have enough money to get through the night. I determined that I did not, so I excused myself for a few moments and went across the block to borrow some money from my dad, who was having dinner with my mum and a friend just nearby. It was very fortunate.

When I got back there was conversation and pictures and then the food arrived. I had some of their fries while I waited for my fish and chips. The food took a long while to get from ordering to the table, so I was glad that I ordered almost as soon as I arrived. When my food finally arrived I shared my fries and ate a lemon. The rind made for good pictures.

Meanwhile, most of the other people who were coming were still either lost or on their way. Arun was driving Elo and Chris over, but he must've had no idea where we were because he was lost for almost two hours. Finally Nick get sick of all the text messages he was getting from Chris which seemed to be begging Nick to get him out of there, so Nick left to go pick them up.

A little after Nick left, Amanda and Davinia arrived. They finished the last two fries on my plate, and then ordered their dinner. I decided to try the mushroom soup, so I asked them to order one of those for me, too. Once that was done we sat around and caught up. Everyone said that it seemed like ages since we'd last been together, but I thought that my break went by ridiculously fast and that the last time we were together had been just like yesterday. Amanda and I talked about the weddings that we had been to in the last month. Hers had fireworks, but mine had an earthquake. She also got chased by a goat, but that was unrelated to the wedding. Anyway, pictures were taken, fun was had, Creep was played from the sound system. I spent the rest of the night anticipating Push, but it never came. Oh well.

Nick got back with Elo, Arun and Chris. More catching up was had, more pictures were taken, it was good times. The food arrived, too, so that was also good. I shared my garlic bread with Amanda and my soup with everyone, because it was exceedingly delicious.

Now that almost everyone was here (We were still waiting for Zach and his friends), we could order the whiskey. Almost all of us pitched in and we got, like, a litre of what I suppose was top-notch whiskey. We also got some soda, water, and free-flowing coke. My first two drinks were mixed with the coke, but after that I got bored and just drank it raw. That was some really smooth whiskey.

The band arrived and took ages to set up. Amanda recognized one of the members as her cousin's ex-boyfriend. I asked if the break-up had been amicable, and she told us how her cousin had gone through his messages and found out he was cheating on her. Apparently she had taken a knife from the kitchen and was ready to stab him when she didn't, for whatever reason. A little after that Nick brought him over and he tried to figure out where he knew Amanda from. He guessed who her dad was and commented on how much she'd grown, so I suppose it could have gone a lot worse.

The whole time there was a lot of good music being played, though not by the band because their set-up time rivalled that of some of the concerts I'd been to. Aside from Creep, the DJ played I Saw Her Standing There, Mustang Sally, Born in the USA, and a bunch of other songs I thought I would remember but I did not. Anyway it made me happy to hear the Beatles. Amanda was dancing in her seat, and I joined in. Dancing while sitting is very simple, you just move your shoulders and make repetitive gestures with your arms. It also doesn't feel as embarrassing as real dancing.

A cake arrived at the table, and it looked delicious. The band finally set up, Nicholas went on stage to sing Happy Birthday to Carmeni, and then we had cake, and it was good. The band started playing a bunch of classics. Some people in front of the bar tried dancing along. One was this heavyset dude who I could sympathize with, since he obviously did not know how to dance and he looked a bit self-conscious, but he was clearly enjoying himself. There were also a couple of women: a bespectacled Chinese lady who thought she was younger than she was, and a British lady who had probably come to watch the election or something with a bunch of other Brits. She got progressively more attractive as the night wore on.

Eventually Zach arrived with his friends. Amanda pulled brought a guy to the table and introduced him to everyone. I thought that he was with Zach, but he just happened to be at the pub at the same time as the rest of us. She told me that he was her ex boyfriend and that she was still totally in love with him or something. That is the point where I realized she probably was drunk. I had started suspecting it when she leaned over and asked if I knew how to dance. I had learned my lesson a long time ago, though, so I just said I had no idea and left her on her own as she got off the chair and danced.

Soon the bottle of whiskey was almost empty. On my last pour I checked to make sure there was still some left, because I thought it would suck to be the guy to finish it. I decided to stop drinking at that point, so I tried to move over to the other side of the table because it had chairs against the wall and allowed an easier viewing of the stage. I stood up, but everything was super wobbly so I sat back down. The last thing I remember with any amount of clarity was leaning over to Elo and telling her that Amanda was very attractive and she deserved her ex before Elo leaned over and told me that Amanda was probably more drunk than any of us.

Anyway, the next thing I remember I sitting in a toilet stall with my pants around my ankles while I puked all over them. At some point I made a call to my brother, Ian, requesting he bring pants and in exchange I would give him a whole bunch of money. I think my exact words were "Minimum fifty, maximum three hundred". Then I woke up again, surveyed the damage, and attempted to transcend spacetime. When that didn't work I just settled for passing out again.

I only woke up again when people started banging on the door. I think Nick might have been one of them. I put on my pants, opened the door, and woke up outside the pub in the grass. Davinia was saying she wasn't going to drive me home any more. I think I mumbled that I totally understood and if I was in her position I would not want to take me home either. I think Arun said he would drive me back, so I mumbled about getting plastic bags. I think I didn't talk about anything else for the rest of my time on the grass. It was just "Do you have any plastic bags" "Can't you get some plastic bags" "I think there's like a 7-Eleven somewhere, they probably have plastic bags there". Actually, I stopped for a moment when one of the guys decided to exploit my current state and ask me who I liked. Thankfully my answer was not anyone at the party. Also, I'm pretty sure I promised Arun "Minimum fifty, maximum one hundred" because he volunteered to drive me home.

I think I was being walked to Arun's car when Ian arrived. He said something to the guys about how dumb I was for trying to be a hero and drinking more than I can handle, and then he got me in the car and drove us home. Our friend, Sarah, was also in the car because Ian was driving her home. Once she was dropped off, Ian told me that Arun told him I didn't have to pay, which was nice. Ian still wanted his three hundred, though. He showed me the pants that he had brought. I asked him why they were shorts and he told me that it would be very difficult to get me into long pants. After he made his point, I said that was very wise. I then told him that since he hadn't actually changed my pants that I would not be giving him the full three hundred. He said that was not fair. I told him to pull over because I was about to throw up.

Ian couldn't pull over because he was on the highway, a fact which he shared with me. He passed me a plastic bag, but I was in no condition to operate it and so I just puked on it instead of in it. After a while he found a place he could pull over. I got out and collapsed on the grass. I think I may have thrown up a bit more, but I can't remember. I do remember feeling better about myself because I recognized where we were (nearby Victoria Station and Jake's Charbroiled Steaks). When we got back in the car I attempted to calculate if I had enough money to cover all the money I had promised to everyone. Ian told me that I should not be doing math. I told him that no, it was cool, I had a limit of seven hundred and I was pretty sure I was under the limit.

I thought that I was well enough to sit up, so I tried. Ian said that was a bad idea, and indeed it was, so I collapsed back onto the back seat. The rest of the ride home was spent trying to find a good song to play. I asked Ian if there was any Ke$ha on the radio, but he said there wasn't, so I asked for Adam Young since I remembered he had an Owl City CD in his car. He told me he didn't have any Owl City any more, which confused me. He switched to his CD player anyway. I said "That's Mercedes" and Ian told me that no, we were not in a Mercedes, we were in his car. I told him I meant Mercedes from Glee, and he said that oh yeah, it was. Apparently he had swapped his Owl City CD for the Glee Soundtrack. We arrived home during Kurt's rendition of "Defying Gravity".

I told Ian to take me upstairs and leave me in the shower, and I would try and take care of the rest. He did, but not before typing "i owe Ian RM300" on my phone. It was a nice try.

I woke up sometime later and managed to clean myself up. The hardest part was getting up off the floor. The shower head looked really, really far away from where I was lying. I pulled it off anyway, but once I was done I didn't have enough strength to drive off, so I just put on a bathrobe and threw a towel on my head and collapsed on the couch.

At six o'clock in the morning I changed into my pyjamas and got into my bed with my cat. My cat was very cautious of me and approached me with apprehension. He sniffed me for a bit and decided to sleep somewhere else. I guess he does not trust drunks.

Anyway I slept for another six hours and woke up at noon. I sent my apologies to Carmeni and my thanks to Arun via Elo, then I cleaned out my wallet and threw it in the wash. Now I am here typing this out. I'm going to say that the first three hours of the night were definitely great, and everything after that was worth it to learn a lesson and get a story to tell.

I'm sticking to beer from now on.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Passed Physics

So yeah, I got a pass for Physics II. I am very glad. I also got a Credit in Psychology, and a Distinction in Finite Mathematics. I could've done better in both, but it was mostly my fault for screwing up Psychology, whereas I would've done better in Finite Mathematics if I had a more helpful lecturer.

But yeah, I'm done with my Foundation in Science. Now I've got to research jobs and universities and stuff to see what I should do in the future. Eh, should be fun.

Anyway, I did a lot of stuff recently. Hannah and I went to a wedding with our mum. I was helping out with traffic, so I got to wear a cool reflective vest. I also had to tell people where to park, but most of the time the others guys took care of that, so I got to sit around. It was pretty nice. I was the first person the bride greeted at the wedding because I was standing nearby when her car pulled in, so that was cool, too. During the wedding, right after the vows were exchanged, there was a tremor of some sort. It probably had something to do with the construction site next door, but it was still pretty cool. After the wedding there were loads of cupcakes instead of one big wedding cake. I ate a whole bunch of them, they were really good. After church on Sunday I was given an ang pao for helping out, which was pretty sweet.

Also, I went with my dad to Ipoh. I had to drive him there, and then I had to drive him back. I thought I would only be driving one way, but that was not the case. We had some John Denver CDs, though, so the ride wasn't that bad. I didn't do much in Ipoh. There's a wireless connection in my grandparents' house, so I just spent most of my time online with my dad's laptop. I also went out for dinner with my dad and my grandparents and my aunt and uncle who were also staying over. There was also some money, so that was nice.

I went with Jan and Hannah to watch Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D. It was pretty great. The movie started at 10:45 and only ended at, like, 2am or something, so that was also an experience. A few nights later I took Hannah to Mid Valley to go shopping for Audrey's birthday. I found out Ian and Jan were watching Iron Man 2, so I got tickets for me and Hannah and we watched it with them. It was pretty awesome. I have to remember to give Hannah the first Iron Man, and also Back to the Future 3 because she hasn't watched that, either.

We've been eating at Chili's lately. It's made me realize that I don't dislike cheese as an ingredient in sauces, but I still find it pretty gross on its own. For example, the beef queso is quite cheesy, but it goes so excellently with tostada chips that I don't mind the cheese at all. It is delicious. I think I like the chips and queso more than the main dishes. I also tried the fish and chips, and it is my new favourite dish.

I'm midway through the evil campaign in Battle for Middle Earth 2. I've already won the good campaign and I've also won a game of War of the Ring. It upsets me slightly that there can only be two teams in War of the Ring. I much prefer free-for-alls. Oh well. I'm also playing RuneScape a fair bit. It's surprising how many of my old friends are still playing after all these years.

That's about it. I'm enjoying this break so far. Eventually it's going to end, though. I'm going to miss not shaving, although I can't say that I'll miss the "beard" and "moustache" that have resulted from that.