Friday, October 29, 2010

KLCC Park with Corinna, and Other Things

It's 4:32am. Wow.

Okay, wow. I'm tired. Um, this will be "short". It may even be short.

Milan, I'm still blogging.

World, I love you.

Hannah, it's good to know that you're still reading this. You can tell me how lame it still is later.

Let's do this with numbers because limits make things easier:

1) I saw a rat at Restaurant Emas. Corinna was the first person to spot it, but my mum and I couldn't see it so we told her that it was probably a squirrel since we've never seen a rat before. Mostly we just get cockroaches. Corinna hates cockroaches. They've been crawling in her shoes and such ever since she got here.

Anyway the rat came out again and it was indeed a rat. My mum called Mr Wong and he said that he was trapping and killing rats tonight. I asked my mum if she would let me keep a stray rat as a pet if I cleaned it up and immunized it first. She said wouldn't. She wouldn't let me have a snake, either. My mum can be a real buzzkill sometimes.

Corinna asked why I would want a rat. They are cute and intelligent and I could train one to sit on my shoulder when I'm at the computer. That would be great.

2) I'm always so lonely when I'm not with people. I want a girlfriend so badly (or is it bad? Which one means that the mechanism which allows me to want is broken? Whichever it is, I meant to type the other one. Or maybe I didn't. I don't know. I don't really care. I do really care. Gah). I just want a friend badly, actually.

3) I'm sitting in my room wearing an oversized jacket and a blanket over my legs. Why don't I just raise the temperature on the air-conditioner instead?

4) I went to KLCC park with Corinna. It was nice.

After dinner we talked for a bit, but then Mr Wong took our empty plates away and our drinks ran out and we had no reason left to be there, so I asked Corinna if she wanted to go to KLCC and take pictures and stuff. She said yes.

We went upstairs so that she could get her stuff and I could put on some jeans and shoes. I also got my laser pen and she kept that in her purse. I also got Ian's car keys. I asked him if he wanted to come but he didn't. I think it was because he had work today but it might also be because he was lazy.

I parked Ian's car in this parking lot near the Bangsar LRT station. Corinna thought it looked like a scary place. I would have agreed with her, but I knew that it wasn't.

I paid the dude in charge of the place three ringgits and he gave us a receipt or a ticket or something. I had exactly three ringgit in my wallet, but I paid him with my RM10 emergency note because I thought that the price was five ringgit. That's not anything you needed or wanted to know, but it's something I wanted to write down. Don't worry, I put another RM10 ringgit note in later.

We took the LRT to KLCC.

At KLCC, I bought a large passionfruit drink from Aunt Anne's (Or is it Annie's?) pretzels. Corinna bought a small. We talked about pretzels while waiting in line for our turn. They don't have Aunt(ie/y) Ann(e's/ei's) in Germany.

We went to the park and walked around. Corinna liked the soft paths they have there. It reminded me about that story I once heard of that one king (or emperor; I can't remember if it was a Western parable or an Oriental one) who wanted the roads paved with leather so it wouldn't hurt his feet when he had to travel. One of his servants suggested that he just get nicer shoes instead, so he did. I can't remember what the moral was, probably something like "Don't do awesome things that will benefit everyone when you can just do something that'll benefit only yourself." Anyway I told Corinna how they had rubber paths for the blind in Brickfields so they could tell by feeling where they were. She thought that was a neat idea.

We talked about our dads. We talked about our countries. We talked about the pollution. We talked about each other (a little). We talked about the path. I had a good time. She didn't hate it.

We went to the playground. I tried to swing but some uniformed bitch lady just trying to earn a living whistled at me to get off.

I found another swing further inside. I swung on it and Corinna sat around and took pictures, like this one:

After swinging, I went to the monkey bars and hung upside down on those for a while. Corinna took another picture of me.

I took a picture of her as well. Scroll back up and see if you can figure out which one it was.

I would have taken a picture of myself, but Corinna told me a guard was coming. It was actually just a concerned parent, but by the time I had found that out I was already off the monkey bars. A real guard showed up shortly afterwards to say that they were closing the park since it was ten o'clock.

Corinna and I went to the wading pool and took some pictures. It was loud in there, so we did not hear the whistling. The whistling was coming from a guard who wanted us to leave. Apparently their job is to make sure no fun occurs on park grounds.

There was a mosque in the park. We would've gone in but we weren't sure where we could put our shoes. We talked about religion and how each religion has its own crazy people and people who don't care too much and people in between. Corinna and I are in the second category. We changed the subject after three guards in motorcycles came by.

Since the park was closed, we walked back to the train station. Along the way I told Corinna about the time Jan had seen a homeless dude with a huge hole in his pants that everything was hanging out of. Corinna said Jan was probably staring. I hope Corinna thinks that Jan is gay. That would be amusing.

We took the LRT back. There was a Canadian couple next to us. The were visiting a friend in Bangkok and had stopped by Malaysia because it was close to Thailand and not as full of prostitutes of indeterminate gender. They had come to KL after spending some time relaxing and feeding eagles and rays in Langkawi. I told them about the time I had taken a picture with a large stingray while scuba diving in Redang. I also told them to visit the KL tower because of the view and because of the two-headed turtle. I showed them a picture of the two-headed turtle. Corinna told them about her time in Vancouver. They were nice. They had been to Cameron Highlands. I told them that that was where we were probably going the next day.

When I got to Bangsar station I took out the laser pointer and dicked around with it a bit. It was an awesome purchase.

We took the car back. There was nobody in the parking lot.

Back at home I told my dad that I wanted to go to Cameron Highlands. He said I might as well pick Jan and Hannah up from Ipoh. I said okay. He asked me whose car I was going to use, because he was using his. I told him I was going to use Ian's, but I'd need money for petrol. He said to forget about it. I suggested maybe doing it next Friday. He said that might be a better idea.

Corinna wanted to know what time we were going to Batu Caves. I said that I was waking up at ten-thirty, so one. She laughed.

I like Corinna. I'll miss her when she's gone.

5) Here are some things before I end this post:
a) Work is still work. The weeks pass faster than I thought they would. It's already payday.
b) I wish I was older. Then I could've had a slightly better chance with Effie, Elo, Amanda (Ha! Better by, like, 0.01100100%), Juria, and I might even have started flirting with Corinna by now.
c) I spent an impressively nerdy amount of time getting that superscript just right, and I still probably fucked it up.
d) What did I do on Thursday? Nothing, unless sleeping at 4am and waking up at 5pm counts as something. Oh, I guess I played counterstrike against a bunch of bots with knives and shields. That was fun.
e) Oh yeah! Amanda called me on Tuesday and I met her and Milan at Devi's and we talked and then we went to eat ice cream. We talked about her boyfriend in Texas for a while and then I spent the next hour or so insulting her religion. I was a shitfaced dickhead (her words), but her religion sucks so I still feel justified. Sanctity of life is bullshit and arguing against contraception on the basis of that is even bullier shit. Or shittier bull. Whatever.
f) The perfect amount of people for a conversation is four. Two to do all the talking, and two to exchange knowing glances at what perfect arses the first two are making of themselves.
g) I got infatuated with a girl over the internet again. Fuck; I'm pathetic.
h) Okay I have to end this post soon. I want to Google pathos.
i) Oh my goodness it's six forty-eight in the morning.
j) Bugs are flying into the light of my screen. I'm going to eat one.
k) That tasted like hair, dust, and ick. I feel like a wimpy Bear Grylls.
l) I can still feel it in my throat. I think it's stuck. I'm going to go get a drink.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ten Things that Happened Since My Last Post

1) The weekend shift:
Watched some movies, went on Tumblr, answered a few phone calls, earned a couple hundred bucks. It was pretty great.

2) The next three weekdays:
Wake up too early, eat a lot, work a lot, sleep a lot. I was in bed at six o'clock on most days, I think. It was pretty exhausting. I had no time to Tumblr or blog or anything. Ian had started his training, so he sat with me and listened to some calls.

3) Dinner at Outback:
My bosses cancelled at the last minute, but that just meant that I had more money to spend on other stuff. Also, I had already eaten at the Outback Steakhouse with my brothers and my dad and Corinna on Wednesday. It was really tasty, and thankfully she is attractive. I was worried because before she came I had been picturing her as a pretty person and then I realized that she might not be one and then I'd be disappointed, so I tried to lower my expectations but I couldn't picture an ugly German twenty-year-old, so I kept picturing her as pretty and I'm glad that I wasn't disappointed.

4) Chilean miner rescue:
Chi Chi Chi!
Le Le Le!
Los mineros de Chile!

5) Thursday out with Hannah and Corinna and Jan:
We went to the KL tower first. We parked for free (in the city!) at this place near this two-way road that looked like a one-way road. We then walked up a hill (Bukit Nanas) and saw a dude with a monkey. Jan failed to photograph the monkey in time. I took some photographs of the day. They're down near the bottom of this album. Hannah took some pictures, too, but her privacy settings aren't right for strangers to see them.

The KL tower itself was pretty great.

We decided that we'd go up to the observation deck. Hannah got me to pay for her ticket.

We stayed there for quite a while. They had these headset-video combination guides that would tell you a little bit about what you could see from each window. That was pretty cool. After I was done with the guides I went out to look at stuff through the binoculars. I found our house.

Jan didn't believe that I could see our balcony from there, so I called my dad and told him to walk onto the balcony, then I passed the phone to Jan and I went to look through the binoculars. The exact moment our dad walked on the balcony, I told Jan. Then he believed me. My dad started waving and I could see that. I let Jan and Corinna have a look, too. My dad waved Jan's green underwear to make himself more visible.

After that we mostly looked used the binoculars to find rooftop pools. The first one we found had two women with bikinis on it. That was the best one.

After we were done playing with the binoculars on the roof and looking around a lot, we left the observation deck. I hung around outside the elevator staring at the roof, which was awesome.

From now on in this post I think I'll leave all but the best pictures out. Just head to my album if you wanna see the cool stuff. I might add them in later but I'll probably be too tired.

Anyway, we went down to the zoo at the bottom of the tower. There's a zoo there, and admittance is free if you've bought a ticket to the observation deck. I knew it was going to be awesome when a bunch of guys carrying this giant python came past us at the entrance. Also at the entrance were a bunch of prairie dogs and a naked mole rat (Tikus Belanda in Malay, which is more amusing than offensive) and also a parrot that actually talked. It said "Rawk! Hello!". It was fantastic.

Inside the zoo itself were loads of reptiles and spiders and monkeys and tortoises and turtles and stuff. It was awesome. Oh, there was a two-headed turtle. I am not making that up. Also, there were chickens. I'm not sure if they were actual display animals or food for the snakes or whatever, but they were there.

I took some pictures with a snake. I had to take a tiny one because the big ones were RM30 for a photoshoot, whereas the tiny ball python was just RM5. The dude forced it onto Hannah after my time was up, so I had to pony up another five bucks for that. It was worth it for the look on her face, though. My phone ran out of memory after the first picture of me with the snake, so I didn't get to take a picture of Hannah and the snake. Jan did, though.

After the zoo we went back to the car. Along the way I deleted Bad to the Bone and a few remaining songs from the Inception soundtrack to make way for more pictures. We walked past this F1 thing that we could've done for free, but didn't. We also passed a sad monkey.

We took the car to KLCC and parked. Then we went to McDonald's and exploited the free refills which Corinna told us they don't have in Germany. Hannah went to the toilet for a while. We went to the front of the KL towers to take pictures. Mine turned out really nice.

We went to the back of them to play in the park. Hannah wanted to play, but Jan was being a killjoy and he changed her mind. I lost some of my will to play when I got a muscle cramp trying to hang upside down on the monkey bars. Corinna said that the age limit for playgrounds was 13 in Germany, and she hadn't been on one since kindergarten. I was unable to convince her to try again. Playground are great.

Jan started moaning about how lame playgrounds were or something, so we left. Hannah and I spotted some swings so we tried to swing on those, but the security guards nearby were being anal and they started blowing their whistles so we left.

We sat around and watched the fountains, then we took some pictures of the towers at dusk, then we went back into the mall. We were supposed to go back to the front and take some pictures of the front of the tower at night, but I guess we forgot or something because we went to the PetroScience gift shop instead. It's so cool. There is so much cool stuff there. If you want me to be happy with your birthday presents for me, buy them from that gift shop. They have glow-in-the-dark stuff and dinosaur stuff and science stuff and it's all awesome.

After that Jan didn't want to hang out any more and my dad wanted us to go home unless everyone wanted to keep going so we had to go back.

6) Petaling Street:
Traffic was bad, parking was tough. We found two parking places that were both closed at ten, and it was nine-something, so we had to go somewhere else. Fortunately, the parking outside Central Market is open 24 hours, so we parked there.

We is Hannah, Corinna, and me, by the way.

Anyway, I bought a green laser thing (haggled down from RM130 to RM70), a low-quality rubix cube (to RM3 from RM5), a bottle of hand sanitizer from KK Mart, some candy from the same place, a drink also from KK Mart, a bag of mangosteens, and a pair of knockoff Oakley wraparound sunglasses, the same kind as the Chilean miners were wearing when they got out (Bargained down from RM45 to RM18. I got congratulated by one of the dudes in the next stall for managing that). Hannah bought the same drink as me from KK Mart. Corinna's also only purchased stuff from the KK Mart; she got a bunch of postcards.

It was a pretty great store. They had a wanted poster out front for one of their ex-employees. It was for RM2k. I remarked that he must've run off with either the till or the owner's daughter to warrant such a reward. Also, there was this restaurant outside that had, on a stick, the biggest prawn I had ever seen. It was practically a lobster at that size, and it cost lobster-price, too. They also had squids on a stick. I think the only reason they get customers is because of tourists' girlfriends going "I wouldn't ever dare eat that! Would you?" to their boyfriends and the next thing you know they're sitting in front of a plateful of crustaceans and cephalopods on sticks and wondering why they even decided to travel to this bloody country in the first place.

After buying stuff we got in the car and went home. Corinna told us about Germany. We told her about Malaysia. It was fun.

7) We mentioned the war:
We mentioned it more than once, and I think we got away with it.

8) KK Mart sells KK Mart brand whiskey:
This isn't a thing that happened since my last post. This has probably been going on since long before then. Still, it's a pretty cool thing.

9) I didn't get to give Amanda and Milan their ice-cream:
They both claimed to be sick. I wasn't aware that "not wanting to hang out with Shaun" was a disease. Hannah told me that it was, though. She gets it all the time. You'd think she'd be immune by now, but I think it's one of those things that gets even stronger each time you catch it.

10) I got a wee bit addicted to Tumblr:
I can't help it. My followers are just too wonderful. I'm asking them loads of questions. I ask so many questions to so many people that I can't even read all of the answers any more. The ones that I do read are great, though, so I'm gonna assume the rest are great, too.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Tired and I Want to Get This Out of The Way Before Bed

Ian quit his job and came to interview for mine on Wednesday. I went out on my lunch break to interrupt his interview.

Wednesday was also the day I got my pay. There had been a lot of delays leading up to that point.
I was quite happy that it had arrived. It would still take a while to clear, though. I went to deposit it but then I realized that I needed my account number on the back. It was a bit of a hassle to get that since I had changed my password for my Maybank2u and all that, but I got it eventually.

Money is great. I've already budgeted it.

RM50 is for gambling (poker only, so I can only lose as much as I've put in), RM500 is being saved, RM160 is being tithed, RM350 goes on celebrating it (I was going to buy Outback for my bosses tonight, but they took too long to get the cheque ready for me so it didn't clear in time for that. I'll be buying McDonald's for the whole department on Monday instead), RM300 goes on food for the month, and there are other expenses that I've budgeted for like movies and stuff that I can't remember at the moment.

Hannah made cookies today. They are really tasty.

While she made the cookies, I made some oobleck to play with. Oobleck is the funnest fluid.

Thursday and today are my off days. I woke up really late on Thursday, and I slept really early (in the morning. It was five A.M.). Today I woke up at ten because Susanna was playing her music too loud. At least she wasn't playing Barney songs this time. I hate that purple reptilian idiot and all his stupid friends.

I've downloaded a lot of Elvis to listen to recently. Elvis is great.

I've been on Tumblr too much recently. I love the "ask" feature. I get to know more about all these strangers (and some of my friends). Most of the time it's just silly this-or-that, but sometimes I'll ask something open-ended and I'll get a thoughtful and interesting reply. Also sometimes they ask me questions back. I enjoy answering those.

Hannah will have to give up her room next week because we have a daughter of one of my dad's friends' coming over to stay for a while. She's twenty years old (which sounded like a lot the first time I heard it but then I realized that that's only two years older than me and one year younger than Amanda and exactly the same age as Ian, which makes her seem less distant somehow) and she's from Germany. I'll end up referencing the war or the football rivalry and things will get awkward, I just know it. If I miraculously manage not to be a bumbling idiot, it should be pretty cool. The last time we had a guest from Europe was four years ago when our cousin and his friend came over during the 2006 World Cup. They went down to Singapore for the finale. They were cool. The guest room was frigid when they were staying over, though. They put the air conditioning on the lowest temperature and you could feel the cold as you walked past the door. Malaysian weather is not kind to those used to the more temperate northern climates.

I'm still waiting for my cheque to clear but my dad transferred RM700 to my bank account so I have money again and I don't have to starve at work. When the cheque clears I'm sending RM765 over to him (RM15 interest and RM50 from a previous loan).

I won RM7.50 from making silly bets with Jan this afternoon. It was too easy, so I let him win it all back. Hannah only made two bets and she managed to break even.

I thought I would spend more time playing RuneScape after getting a job, but that didn't happen.

Amanda went to Indonesia and came back and I didn't even notice because nobody told me. Joanna went to Greece and I only found out a few hours before she left. She didn't know what the isle of Lesbos was. I'm disappointed in her. I'm also jealous of her, she's going to be cruising around the Mediterranean for almost twelve days.

I've only got four days left before I have to buy Milan and Amanda some ice cream. Dang. Oh well, at least the first time after that is going to feel awesome.

Joanna's videos of me did not get enough hits for me to have to buy her McDonald's. I still owe her RM10 for uploading them on time, though.

My tooth hurts. I think it's because I've been clenching my jaw too tight.

I'm not sure if I'm desperate enough to date a fifteen-year-old. I hope I'm not. A man's got to have principles. Sixteen is the limit. Seventeen after my next birthday.

If Hannah starts dating a sixteen-year-old now I would feel that there was ass to be kicked. A fifteen-year-old would probably be risking the same fate unless he/she was awesome.

My parents watched An Idiot Abroad with me. It's great.

I love my one month of free premium at Conquer Club. I think I'll use some of my final pay cheque to buy a whole year. If I'm doing that then I'm also going to buy some Dinosaur Comic T-shirts. I want the Time Traveller's Essentials and the "Feelings are boring, kissing is awesome" one. I'll also donate a couple dozen dollars to JoCo as thanks for all the songs he let me steal.

I have more to say, but I think I'll end this so that I can go to bed sooner.

Oh yeah, my boss needed extra people to come in to work today but it's my day off so I told him that I was "kinda busy" today. I only went to Subway and I spent the rest of the day on the internet. Was I lying? I hope I wasn't lying.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Lazy Sunday on the Job

I watched the 1950s version of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers at work today (Sunday). It was great. I think the Pod People had a good thing going, though. I wouldn't really have minded becoming one of them. The movie reminded me of On The Third Day in some ways, too, so that made it all the more awesome. I still wouldn't want to catch the Sadness, though.

I got a call from someone who claimed he couldn't understand my accent. It was the first time I got that complaint. Usually they just say I'm going too fast. He asked me where I was located and when I told him that I was in Malaysia he got upset and started swearing. I was excited because if he said three swear words I could hang up on him and being allowed to hang up on a customer is such a great feeling. After his fourth swear I started to tell him that I was allowed to hang up on him for being too profane, but he hung up on me first. Oh well.

After that we didn't really get any more calls, so the rest of the team talked about our more "fun" callers and what they were like. Google and Facebook helped us learn what some of our callers looked like. I think it's against our contract to add them to our friends, though.

One of the T2 guys, Ismael, took me up to see the Microsoft floor, which was abandoned when the department was moved overseas. It was pretty awesome. There were two Xbox rooms with Halo wallpaper. I took some office supplies that were left behind. Now I have a new ruler.

While waiting for the Perth phone lines to close, I took a nap under my desk. I was supposed to wake up after an hour, but I only woke up when my dad called to say he had arrived fifteen minutes ago and had been waiting outside for me to arrive.

When I got home I went straight to bed while listening to music from my phone. It was a good sleep. My dad woke me up at one point to ask if I wanted dinner, but I told him no. To make sure I wasn't sleep-talking, he asked me what the square root of nine was. I answered correctly and went back to sleep.

Ian, Joel, and Jan woke me up around six hours later with the sounds of gambling and football. I went out to the living room and Hannah was reading my Tumblr. She didn't follow me, though. She said I was annoying her and started playing videos of me talking to make her leave.

It shouldn't be 3:30am now. I would be waking up to get ready for work at around this time. This is ridiculous. I wish Ian and Jan and Joel could have just gambled outside or watched football somewhere else or something. Gah. I'm going to be so tired at work later.

I downloaded a lot of Elvis songs and Mr Bean episodes recently. They're great.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let's Go Do Something We'll Regret

Yesterday was, um... Hang on.

Okay yesterday was Saturday. But it's only been Sunday for a little over half an hour.

Friday. Let's talk about Friday.

I woke up in the afternoon and after getting ready for the day, I took my motorcycle down to Devi's to meet Joanna and Amanda. Joanna and Amanda were on the phone when I arrived. I said "Hi" and Amanda asked "Is that your father?" and I said "What?" and then not much else happened.

I talked to Joanna while waiting for Amanda to get off the phone. While that happened, two attractive white girls walked in and talked about whether they were going to stay in Devi's and sit at the table in front of us or leave, never to be seen again. They decided to stay, so that was nice.

Also, it was my dad at the other table. He was at Devi's having lunch with my mum and I had no idea at the time that he was going to be there. Devi's is like some kind of event horizon for coincidental meetings. Every time we're there we have to see at least one person we already know. The food's still pretty lame, though.

This is a picture of my father. I'm not sure why I took it.

Anyway, when Amanda finished her conversation with her mother over the phone, I told Jo and her how I hot I thought the girls in front of us were ("very") and how badly I wanted to talk to them ("very"). I told them about how I had missed opportunities to talk to pretty girls at Pizza Hut on Ian's birthday and at the bowling alley at KLGCC and such, and how I really wanted to talk make sure this didn't end up being another thing I regretted not doing anything about.

Amanda and Joanna told me that I needed to get the perfect pick-up line or something before I approached them, which I thought was ridiculous. I told them I just needed some kind of motivation and then I'd do it. They told me that I couldn't just go up and talk to someone. I told them I could, and I got up and talked to this elderly stranger who was sitting alone at the other side of the restaurant to prove it.

When I got back Joanna and Amanda still thought I needed a pick-up line, but I told them I wasn't looking to pick anyone up. I just wanted to go talk to the girls so that I would not regret not talking to them. I asked Joanna and Amanda to give me some kind of motivation, but they couldn't come up with anything.

The girls at the other table were done with their meal and they were ready to go, so I knew I had to do something soon. Fortunately, Amanda told me that she would let me talk for 10 hours uninterrupted if I went to talk to the girls. That was all the motivation I needed. Before I got up to talk to the girls, I told Amanda that I would only talk for 30 minutes because 10 hours is a bit unrealistic.

I got up and walked over to the table in front. Joanna ran over to my old spot to get a better view. I stood for a few seconds to think of something to say before I finally leaned over and won 30 minutes of uninterrupted rambling.

"Excuse me; my friends over there were wondering how good they looked, and I was wondering if you could help."

Joanna and Amanda were not expecting that at all. When the girls asked which friends, I pointed out Joanna and Amanda for them, and Amanda and Joanna started frantically pointing at each other. When the girls asked which one, I said both. I asked for an objective rating on a scale of one to ten. They were reluctant to answer at first, but I told that my friends would probably never see them again so they wouldn't have to worry about hurting anyone's feelings. They finally settled on a rating of somewhere between seven and eight for both Amanda and Joanna. I thanked them and returned to my table.

I told Jo and Amanda what they had said and they accused the girls of being liars. Whatever, I think seven is a fair judgement for how they were looking that day.

I was very happy that I had talked to the girls since now I wouldn't have any regrets about it. Joanna said it didn't count because I didn't get their names and numbers, but that was never my objective in the first place. It's not like I'd have a chance with them anyway.

After that I rambled on for the 30 minutes that I had won and I enjoyed it. I said a lot of stupid shit, but I think I also said one or two really clever things as well. Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. Joanna filmed it on her phone, but she hasn't uploaded it yet and I don't think she ever will [edit: she did, the links are in the next post, there are almost an equal amounts of dislikes as likes but somehow being hated by the YouTube community is one of the many, many things that affects my self-esteem]. Amanda and Joanna seemed quite bent on figuring out whether I was gay or not. Women arouse me far more then men do, so I'm gonna go ahead and say that I'm not.

When that was over I drove Joanna and Amanda to Sunway in Amanda's car. We talked about stuff and listened to music and played word association because Joanna and Amanda kept answering "both" or "neither" for This or That, and the game is no fun if people do that.

We dropped Joanna off at her house. Oh yeah, she had a dog. Here's a couple of pictures of it and me:

I look better in the dark and I don't like what that says about me.

After dropping off Joanna I drove back with Amanda, but she was too tired to provide great conversation. I didn't mind though. I let her take a nap while listening to Regina Spektor. The traffic jam was pretty bad. Wanna read something creepy? No? Okay then, because I was just about to say "there's something different about looking at a person when they're asleep. When they're awake you see all their defenses and mannerisms and expressions but when you're asleep you just see... them." Shit, that sounds like that queer vampire's inner monologue from when he was perving on Bella whatsherface as she slept in Twilight.

Amanda woke up and then we went to pick up Geraldine. We parked in an alley and talked about friends and siblings and how Imagine is not a sad song, and then we drove around for a bit. Geraldine got in the car and I let Amanda take the driver's seat, and then I got on my motorcycle and went home.

Ian and I went to the Outback Steakhouse after that.

I heard That's Amore and All Shook Up on the best radio station on Astro and then I went to bed.

I woke up on Saturday at 3:30am. My dad drove my mum to meet up with some people so she could go to Penang for a seminar, and then he drove me to work. We picked up some McDonald's along the way. I had ordered sausage McMuffin with egg meals. I paid for one of them and ate both of them. I talked with my dad and then I went to work.

At work I earned a just little less than RM100 doing this:

Around ten hours later work was over and I was napping outside waiting for Aunty Rosie to arrive and drive me home. I listened to a playlist I had made on my phone specifically for naps. It had taken me something like half an hour to create, but it was so worth it. Naps with music are the best naps.

Back at home I got changed into something less presentable and more comfortable and then I went to sleep. It was five o'clock or thereabouts. When I woke up again it was seven something.

Hannah thinks I have tickets to Paramore or something.

I ate barbecued pork ribs for dinner. Joanna dreamed about Amanda eating pork ribs earlier. It's a coincidence.

I'm tired.

I started a blog on Tumblr today. I have no more followers on my Twitter.

I need to get more space on my phone. I don't have any space left for all the Elvis and additional Jonathan Coulton I want to put on it.

I'm tired and I have to be awake in two and a half hours. Goodnight.

My desk

My contracts (Part-Time, Full-Time, Hannah)

Friday, October 1, 2010

The One Before This Was 200 and I Didn't Even Celebrate

Okay so it's now early Friday morning. I missed the clubbing deadline, so I sincerely complimented my siblings on Facebook.

Wednesday was work. It was harder than usual because I was very hungry and very tired but I had cupcakes from Amanda to get me through the hunger bit and I took some naps during my breaks to get me through the sleepy bit.

I am very tired. I changed my passwords, for security. They were all the same and easy to crack, but now they are all different and difficult. They are so difficult, in fact, that I have forgotten most of them. That is why it took me so long to change all of them. It took me three hours.

I got distracted by my Gmail. Hannah came over and laughed. Jan came over and laughed a bit, too. Sue Yen from church used to like me. I guess online she goes by Emily Leong. She stopped liking me when I was blunt (and quite mean in an unthoughtful way) to her via email. Oh well, she isn't that good-looking anyway. I know that I'm shallow. I'm only 18, I'm allowed to be.

Hannah likes Kevin Tan, I think. She blushes when I say his name. She used to blush when I said Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the name of this guy from Indonesia, too. She didn't blush when I said Ruben Tan. Well, sometimes she did, but that's only because I was saying Ghrooben instead of his actual name.

I enjoy it when Zachary Bower and Rebecca Grootendorst are online. They are people I enjoy talking to. Amanda Gabriella is also pretty great, but I don't have her address for Windows Live Messenger.

I also enjoy the music of Katy Perry and The Eagles.

I'm tired. I can't make any promises about the clubbing thing. I'm free tomorrow (except for packing Amanda's stuff) so I guess I could do it then. Well, not tomorrow, today. It's Friday now. Dang, time moves fast.

On Thursday I woke up from the couch at twelve but I was still tired so I did my push-ups and then I took a shower and then I tried to go to bed but all I did was talk to my cat and then I woke up and then stuff happened and then I went out with Hannah to buy stuff and she spent all my money and then we got home and watched Glee (it is so great; Brittany is so great) and then I did not watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers and then I changed my passwords and then I read the funny old e-mails and then Rebecca came online and I like her but I'm not sure whether it's as a friend or as something else, I think it's as a friend. I'd like for it to be as a friend, otherwise it wouldn't work and I'd be sad. It's as a friend.

Ebony are you reading this? I know Hannah isn't and Milan only would if he ctrl+f'd his way here.

I want a dog when I move to my mansion that I will never have because probably I won't ever be rich to have one. Another childhood dream bites the dust.

Goodnight everyone. There are things left unblogged about here but I am too tired to give a damn.

Final thoughts: I enjoy songs by Katy Perry the person more than Katy Perry the persona. Also, after Faith dies I want to get a pair of kittens so I can name them Noun and Verb. The female will be Verb, of course.