Friday, April 16, 2010

So Now That's Over

I finished my final batch of finals on Wednesday. Finite Mathematics was simple and I think I might have scored full marks on that paper. It did start out a bit rough when I forgot how to multiply matrices, but I moved on and did the other sections first before coming back when I remembered.

Psychology was a bit tougher, but I'll pass. Physics was very tough. I'm not sure if I scored enough to get my 50% or not. Also, when I was studying for it the night before, one of the presentations about atomic physics had a virus on it and that killed my computer by throwing it into a login/logout loop, so that sucked. Later on that day I went with Hannah to visit Amanda and her new dog, and I found out that I needed to score 16/40 on the final to pass the subject. I hope that I made it.

I took my computer to get repaired and I also got an eclair later on with Hannah and my dad. When I got back I watched the new Lost and the new Glee and a bunch of episodes of South Park and Whose Line is it Anyway that Ian had downloaded.

I found out RuneScape had been updated with a new skill which was also for free players, which made it the first new F2P skill since Runecrafting in 2004. I got Jan to try it out but I had to promise not to complain about Avenged Sevenfold for a week, which sucks. At least he has headphones now, so I won't have to hear his music. Ian also tried it this morning, so that was cool, too.

Today I went to watch Kick-Ass with Ian and Jan. It was pretty dang awesome. The censorship was mind-bogglingly idiotic, as usual, but it didn't detract too much since they only censored the black people, Hit-Girl, and anyone who swore at Hit-Girl. Also they apparently did not recognize cunts as a swear word, but whatever. After the movie I picked up my computer from the repair place, and that is why I have it now to type this post with. I've spent the better part of this evening getting my bookmarks together and reassembling my iTunes playlist.

I'm hoping to lounge around for five more days before I start looking for Universities or a job.

Man, I hope I didn't fail Physics II.

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