Monday, April 5, 2010


Hmm. Not sure why I decided to stop blogging for so long. I guess it was mostly laziness. Also, if I didn't have to make a post each day then I could get to bed that much sooner, so that was probably a factor, too.

So what's happened in the meanwhile? I had a few quizzes and a presentation and some assignments and such, and I did quite well in all of them except for the Psychology presentation, the results of which have not been released yet. I'm still kind of worried about my Physics score. I need to work hard with that one.

Soon after my last post I went McDonald's for lunch during break with Amanda. She had to go repark her car, so I ended up eating alone. This was the second time that exact situation had occurred. I'm not sure why I'm writing about this and not the many other things that happened, but it was bugging me, so here it is.

Kaminie's dad passed away, so a whole bunch of us went to the funeral. I was surprised at how many people hadn't switched their cell phones to silent mode. Also, everyone was dressed very informally. It was only the third funeral I've ever been to, but I was too young to remember the first one and I didn't know the fellow from the second one since I was just in the guard of honour.

I spent Earth Hour with Hannah since Jan was at camp and Ian was gambling. It was cool, but after turning off the lights and watching the KL and Twin Towers turn off theirs, there wasn't much to do. I invited Amanda over and went to Bangsar Shopping Centre to pick up her friends and her, but when I got there I found out that one of the friends wanted to stay so they all had to stay. I salvaged the situation by getting an ice cream or something, though, so that was nice. After the lights turned on again I went on my computer and finally finished beating the maximum number of hard opponents on the last map of Generals: Zero Hour, so that was pretty great. Now I've got all the medals except domination, but I don't think I'll win the 53 additional games I need for that one. Actually, I might have done the Zero Hour thing at another day. I'm kinda fuzzy on that.

Hannah and Jan are currently in Indonesia, visiting friends. They're coming home tomorrow. I wonder if they had a good time. They probably did.

Carmeni invited her friends (me among them) to go visit her family in KK during the holidays. My parents have agreed to pay for everything if I go. I'll probably go.

The other day I went with Amanda, her sister, and Zach to go look at puppies. I had to miss my Physics class for it, but nothing important happened so that was okay. It was only the second class I missed this semester. The first one was for the funeral, but even then I was back in time to catch the second half of the lecture. Anyway the puppies were really cute but they kinda stank. Afterwards I asked Amanda if she'd like to come swimming on during Monday break, and she said she would, but something came up at the last minute so I took a nap instead.

I finished S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. I played around in Free Roam for a bit, and it's still fun. I've now got more guns and ammo than I know what to do with, though, so it's getting kind of pointless. Killing mercenaries, bandits, and zombified stalkers is pretty much all there's left to do. Anyway, because of that I started playing BioShock 2. It starts off pretty slow, so I gave up on it for a while, but when I came back I had a lot of fun. It's quite short though, but I don't mind. Any game that lets you set people on fire and then electrocute them when they jump into the nearest body of water to extinguish the flames is good in my books. All this has taken place on Ian's computer, so when I finished with the games I was wondering what to do next. Fortunately, I got him to download Arrested Development, so now I'm hooked on that. I watched 18 episodes from the first season in one day, and I finished the rest this morning. Now there's only two seasons left. Yay.

It's now the last week of college before finals. I haven't studied for anything, so that's kinda scary. I should probably start on that. I've got homework from baptism classes to do, though, so I think I'll take care of that first.

Man, I hope I don't fail Physics.

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