Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Twenty-Something Eventful Hours

By her pool reading a big book of zombie stories, I first met Angelina on Sunday night. I like her and that feeling was mutual until she met me and found out we were the same height. There were other reasons, too, but that was the most immediate one. Anyway we talked and it was nice.

In class on Monday afternoon, I found out that Elselyn was engaged. She's a month older than me and probably the one person I'd been infatuated with longest. Since I was seven to around when I was thirteen and then I never really saw her much after that. Ruben and Stefanie still visit pretty regularly, and Aron shows up every now and again, but I don't recall seeing their sister in a long time. So yeah, she's figured out who she wants to marry; meanwhile, I only just had my first date ever earlier this evening.

But yeah that first date ever was pretty nice. It was only a date in the sense that there were just two of us and I paid for the whole thing, but I enjoyed it and I got some good advice for future dates and later on in the evening there was hand-holding so I'm happy.

I need more money. I wonder how much more work I can do without compromising my studies.

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