Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Like the Rain Was Especially for Me

Today I got my results back for my Psychology mid-term. I got 13.67%, which is one of my worst test scores ever, I think. Carmeni got one point less than me, and Joanna got .67% less than me, which means we're tied for overall scores.

I was supposed to study with Amanda during my long break, but she was sleeping somewhere so I decided to nap, too. I only managed to sleep in the DSA for one and a half of the three hours, so I spent the other one and a half writing up my Finite Mathematics assignments.

Speaking of assignments, I've got two for Psychology. I've got to write the introduction or conclusion for our group assignment once we've combined all our parts into one great big report, which is Carmeni's job. I've also got to proofread the end result. Plus, tonight I have to add APA referencing to my contribution. On top of all that, my next reflective writing essay is due next week. It's about motivation or something.

Anyway, I went home as soon as my last class ended because I was very hungry. I was hungry because I didn't spend anything on food. I'm not spending any money until Thursday because of my overspending at the Outback Steakhouse yesterday. But yeah, when I left college it was just starting to rain. I thought I would ride home quickly before the rain got worse, but the moment I was on the road the rain got really bad. I was thoroughly soaked when I got home, but I was all right after a hot shower and some toast. A few minutes later, the rain stopped, so that was nice.

Oh yeah, also, on my morning walk on the stairs I encountered a surprising sight on the eighteenth floor. My cat, Faith, was lying on one of the stairs. He didn't make a noise when I picked him up and and only started mewing once he was home. Silly cat. He'd gotten a bit thinner. Someone must've left the door open. I'm lucky I found him.

Ian downloaded BioShock 2 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. He's playing the latter, and it looks pretty dang awesome. I'm jealous; I wish my rig could handle it. Oh well, at least I have RuneScape.

Hm. I'd better work on those citations.

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