Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doing Nothing is Just So Great

Yesterday Hannah had Audrey over after horse riding. They wanted to go see Kick-Ass, but since it was 18-PL I'd have to go buy the tickets for them. I agreed to this because I owed Hannah a favour and because I had to go out to pick Jan up from BB anyway.

I drove out to Mid Valley with both of them and pulled over on the side of the road and walked to the mall. I overestimated the amount of other people who would also be pulling over on the side, so I ended up pulling over too far away and walking further than I needed to. Still, it was better than paying for parking.

When I got to the mall I withdrew some money and went to stand in line for tickets. I called Hannah and told her not to touch anything. She asked me which pedal the break was. I told her I wasn't sure, maybe the left. After that I stood in line and hoped nothing horrible had happened to them.

When it was finally my turn to buy tickets the lady at the counter asked for ID, so I showed her. It was the first time I've had to prove that I was eighteen. It felt good. She asked if the other person was born in '92, too, and I said no, she was born in '91. I don't know why I said that. I don't really want an imaginary girlfriend who's older than me. Anyway, she went to check with her manager to see if that was okay for me to buy two tickets with only one ID, and when she came back it apparently was. So I got my two tickets and she stamped "18+" on them. I took them down to Hannah and Audrey and fortunately they were both alive and the car was intact.

We went to Cheras to pick Jan up, but BB hadn't finished yet, so we waited around. When Jan was finally done he asked me to stop at a petrol station so he could get a drink, so I did. After he bought his drink he remembered that he had left his phone and wristband at BB, so I drove back up for him. He went in the school but he couldn't find his stuff.

Anyway, all this delay meant that by the time we got to Mid Valley the hall for the girl's movie was already opened and they couldn't slip in with everyone else who was going in at the same time. The ushers asked for their ID and I had to drive around and pick them up. Hannah and Audrey ended up wasting three hours of their time and twenty-four ringgit of their money.

Later that night I had to drive Audrey home, and then after that I went to Subway for dinner. Hannah came, too, but she didn't buy anything. The sandwich was delicious.

I spent the rest of the night reading Hyperbole and a Half. I was linked to it from's forum, but Hannah had also told me about it earlier. I am sad that she found out about it first because it is totally the kind of thing I would find out about first, like Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About. Oh well, at least I found out about it eventually. It is very funny, I recommend you check it out.

Today we went to church and then I took a long nap and then I went to Subway with Hannah and Jan and Joel for dinner. It was delicious. Now I'm reading Hyperbole and a Half again. Also, I met Marcus from my second semester English class in a playground after church. His dad was exercising. I asked him if MyPride was working for him and when our results would be out, and he said that it wasn't and probably around the end of April. I've got to drop by HELP to check that out sometime.

Also, I'm making sure that Creep and Push have equal playcounts on my iTunes again. So far they're at four and four while most everything else is at one and nil. I have to listen to "I Will" some more. Also "I Miss You" has climbed pretty high, too. I just started listening to that song; I really like it.

Oh yeah, it's my grandfather's birthday tomorrow. My aunt is staying over in Hannah's room. I wonder if I can use the beanbag now.