Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Passed Physics

So yeah, I got a pass for Physics II. I am very glad. I also got a Credit in Psychology, and a Distinction in Finite Mathematics. I could've done better in both, but it was mostly my fault for screwing up Psychology, whereas I would've done better in Finite Mathematics if I had a more helpful lecturer.

But yeah, I'm done with my Foundation in Science. Now I've got to research jobs and universities and stuff to see what I should do in the future. Eh, should be fun.

Anyway, I did a lot of stuff recently. Hannah and I went to a wedding with our mum. I was helping out with traffic, so I got to wear a cool reflective vest. I also had to tell people where to park, but most of the time the others guys took care of that, so I got to sit around. It was pretty nice. I was the first person the bride greeted at the wedding because I was standing nearby when her car pulled in, so that was cool, too. During the wedding, right after the vows were exchanged, there was a tremor of some sort. It probably had something to do with the construction site next door, but it was still pretty cool. After the wedding there were loads of cupcakes instead of one big wedding cake. I ate a whole bunch of them, they were really good. After church on Sunday I was given an ang pao for helping out, which was pretty sweet.

Also, I went with my dad to Ipoh. I had to drive him there, and then I had to drive him back. I thought I would only be driving one way, but that was not the case. We had some John Denver CDs, though, so the ride wasn't that bad. I didn't do much in Ipoh. There's a wireless connection in my grandparents' house, so I just spent most of my time online with my dad's laptop. I also went out for dinner with my dad and my grandparents and my aunt and uncle who were also staying over. There was also some money, so that was nice.

I went with Jan and Hannah to watch Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D. It was pretty great. The movie started at 10:45 and only ended at, like, 2am or something, so that was also an experience. A few nights later I took Hannah to Mid Valley to go shopping for Audrey's birthday. I found out Ian and Jan were watching Iron Man 2, so I got tickets for me and Hannah and we watched it with them. It was pretty awesome. I have to remember to give Hannah the first Iron Man, and also Back to the Future 3 because she hasn't watched that, either.

We've been eating at Chili's lately. It's made me realize that I don't dislike cheese as an ingredient in sauces, but I still find it pretty gross on its own. For example, the beef queso is quite cheesy, but it goes so excellently with tostada chips that I don't mind the cheese at all. It is delicious. I think I like the chips and queso more than the main dishes. I also tried the fish and chips, and it is my new favourite dish.

I'm midway through the evil campaign in Battle for Middle Earth 2. I've already won the good campaign and I've also won a game of War of the Ring. It upsets me slightly that there can only be two teams in War of the Ring. I much prefer free-for-alls. Oh well. I'm also playing RuneScape a fair bit. It's surprising how many of my old friends are still playing after all these years.

That's about it. I'm enjoying this break so far. Eventually it's going to end, though. I'm going to miss not shaving, although I can't say that I'll miss the "beard" and "moustache" that have resulted from that.

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