Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Week on Break

On Monday I went to college to see about appealing my Bahasa Kebangsaan. I was told that I have to go to the LAN headquarters in Wisma PKNS in PJ to do that. While I was receiving this information, Arun, Joanna, Zach and Li Ying found me. Joanna was there because of something with her Malaysian studies. I asked Arun about Friday and offered to buy him lunch for taking care of me when I was drunk, but he said there was no need. He told me that I scared Elo by saying I puked on her purse. Fortunately, I didn't. She had given me the purse to hold for a moment while she did something, and it was still with me when I passed out. It's a miracle that it survived the night clean. Arun also told me about Amanda and how she was clinging onto her ex and how she almost fell out of Davinia's car when they were leaving. It was relieving to know that I was not the only super-drunk person that night.

I bought some sausage rolls that the students were selling and sat down with Nick and Carmeni for further discussion. Carmeni and I did some planning for karaoke in the future. Later, Denise joined us with some insights about where to go. Mr Naj passed by at one point and I asked him how much I passed by, and he said that I had only barely achieved the passing mark. Zach also dropped by to ask me whether the sausage rolls were any good. I recommended the chicken to him. Also, at some point Nick explained to me that Carmeni and he were saying "I like you" to each other because they had gotten bored of "I love you". I thought that was pretty funny.

Eventually everyone left for lunch or classes, so I left, too. When I got home I made a Facebook event for the karaoke. After that I drove my and Yii Huei's dads to the airport so they could go to China. Yii Huei's dad is there for the expo in Shanghai, and I forgot why my dad's there. Anyway, it was a long-ish drive and I got a wee bit lost on they way back. I ended up passing SEGi college along my way. Eventually I got home, though, so it was all okay.

My dad's plane landed at 12:30am, so a few days after I dropped him off I was back outside the airport with Jan waiting for my dad to call. We played chess in the meanwhile. It was a tie both times.

When my dad finally did call we drove up front and parked for a bit so we could go inside for a while to get some dinner, but both McDonald's and Mary Brown were closed for pest control or something. We ended up eating at the McDonald's in Bangsar.

After we got home I watched the second last episode of Lost that Ian had just downloaded. I've been watching Lost for one third of my life, and it's finally going to end next week. I'm excited.

Hannah woke me up early the next morning because my dad was sponsoring our breakfast at McDonald's. My McMuffin was a little stale, but the meat and the hash browns were still excellent and the meal was free so it was all cool.

A few days ago, Hannah and I had gone to the MPH at Bangsar Village so we could read the rest of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Hannah made it to the second or third book and I was almost done with the last one when a guard came up to us and told us that they were closing. We'll be going to back to finish this weekend because Hannah wants me to take her to pick up some tickets so she's willing to go and read with me as a favour.

Actually I already did her a favour. A few nights ago she decided to make herself some coffee ice cream. She got all hyper afterwards and asked me if I wanted to go swimming. I managed to bargain her down to a walk around the building. We stopped at the playground and then went upstairs, so we only really went halfway. It was a pretty boring walk.

We've been eating at Baskin-Robbins a lot recently. This is because their ice cream is delicious and because they give an extra scoop every Wednesday to people wearing pink and half priced ice-creams every 31st of the month.

Today Jan, my mum, and I went to our new dentist for the second time. Our first appointment with him was the day of Carmeni's party. My dad was tired with the prices and quality of our old dentist, so my mum found a new guy. We were a little upset at the change at first, but when we heard that he was also an acupuncturist who combined acupuncture with dentistry in lieu of anaesthetics, we almost panicked. When we got to his surgery, though, we were a little more relaxed. There were couches and drinks and a wide-screen TV and we were also told that we could get anaesthetics if we really wanted, so that was good. We had very quick check-ups while my mum got some acupuncture for her shoulder and arm. It was a pretty good experience, actually. I spent most of my time waiting for my turn watching a show about pandas. It was very cute.

Anyway, today we were there to have our cavities filled. He found three holes in my teeth last time at the check-up, so he was going to clean them out and fill them in. Jan went first and left behind his iPod. I played some checkers while waiting. When my turn came, the dentist found another cavity, but he said he would fill that one for free. The cleaning and filling was very quick. It was a little bit painful, but the pain was only for a split second each time, so it was manageable. Now I have new fillings and my teeth don't ache any more. Yay!

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