Saturday, May 8, 2010

Break's Over but I'm Still Doing Nothing

Anyway, aside from the party, here is what else happened recently:

Ian, Jan and I got confirmed, so now we can join the rest of the church during Holy Communion. Also, no more baptism lessons, so yay. Also also, after we were confirmed we got to eat a celebration dinner with our family at Chili's. I managed to finish my fish and chips this time, too.

I went to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid with Hannah the other day. It was pretty good. On thing that had Hannah and I confused was Chloë Grace Moretz. Her character isn't in the book, and in the movie she doesn't do anything important or say anything funny. It's almost as if they had her in the movie for her star power or whatever, but the movie has been in production for two years, so she can't have been known for her roles in Kick-Ass or (500) Days of Summer. It's just weird. Anyway, after the movie Hannah and I went to MPH and read a book about the making of the movie. After that I moved on to the second book in the series. Hannah and I had read the first one when Ian bought it as a present for Sarah. I only managed to get halfway through the second book before the store closed. Hannah wasn't even done with the one about the movie. I bugged her about being a faster reader for the rest of the night.

Also a while ago I drove my dad to pick up his Chinese visa. I also took him to Mid Valley after that to get him to a meeting. I drove around for forty-five minutes looking for a parking space. I was surprised by the amount of people who went to their cars just to drop off their bags. I did not know people did this. It seems cruel. Also, there was this lady who walked to her car, got in, drove forward a bit, then backwards a bit, then got out and left. That lady is a terrible person and one day she will suffer for her cruelty. Anyway, my dad's meeting finished before I could get a parking space, so that sucked. Just before we left he found out that he had another meeting in the same place right after that, though, so I got to drive off to Subway and have lunch anyway. After that I pulled over outside the mall and took a nap with the radio on. All the driving and waiting around was tiring, but it was worth it for that sandwich. Man, I love Subway. I love food in general, I think.

Hannah downloaded a semi-decent quality bootleg of Kick-Ass to watch. I'm still not really sure why she was so enthusiastic about that movie. After she was done she told me it was just okay. Huh.

I went to HELP to see about getting my certificate of completion, but they told me that since I was home schooled I had to do Bahasa Kebangsaan before I would be done with my Foundation in Science. Alessandra had the same problem, but she said we could appeal, so I'll be trying that. If appealing doesn't work, I'll either have to do it while I'm taking my degree and then have HELP give me an exemption, or I'll have to take the subject in HELP with a few extra courses so I'm not just wasting time. The next intake for the subject starts around next month, though, with registrations open at the end of this month, so I won't really be seeing my friends for long anyway if I choose that.

I finished the Evil Campaign in Battle for Middle Earth 2. Now I'm just trying to win an eight-player free-for-all skirmish. It is tough.

I think that's about it.

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