Friday, October 1, 2010

The One Before This Was 200 and I Didn't Even Celebrate

Okay so it's now early Friday morning. I missed the clubbing deadline, so I sincerely complimented my siblings on Facebook.

Wednesday was work. It was harder than usual because I was very hungry and very tired but I had cupcakes from Amanda to get me through the hunger bit and I took some naps during my breaks to get me through the sleepy bit.

I am very tired. I changed my passwords, for security. They were all the same and easy to crack, but now they are all different and difficult. They are so difficult, in fact, that I have forgotten most of them. That is why it took me so long to change all of them. It took me three hours.

I got distracted by my Gmail. Hannah came over and laughed. Jan came over and laughed a bit, too. Sue Yen from church used to like me. I guess online she goes by Emily Leong. She stopped liking me when I was blunt (and quite mean in an unthoughtful way) to her via email. Oh well, she isn't that good-looking anyway. I know that I'm shallow. I'm only 18, I'm allowed to be.

Hannah likes Kevin Tan, I think. She blushes when I say his name. She used to blush when I said Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the name of this guy from Indonesia, too. She didn't blush when I said Ruben Tan. Well, sometimes she did, but that's only because I was saying Ghrooben instead of his actual name.

I enjoy it when Zachary Bower and Rebecca Grootendorst are online. They are people I enjoy talking to. Amanda Gabriella is also pretty great, but I don't have her address for Windows Live Messenger.

I also enjoy the music of Katy Perry and The Eagles.

I'm tired. I can't make any promises about the clubbing thing. I'm free tomorrow (except for packing Amanda's stuff) so I guess I could do it then. Well, not tomorrow, today. It's Friday now. Dang, time moves fast.

On Thursday I woke up from the couch at twelve but I was still tired so I did my push-ups and then I took a shower and then I tried to go to bed but all I did was talk to my cat and then I woke up and then stuff happened and then I went out with Hannah to buy stuff and she spent all my money and then we got home and watched Glee (it is so great; Brittany is so great) and then I did not watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers and then I changed my passwords and then I read the funny old e-mails and then Rebecca came online and I like her but I'm not sure whether it's as a friend or as something else, I think it's as a friend. I'd like for it to be as a friend, otherwise it wouldn't work and I'd be sad. It's as a friend.

Ebony are you reading this? I know Hannah isn't and Milan only would if he ctrl+f'd his way here.

I want a dog when I move to my mansion that I will never have because probably I won't ever be rich to have one. Another childhood dream bites the dust.

Goodnight everyone. There are things left unblogged about here but I am too tired to give a damn.

Final thoughts: I enjoy songs by Katy Perry the person more than Katy Perry the persona. Also, after Faith dies I want to get a pair of kittens so I can name them Noun and Verb. The female will be Verb, of course.

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