Friday, October 29, 2010

KLCC Park with Corinna, and Other Things

It's 4:32am. Wow.

Okay, wow. I'm tired. Um, this will be "short". It may even be short.

Milan, I'm still blogging.

World, I love you.

Hannah, it's good to know that you're still reading this. You can tell me how lame it still is later.

Let's do this with numbers because limits make things easier:

1) I saw a rat at Restaurant Emas. Corinna was the first person to spot it, but my mum and I couldn't see it so we told her that it was probably a squirrel since we've never seen a rat before. Mostly we just get cockroaches. Corinna hates cockroaches. They've been crawling in her shoes and such ever since she got here.

Anyway the rat came out again and it was indeed a rat. My mum called Mr Wong and he said that he was trapping and killing rats tonight. I asked my mum if she would let me keep a stray rat as a pet if I cleaned it up and immunized it first. She said wouldn't. She wouldn't let me have a snake, either. My mum can be a real buzzkill sometimes.

Corinna asked why I would want a rat. They are cute and intelligent and I could train one to sit on my shoulder when I'm at the computer. That would be great.

2) I'm always so lonely when I'm not with people. I want a girlfriend so badly (or is it bad? Which one means that the mechanism which allows me to want is broken? Whichever it is, I meant to type the other one. Or maybe I didn't. I don't know. I don't really care. I do really care. Gah). I just want a friend badly, actually.

3) I'm sitting in my room wearing an oversized jacket and a blanket over my legs. Why don't I just raise the temperature on the air-conditioner instead?

4) I went to KLCC park with Corinna. It was nice.

After dinner we talked for a bit, but then Mr Wong took our empty plates away and our drinks ran out and we had no reason left to be there, so I asked Corinna if she wanted to go to KLCC and take pictures and stuff. She said yes.

We went upstairs so that she could get her stuff and I could put on some jeans and shoes. I also got my laser pen and she kept that in her purse. I also got Ian's car keys. I asked him if he wanted to come but he didn't. I think it was because he had work today but it might also be because he was lazy.

I parked Ian's car in this parking lot near the Bangsar LRT station. Corinna thought it looked like a scary place. I would have agreed with her, but I knew that it wasn't.

I paid the dude in charge of the place three ringgits and he gave us a receipt or a ticket or something. I had exactly three ringgit in my wallet, but I paid him with my RM10 emergency note because I thought that the price was five ringgit. That's not anything you needed or wanted to know, but it's something I wanted to write down. Don't worry, I put another RM10 ringgit note in later.

We took the LRT to KLCC.

At KLCC, I bought a large passionfruit drink from Aunt Anne's (Or is it Annie's?) pretzels. Corinna bought a small. We talked about pretzels while waiting in line for our turn. They don't have Aunt(ie/y) Ann(e's/ei's) in Germany.

We went to the park and walked around. Corinna liked the soft paths they have there. It reminded me about that story I once heard of that one king (or emperor; I can't remember if it was a Western parable or an Oriental one) who wanted the roads paved with leather so it wouldn't hurt his feet when he had to travel. One of his servants suggested that he just get nicer shoes instead, so he did. I can't remember what the moral was, probably something like "Don't do awesome things that will benefit everyone when you can just do something that'll benefit only yourself." Anyway I told Corinna how they had rubber paths for the blind in Brickfields so they could tell by feeling where they were. She thought that was a neat idea.

We talked about our dads. We talked about our countries. We talked about the pollution. We talked about each other (a little). We talked about the path. I had a good time. She didn't hate it.

We went to the playground. I tried to swing but some uniformed bitch lady just trying to earn a living whistled at me to get off.

I found another swing further inside. I swung on it and Corinna sat around and took pictures, like this one:

After swinging, I went to the monkey bars and hung upside down on those for a while. Corinna took another picture of me.

I took a picture of her as well. Scroll back up and see if you can figure out which one it was.

I would have taken a picture of myself, but Corinna told me a guard was coming. It was actually just a concerned parent, but by the time I had found that out I was already off the monkey bars. A real guard showed up shortly afterwards to say that they were closing the park since it was ten o'clock.

Corinna and I went to the wading pool and took some pictures. It was loud in there, so we did not hear the whistling. The whistling was coming from a guard who wanted us to leave. Apparently their job is to make sure no fun occurs on park grounds.

There was a mosque in the park. We would've gone in but we weren't sure where we could put our shoes. We talked about religion and how each religion has its own crazy people and people who don't care too much and people in between. Corinna and I are in the second category. We changed the subject after three guards in motorcycles came by.

Since the park was closed, we walked back to the train station. Along the way I told Corinna about the time Jan had seen a homeless dude with a huge hole in his pants that everything was hanging out of. Corinna said Jan was probably staring. I hope Corinna thinks that Jan is gay. That would be amusing.

We took the LRT back. There was a Canadian couple next to us. The were visiting a friend in Bangkok and had stopped by Malaysia because it was close to Thailand and not as full of prostitutes of indeterminate gender. They had come to KL after spending some time relaxing and feeding eagles and rays in Langkawi. I told them about the time I had taken a picture with a large stingray while scuba diving in Redang. I also told them to visit the KL tower because of the view and because of the two-headed turtle. I showed them a picture of the two-headed turtle. Corinna told them about her time in Vancouver. They were nice. They had been to Cameron Highlands. I told them that that was where we were probably going the next day.

When I got to Bangsar station I took out the laser pointer and dicked around with it a bit. It was an awesome purchase.

We took the car back. There was nobody in the parking lot.

Back at home I told my dad that I wanted to go to Cameron Highlands. He said I might as well pick Jan and Hannah up from Ipoh. I said okay. He asked me whose car I was going to use, because he was using his. I told him I was going to use Ian's, but I'd need money for petrol. He said to forget about it. I suggested maybe doing it next Friday. He said that might be a better idea.

Corinna wanted to know what time we were going to Batu Caves. I said that I was waking up at ten-thirty, so one. She laughed.

I like Corinna. I'll miss her when she's gone.

5) Here are some things before I end this post:
a) Work is still work. The weeks pass faster than I thought they would. It's already payday.
b) I wish I was older. Then I could've had a slightly better chance with Effie, Elo, Amanda (Ha! Better by, like, 0.01100100%), Juria, and I might even have started flirting with Corinna by now.
c) I spent an impressively nerdy amount of time getting that superscript just right, and I still probably fucked it up.
d) What did I do on Thursday? Nothing, unless sleeping at 4am and waking up at 5pm counts as something. Oh, I guess I played counterstrike against a bunch of bots with knives and shields. That was fun.
e) Oh yeah! Amanda called me on Tuesday and I met her and Milan at Devi's and we talked and then we went to eat ice cream. We talked about her boyfriend in Texas for a while and then I spent the next hour or so insulting her religion. I was a shitfaced dickhead (her words), but her religion sucks so I still feel justified. Sanctity of life is bullshit and arguing against contraception on the basis of that is even bullier shit. Or shittier bull. Whatever.
f) The perfect amount of people for a conversation is four. Two to do all the talking, and two to exchange knowing glances at what perfect arses the first two are making of themselves.
g) I got infatuated with a girl over the internet again. Fuck; I'm pathetic.
h) Okay I have to end this post soon. I want to Google pathos.
i) Oh my goodness it's six forty-eight in the morning.
j) Bugs are flying into the light of my screen. I'm going to eat one.
k) That tasted like hair, dust, and ick. I feel like a wimpy Bear Grylls.
l) I can still feel it in my throat. I think it's stuck. I'm going to go get a drink.

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