Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ten Things that Happened Since My Last Post

1) The weekend shift:
Watched some movies, went on Tumblr, answered a few phone calls, earned a couple hundred bucks. It was pretty great.

2) The next three weekdays:
Wake up too early, eat a lot, work a lot, sleep a lot. I was in bed at six o'clock on most days, I think. It was pretty exhausting. I had no time to Tumblr or blog or anything. Ian had started his training, so he sat with me and listened to some calls.

3) Dinner at Outback:
My bosses cancelled at the last minute, but that just meant that I had more money to spend on other stuff. Also, I had already eaten at the Outback Steakhouse with my brothers and my dad and Corinna on Wednesday. It was really tasty, and thankfully she is attractive. I was worried because before she came I had been picturing her as a pretty person and then I realized that she might not be one and then I'd be disappointed, so I tried to lower my expectations but I couldn't picture an ugly German twenty-year-old, so I kept picturing her as pretty and I'm glad that I wasn't disappointed.

4) Chilean miner rescue:
Chi Chi Chi!
Le Le Le!
Los mineros de Chile!

5) Thursday out with Hannah and Corinna and Jan:
We went to the KL tower first. We parked for free (in the city!) at this place near this two-way road that looked like a one-way road. We then walked up a hill (Bukit Nanas) and saw a dude with a monkey. Jan failed to photograph the monkey in time. I took some photographs of the day. They're down near the bottom of this album. Hannah took some pictures, too, but her privacy settings aren't right for strangers to see them.

The KL tower itself was pretty great.

We decided that we'd go up to the observation deck. Hannah got me to pay for her ticket.

We stayed there for quite a while. They had these headset-video combination guides that would tell you a little bit about what you could see from each window. That was pretty cool. After I was done with the guides I went out to look at stuff through the binoculars. I found our house.

Jan didn't believe that I could see our balcony from there, so I called my dad and told him to walk onto the balcony, then I passed the phone to Jan and I went to look through the binoculars. The exact moment our dad walked on the balcony, I told Jan. Then he believed me. My dad started waving and I could see that. I let Jan and Corinna have a look, too. My dad waved Jan's green underwear to make himself more visible.

After that we mostly looked used the binoculars to find rooftop pools. The first one we found had two women with bikinis on it. That was the best one.

After we were done playing with the binoculars on the roof and looking around a lot, we left the observation deck. I hung around outside the elevator staring at the roof, which was awesome.

From now on in this post I think I'll leave all but the best pictures out. Just head to my album if you wanna see the cool stuff. I might add them in later but I'll probably be too tired.

Anyway, we went down to the zoo at the bottom of the tower. There's a zoo there, and admittance is free if you've bought a ticket to the observation deck. I knew it was going to be awesome when a bunch of guys carrying this giant python came past us at the entrance. Also at the entrance were a bunch of prairie dogs and a naked mole rat (Tikus Belanda in Malay, which is more amusing than offensive) and also a parrot that actually talked. It said "Rawk! Hello!". It was fantastic.

Inside the zoo itself were loads of reptiles and spiders and monkeys and tortoises and turtles and stuff. It was awesome. Oh, there was a two-headed turtle. I am not making that up. Also, there were chickens. I'm not sure if they were actual display animals or food for the snakes or whatever, but they were there.

I took some pictures with a snake. I had to take a tiny one because the big ones were RM30 for a photoshoot, whereas the tiny ball python was just RM5. The dude forced it onto Hannah after my time was up, so I had to pony up another five bucks for that. It was worth it for the look on her face, though. My phone ran out of memory after the first picture of me with the snake, so I didn't get to take a picture of Hannah and the snake. Jan did, though.

After the zoo we went back to the car. Along the way I deleted Bad to the Bone and a few remaining songs from the Inception soundtrack to make way for more pictures. We walked past this F1 thing that we could've done for free, but didn't. We also passed a sad monkey.

We took the car to KLCC and parked. Then we went to McDonald's and exploited the free refills which Corinna told us they don't have in Germany. Hannah went to the toilet for a while. We went to the front of the KL towers to take pictures. Mine turned out really nice.

We went to the back of them to play in the park. Hannah wanted to play, but Jan was being a killjoy and he changed her mind. I lost some of my will to play when I got a muscle cramp trying to hang upside down on the monkey bars. Corinna said that the age limit for playgrounds was 13 in Germany, and she hadn't been on one since kindergarten. I was unable to convince her to try again. Playground are great.

Jan started moaning about how lame playgrounds were or something, so we left. Hannah and I spotted some swings so we tried to swing on those, but the security guards nearby were being anal and they started blowing their whistles so we left.

We sat around and watched the fountains, then we took some pictures of the towers at dusk, then we went back into the mall. We were supposed to go back to the front and take some pictures of the front of the tower at night, but I guess we forgot or something because we went to the PetroScience gift shop instead. It's so cool. There is so much cool stuff there. If you want me to be happy with your birthday presents for me, buy them from that gift shop. They have glow-in-the-dark stuff and dinosaur stuff and science stuff and it's all awesome.

After that Jan didn't want to hang out any more and my dad wanted us to go home unless everyone wanted to keep going so we had to go back.

6) Petaling Street:
Traffic was bad, parking was tough. We found two parking places that were both closed at ten, and it was nine-something, so we had to go somewhere else. Fortunately, the parking outside Central Market is open 24 hours, so we parked there.

We is Hannah, Corinna, and me, by the way.

Anyway, I bought a green laser thing (haggled down from RM130 to RM70), a low-quality rubix cube (to RM3 from RM5), a bottle of hand sanitizer from KK Mart, some candy from the same place, a drink also from KK Mart, a bag of mangosteens, and a pair of knockoff Oakley wraparound sunglasses, the same kind as the Chilean miners were wearing when they got out (Bargained down from RM45 to RM18. I got congratulated by one of the dudes in the next stall for managing that). Hannah bought the same drink as me from KK Mart. Corinna's also only purchased stuff from the KK Mart; she got a bunch of postcards.

It was a pretty great store. They had a wanted poster out front for one of their ex-employees. It was for RM2k. I remarked that he must've run off with either the till or the owner's daughter to warrant such a reward. Also, there was this restaurant outside that had, on a stick, the biggest prawn I had ever seen. It was practically a lobster at that size, and it cost lobster-price, too. They also had squids on a stick. I think the only reason they get customers is because of tourists' girlfriends going "I wouldn't ever dare eat that! Would you?" to their boyfriends and the next thing you know they're sitting in front of a plateful of crustaceans and cephalopods on sticks and wondering why they even decided to travel to this bloody country in the first place.

After buying stuff we got in the car and went home. Corinna told us about Germany. We told her about Malaysia. It was fun.

7) We mentioned the war:
We mentioned it more than once, and I think we got away with it.

8) KK Mart sells KK Mart brand whiskey:
This isn't a thing that happened since my last post. This has probably been going on since long before then. Still, it's a pretty cool thing.

9) I didn't get to give Amanda and Milan their ice-cream:
They both claimed to be sick. I wasn't aware that "not wanting to hang out with Shaun" was a disease. Hannah told me that it was, though. She gets it all the time. You'd think she'd be immune by now, but I think it's one of those things that gets even stronger each time you catch it.

10) I got a wee bit addicted to Tumblr:
I can't help it. My followers are just too wonderful. I'm asking them loads of questions. I ask so many questions to so many people that I can't even read all of the answers any more. The ones that I do read are great, though, so I'm gonna assume the rest are great, too.

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