Monday, August 30, 2010

I Was Supposed to Be Asleep Two Hours Ago

So I was supposed to sleep at 11 o'clock because my parents want me to get enough rest and apparently midnight is still too late, but then my dad changed his mind and said it was okay so long as I got enough rest. I plan to sleep at one-ish and I've set my alarm for ten.

Sunday was okay. My dad tried to wake me up early, but he failed, so I only woke up forty minute later. I had five minutes to get ready, but I managed. Had to go without my morning shower and shave, but I did get my lenses in, deodorant on, and lenses in, so that was okay.

We had dim sum for breakfast. I ate a lot of prawns. They were yummy.

The praise and worship slides were full of typos. Hannah and I had a good (or bad, depending on whether you were us or everyone else) laugh about that. Our mum later told us that the guy who made the slides was literally retarded, in the learning disability sort of way. I used to think it was okay to talk mean about him behind his back because he was just a normal dude who did stupid things, but now that I know he's actual got a reason for acting like he acts, it's a lot more depressing and I can't do that any more. Oh well, at least I've still got Jan.

I didn't have any gum, so I kept awake through the sermon by going through all the funny/interesting pictures that I have saved on my phone. I showed some to Ian, we had some laughs. Hannah, meanwhile, was blogging on her iPod. I bet I heard more of the sermon than she did. It was about apostasy. Throughout the sermon the children of the guy giving it kept staring at Hannah and I. There were nine of them. I pity their mum's hips. When we first arrived at church I pointed them out to Jan and he laughed because they were Indians and Jan is racist.

After service I sat at the top of the stairs and listened to music on my phone. I wish I would have bought it from Joanna earlier. It makes church so much more bearable. If I didn't have it I'd have to go socialize with people from the congregation and everyone at my church is pretty boring, except for maybe Clement and Evangeline, but Clement is usually talking about DotA or football and Eva is in Canada or something.

Anyway, after the tea break we went down for our Alpha Course. We got some new books which were quite okay except they tried too hard to appease the teen market. I would have preferred the normal version of the books; the youth versions are a little condescending. Anyway we watched another video lecture, and it was interesting and funny and good. Ian and I enjoyed it but Hannah hated it for some reason. She's a weird kid. Anyway, after that we had a discussion and then we went for lunch, and then we went home.

At home I used the internet and watched episodes of The Office that I had downloaded and hung out in Hannah's room. My dad made dinner. I heard he was making steaks, so I got all excited, but they turned out to be pork steaks. He wanted to know why Hannah and I looked so disappointed since he thought we didn't appreciate his meal, so we told him that the food was very good, it was just that we had been expecting beef steak, which is usually even better. It's like expecting gold and getting silver. You're still more glad than before, but not as glad as you could've been.

Anyway after that (or before it, I dunno) I showed Ian, Jan, and El-Hanan this infomercial to give them context for this parody, which made all of us laugh pretty hard. I got Hannah to watch them, too, but she didn't think they were funny. She's a weird kid.

Ian, Jan, and Hanan went to the gym at the KL Golf and Country Club and my parents went out somewhere for a while, so Hannah and I were left with the task of taking care of Susanna. Fortunately I had just pasted Aladdin and Hercules along with The Office and Mike Basset on the laptop that Jan was using (His computer was broken. He breaks a lot of things. The fan still isn't fixed, but Hannah had one in her room so we stole that to use instead.), so we let her watch the former while Hannah kept an eye on her and I took a nap in front of the TV. When I woke up, River Cottage was on. I would've called my dad, but I thought he was out.

updates at nine, so I got up and tried to use the internet. It wasn't working, so I got Ian to disable his, then I disabled mine, then I went to get Hannah to disable her but she kicked me and started yelling at me because even though her internet connection wasn't working she didn't want to turn it off so ours would work because... I can't actually remember. It was some shitty selfish reason that made no sense. She told me to turn of Jan's laptop instead.

I went to do that and found that it was already off, so I went to tell her. I knocked on her door but she had it locked, so I told her that Jan's laptop was already off. I assumed she had her headphones on so I had to raise my voice to make sure she heard. That's when my dad came by and started yelling at me for shouting, and forty minutes later Hannah had become embroiled in his lecture, which had branched out into all sorts of varied topics with me in centre before he finally ended by getting Hannah to disable her internet connection.

After she did that I went and checked and my internet connection was working, so I told my dad and Hannah that my plan had worked and we could all use our internet connection again. Hannah could have chosen to listen to me straight away and endure half a minute of a disabled internet connection that she wasn't even using anyway because it was broken, but instead she chose to yell at me and kick me and get lectured for forty minutes before finally doing what I told her to. She's a weird kid.

I started the torrents for Titanic (Amanda's recommendation) and Teenage Dream (Hannah's recommendation), and then I used Google to figure out where 1 Tech Park was so I could go for a walk-in interview on Monday.

I went on MSN to confirm with Elo that a picture I found was indeed the place with the call centre, and she replied in the affirmative. Then I noticed that an interesting guy was online, so I chatted with him for a while, then something lead to me looking up his sister online (I think he said something that I took as a challenge). She's pretty cool; cooler than him, probably.She writes a whole buttload of slash fic, though, and if you don't know what that is then you probably don't want to be browsing around that link too much.

After that I wrote this and after this I hope to do my exercises, take a shower, and be in bed before 2am.

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