Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holy Crap, a Short Blog Post for Once (Not Really)

Later Edit: Just remembered some stuff from college! Since reading a whole post is a hard thing to do, I will put it in front for you cool dudes to read and then you can leave and get on with your assignments or whatever. Right, so, while I was talking in the hall, Elo was working on her blog. She was telling Milan about her blog and how she wrote secret messages for him in it. He had read every post and he was like "Huh? What secret messages?" and I was like, oh yeah, I know those. You just have to highlight the empty spaces to see the words in white font. Elo was like "Oh my gosh, you know?!" like it was a big deal. Arun asked what I knew, and so we told him about the secret messages, but he said he doesn't read Elo's blog so he wouldn't know about them. Joanna came by later and was shocked that Milan hadn't known about the messages, but she thought it was hilarious that the only person who was supposed to read them didn't even bother to try to find them. Poor Elo, she's practically living in a Nicholas Sparks book, what with all these unreceived notes and letters to her lover. Next thing you know someone's going to get cancer and then we'll get adapted into a movie and the movie tie-in book of her life will hit the best seller list again and Carmeni will buy it and insist we read it because it is SO good okay and it isn't gay and just because the same formula is used over and over again doesn't mean it isn't a good story.

It's quite late; I'm rambling. Anyway here is the original post:

I am tired out from today (Wednesday) because it has been so filled with interesting things. I definitely want to blog about all of them, but I can't because then I would be awake until three in the morning and there are things I want to do tomorrow (Like watch Inception for the sixth time) so I will make this short and fill it in later (Or at least that is what I will tell myself. I'll probably do the same thing I do every time I write a short post or a list post: consider my duty done and never come back to expand it. Unfortunate, but true).

So today I woke up, had trouble staying awake, did the stairs (lights went off when I was climbing them, quite scary), took a shower, got on my motorcycle, went to college. At college I met Elo and Arun, listened to them talk for a little while, tried to give Elo a bunch of movies because the CD with Wall-E and Indiana Jones wasn't working, went to breakfast at McDonald's with Elo, ate a lot, talked a lot, went to the post office, came back to college, talked to people and watched an itskingsleybitch video (so gay, so funny), watched some videos from World Stage 2010, read some Adrian Mole, said goodbye to Elo as she went to class, went to the DSA to continue reading, read for an hour or so (there's an entry for basically every day, and I've read three years or so of entries, so that's a thousand entries in maybe two and a half hours of total reading time. Wow), went back to the hall to keep reading, heard Arun talk about his presentation, read more, and then went home after Elo and Arun went home because there was no sign of Carmeni.

Also I met Jia Yin right when I was walking into college in the morning. I was catching up with her when this strange thing happened; I tried thinking about her as if she was a stranger, and my whole mental perception of her shifted for a moment. She seemed a lot less shy than I had used to think she was. Then things went back to normal and now I'm wondering if I can replicate that shift in perception with other people, but I forgot how it was even done and I don't know if it's even possible.

When I got back home I wanted to swim since it was a beautiful sunny day and I was feeling energetic and bored, so I managed to convince Hannah to come along by promising her I'd pick up Ruben and Stefanie from the airport later. I called up Amanda to see if she could come swimming, too, but she was working on her assignment so she couldn't. I wished her the best of luck and then went downstairs. I tackled Hannah into the pool and hurt her foot, but she couldn't stay mad at me for long because I said Joseph Gordon-Levitt's name and the only emotion she can feel when she thinks of him is pure bliss. After a while she started obsessing over the pool ladders, saying she wanted to get there first and that I wouldn't share it with her if I got there first. Strange girl. Also, for Ebony and maybe Audrey and possibly Saundra: Hannah was being high and she and I went from being cows to clouds and then rain clouds.

After swimming we talked and then I took a nap, and when I woke up we had to go to the airport. It was seven. We got back at around eleven. We could have driven to Penang in that time. Here's a breakdown of the trip: Traffic for half an hour on a five hundred meter stretch, traffic for another half an hour on a longer stretch of road, but at least you could actually notice the movement, stopoff at a petrol station for fuel (Pepsi and Chipsmore for me, 10.81 litres of Unleaded 95 for the car), long drive to the airport with great music (Save Tonight and Creep came on, along with a lot of Katy Perry. We kept hoping for Teenage Dream but since we were parking and walking instead of driving straight to the pick-up point, the pattern would have been broken anyway. Also I didn't hear Push after Creep so that was weird), expensive lunch at the McDonald's at the airport (There were attractive girls - both physically and personality-wise - behind us, but I didn't say anything to them because I lack confidence. Also it would be creepy. Also they were already gone when I had finished eating), drive back filled with more good music (Save Tonight again, also We Will Rock You. I also got to demonstrate to Ruben that Tik Tok and California Gurls have the exact same chorus structure) and a lot of crude jokes (and also quite a bit of missed exits, but I found my way into Puchong and from there it was smooth sailing), and then we got home.

At home I let them out before I parked the car, and they got in the lift and left without me. Hannah told them to wait because she is a good sister, but Stefanie needed to take a crap so she rushed them (She kept bringing up her urgent need to shit since we met them in the airport. Very unladylike, but very Stefanie-like).

At home I went in Hannah room to see what sweets they had brought from Holland. Hannah and Stefanie were showing off their wardrobes. Stef took off her shirt while I was talking to her without even telling me to look away. I looked away anyway because ew, but I told her that if she didn't warn me next time then I would just keep my eyes fixed to wherever they were. Anyway, Hannah and Stefanie had a lot of clothes. After clothes, Hannah and I showed Stef the lesbian scenes in The Runaways because Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning making out was bound to mess up future viewings of Twilight for her, and I will take any chance I can get to screw with Twilight fans. Stefanie was disgusted to discover that lesbians had sex by licking. For years she's struggled with the concept of cunnilingus. Hannah thinks it's gross, too, and so do all of Amanda's friends who've had it performed on them. It's weird; I keep reading that it's the best thing that can be done to a girl sexually and that all the strongest orgasms come from it (well, that and vibrators), so I was surprised to find out that real life girls find it disgusting. You learn something new everyday.

I then started this blog post and I wanted it to be short, but that measurement is only accurate if you consider this post relative to the rest of the blog. In any other context it's still pretty huge.

I'm going to go edit some small things in the World Stage post after seeing videos.

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