Friday, August 6, 2010

The Second Day that I've Put Off Studying for My Ujian Lisan, the Second Day I Haven't Cared

I took a shower early, but I still feel alive and not very tired, so I will blog. Thursday was a short day, anyway.

I woke up at 11am to what sounded like an alarm, but it was just my phone ringing. I picked it up right after the person on the other end hung up. It was my mum. I tried calling her back, but I couldn't reach her. After a minute of trying I went back to bed.

I later found out that she had been trying to reach Aunty Rosie, but Aunty Rosie was out of the house because Ian's motorcycle had broken down and he needed a ride back. My mum called Hannah instead, but Hannah fell asleep before she could relay my mum's message back to Aunty Rosie.

I woke up again at one o'clock because Ian and Jared barged in the room and began behaving very inconsiderately. I don't wake Ian or Jan up unless my parents ask me to or I want them to do something for me. Ian woke us up because he felt like it. We had only been sleeping since 4:45.

I tried falling back to sleep, but I couldn't dream because Ian and Jared kept talking, so I went downstairs to get ready for the day. As I left the room I told Ian that he was obnoxious and I told Jared that he was Jared.

I didn't fall asleep during my daily Bible reading. Hannah and Stefanie had just finished getting ready, so they were all dressed and ready to go somewhere. I went back in the room to take a shower, but I had to wait for Ruben and Jan to finish first. When I went in the bathroom there was an electric razor there. Ruben is thirteen. He does not need to travel with an electric razor. This is ridiculous.

Anyway, after my shower I read the newspaper and then I drove Jan, Hannah, Ruben and Stefanie to Mahbub for breakfast. Hannah wanted to go eat at Devi's because they have chapati and Stefanie wanted chapati, but I said that you can get chapati in the Netherlands and Devi's is crap anyway, plus I was driving so we would be eating at Mahbub.

Mahbub was okay. I had my first roti bom in ages. It was pretty dang tasty. Breakfast was only four ringgit per person, so that was awesome, too. I was worried that we might have worried the waiter because Stefanie and Hannah were being quite condescending, but none of our food or drink seemed spat in so I guess we were okay.

I was going to drive home, but the rest of them wanted to go to Mid Valley to watch a movie, so I took us to Mid Valley to watch a movie. The plan was supposed to be that they would go up and get tickets for Inception while I found a parking spot, but while I was searching for a place I got a call saying that the only Inception showing was a long way away so they were going to watch Salt instead. It's a good thing that the lady at the parking payment counter let me leave for free, otherwise I would have gotten quite pissed off at pointlessly circling the lot for fifteen minutes.

When I got back home there was nobody around. Hannah's room was still cool, so I brought Faith in and took a nap on the guest bed on the spare spare pillow (Stefanie was using the spare pillow. The difference between the spare and the spare spare was that the former has a cover) while the soundtrack for Inception played from Hannah's laptop in the background. I woke up right when Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien started playing, and the first thing I said was "No, it's too soon." It was my best nap in a long while. Faith was still sleeping on Hannah's pillow, so I let him be.

After the nap I went on my computer for a while, but then the internet got really slow and I got a call from Jan asking to pick them up, so I left. There was no jam when we drove home. It was weird, since it was seven, which was the same time as when we left for the airport the day before and got stuck in a jam for an hour. I still took the short cut, even though it probably had become the scenic route due to the lack in traffic on the normal road.

When we got home I went upstairs to drop off some keys and grab a book. After checking that nothing tasty was being made for dinner, I went back downstairs for some carbonara. The waiter told me that they were out of beef bacon, so I had to settle for chicken in my spaghetti. It was still delicious, but not as savoury. Also they were out of normal coke so I had to have a diet coke instead. The meal only cost eleven ringgit, though, so that was nice. Pity that it's closing. There was a sushi restaurant that used to take up the same spot, but it didn't last very long either. None of them can compete with Restaurant Emas, especially not when they're sharing seating. Oh well.

When I got back upstairs, the girls wanted to swim. It was night, but whatever. They told us to come later since they'd be taking pictures first, so Ruben, Jan, and I watched the European Championship in Barcelona for a while. There was this weird 3000 metre event with hurdles that we spent most of our time watching. Everyone in it was so thin. Ruben said that the winners would be either Russian or Polish, Jan said they would either be Spanish or German, and I said they would either French or Ukrainian, but Ukraine didn't have any runners so I went with Slovakia instead. Or Slovenia. Whatever, the race was won by a pair of Frenchman and a Spaniard, in that order. This clearly shows that I am better than my brother, and also that the French are good runners or whatever.

We went down to swim. Susanna joined us in her underwear. Aunty Rosie told us that the girls were in the playground, so I went to play on the swings. When I got there Hannah told me that she was changing. She was trying to put on her one-piece under her dress. I asked her why she was changing in public and not in the toilets, which were right underneath us, but she never answered me. I bet it was Stefanie's idea. First she didn't ask me to look away yesterday, and now this. I'm starting to think that she may be an exhibitionist.

Anyway, I didn't do much swimming. I wanted to wrestle Jan by the poolside so that I could chuck him in a few times and humiliate him in front of his friends. He said he was scared of getting scratched, so I told him we'd try to get each other to fall in without using our arms. He agreed to that. I think the score was 7-5 in his favour before we got tired. Whatever, I could do better if I wanted to.

Susanna was making a spectacle of herself by wearing her underwear really high. We just did our best to keep her in the water until Aunty Rosie came and saved us from Susanna's cameltoe. Whose idea was it to let her swim in her underwear in the first place?

I spent a lot of time trying to get Hannah annoyed so I could show Stefanie the magic of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Hannah didn't make it easy for me, she started being all forgiving and patient. I finally managed to make her slip up, though, and while she was mad at me I said his name, which caused Hannah to immediately shut up and start grinning like an idiot. Stefanie was highly amused.

Stefanie tried doing laps, but it was boring. I swam one length of the pool underwater. Ruben asked if I could do two. I said I used to be able to do two, but I'm out of practice so my maximum is maybe one and a half. Stefanie gave up on laps, so we kind of just floated around by the edge of the pool and talked. Stef was wearing a bikini, so I asked how she got such an awesome stomach, since despite my many months of fake sit-ups I have yet to develop a six-pack. She told me that she did PE everyday in school, and when they don't have PE, she runs, which is also why she is the only person I know whose thighs don't look at all fat. That sounded like way too much work. I think I'm lucky to have a solid stomach after what little daily exercise I get. A six-pack is probably asking too much.

Jan and Ruben went upstairs, but not before commenting on how gross my legs looked. I am a walking example of why you should not shave while bored. You get carried away and soon hair is missing from places it should not be missing and then it will re-grow all funny and no matter how many years pass you will never look normal again. This is why I never leave the house in trousers that go any higher than my ankles.

After Jan and Ruben were gone, Hannah, Stefanie, and I played The Platypus Game. I used to think Stefanie was smart, and I guess she still is, but her knowledge on important things was just as limited as Saundra's was. I soon fixed that by telling her the same thing I had told the girls on Hannah's birthday. Hannah helped me out a bit with the lecture this time around, I think. Anyway, the amount of boys that Stef had kissed was a surprise to me. I would say more but Hannah would kill me.

We went upstairs at nine. Along the way, we saw Ian, Hanan, Ruben, and Jan. They were going to a cybercafe because our internet wasn't working. It is now, though, and they still aren't back, so I guess I saved some money by not going with them.

Hannah and Stefanie watched Kick-Ass when we got home and I did my exercise while I watched a program about the world's deepest mine in South Africa. It was pretty awesome. I went to take a shower and I missed a part where the host got to load a couple million dollars worth of gold bars into a vault. Oh well.

After that I went online and I wrote this post. Earlier on today I had envisioned myself elaborating on Wednesday's blog post, but I can't remember anything particularly noteworthy and I'm not in the mood to review that day all over again, so I guess that's that. Oh! Elo mentioned not to mention the secret messages in her latest secret message, so don't make any mention my mention of secret messages in the previous blog post. Just pretend that that message is now secret.

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