Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Long Sunday, Part Two

I'm not so interested in having a perfect record of the day any more, so I guess I can save a lot of time now. Here's the shorter version of the second half of Sunday (the longer version could probably fill a small book):

We got home from church. I took a shower because I was sweaty. Hannah and Stefanie put on their make-up in my parents' bathroom. Stefanie put eye liner on me. Facial hair looked silly with it, so I borrowed my dad's electric razor and my mum's tweezers and ended up looking a lot more presentable. I also cleaned up both instruments afterwards because otherwise ew. Also I spiked up my hair with some product I had found. I looked like the lead singer of Tokio Hotel, by which I mean I looked like some sort of old lesbian.

I realized that my hair made me look like a douchebag when matched with my sunglasses. I wanted to see how far I could take the look, so I tried finding a pink buttoned shirt, but we didn't have any pink shirts so I settled for a white one. I left the top buttons undone and the shirt untucked. I also popped the collar, of course. Also I put on a tie but left it loose. The whole look was pretty convincing. I felt douche-ier already.

I found Hannah and Stefanie in Hannah's room. We drew on some more fake tattoos, then we took some pictures in Hannah's room. Hannah was concerned that she looked stupid, but I told her that that was the entire point. I liked the result. Also it was fun acting and posing like a douche.

After that we went to Mid Valley so that Stefanie could pick up something for her laptop. During the drive I kept removing my sunglasses to show my eye liner face for every gay-sounding song and putting my sunglasses back on for every douchebag-sounding song that came on the radio. It was pretty incredible how one accessory could change my look so much. Anyway, after Mid Valley we went to Ebony's apartment to pick her up. While waiting for her to come downstairs I left the car to use a tap to get some water to make my hair spiky again (It was getting soft and you totes got to maintain the image, bro). After a while, Ebony got downstairs, hugs were exchanged, and then everyone got in the car and we left.

Our next stop was Amanda's house. I had texted her about my makeover and she said that she was at home and that she wanted to have a look. Hannah didn't want to visit; she was being very moody. Ebony and Stef did, though, so when they went, Hannah went. We stood outside for a while, admiring Walker, until Amanda unlocked her door and opened the gate for us. We talked for a bit and she used some Indian make up thing (Kohl?) to make my eye liner thicker. It didn't hurt as much as when Hannah and Stefanie had took turns on my eyes earlier. I looked a whole bunch more like a gay guy when it was over. The girls thought it was pretty funny. Anyway, Amanda, Geraldine, and her mum had to leave to go to Mid Valley, so we said goodbye and went to get some ice cream.

The girls wanted Baskin Robbins, so I took them to Baskin Robbins. I double parked nearby and took a nap in the car. I listened to the bottom half of the Malaysian top English top 10 and had a nice nap. The music was a lot better than I expected, too. It reminded me that I needed to get some more Zee Avi songs. Anyway, the girls finished their ice cream and photography and joined me in the car, and we went home.

I used the computer for a while, and then it was time for the Tans to go home. Hannah and the rest were still downstairs taking pictures in the playground, so I called them and told them to hurry up so we could beat traffic. They came upstairs and Stef managed to pack pretty quick. I asked her if she had forgotten anything, and she said she was pretty sure she hadn't. I said "What about the-" and then I mumbled a few quiet nonsense syllables since I knew that she had to have forgotten something but I wasn't sure what. She asked me again and I repeated myself. Anyway we later found out it was her Blackberry charger.

We almost beat traffic, but we were a little late. Everyone hugged everyone except Jan and we all said goodbye. It was kind of pointless, though, since we found out we could stay longer, so we did. Hannah, Stefanie, and Ebony looked through pictures and made a slideshow, Jan and I took naps. My nap was longer 'cause I started it first.

When we woke up the Tans were about to be going for their last dinner in Malaysia. We thought that this was goodbye, so we hugged (again) and Stef showed me the slide show. It was nice (The slide show, that is, not the hug. Well, the hug was nice too). I thought we were going to Chili's because I heard Mexican food mentioned. I think I drove Ruben and Jan to IOI mall, and the girls went with Stef's dad. Stefanie texted me and I thought she said that she was meeting us outside the entrance of TGI Friday's, but she actually said that she was meeting us at the outside entrance of TGI Friday's. That was because TGI Friday's wasn't the meeting place, it was where we were having dinner. There was no Chili's in IOI, and it was never part of the plan to eat Chili's. I had misunderstood.

I looked at the menu and told Stef that it was way to expensive. We had an argument over where to eat. She said if I didn't want TGI's I could go eat somewhere else, but I said I had to stay there because Jan and Hannah didn't bring their wallets (Fools!) so they couldn't pay for themselves. In the end I decided that I wasn't going to order anything, but I would go get the money so I could pay for Jan and Hannah.

As I walked through the mall I felt pretty confident. The eye liner had smudged during the nap, so I looked a lot more threatening than before. I looked in a mirror and I saw a mentally unhinged, possible violent junkie staring back at me. It's amazing what some clothes and a little bit of make up can do for a person's image. People were apologizing to me when they brushed past and stuff. They might have been scared. If I saw someone who looked like me I would be intimidated too, but then I'd laugh at him behind his back. Anyway, I went to the ATM in Jusco (I knew the location from when I had lunch that time I was training to work for my dad's company), and I withdrew RM150.

I was hungry and craving KFC. I didn't want to show up to the counter looking like I did, so I tucked in my shirt, unpopped my collar, buttoned up the rest of my shirt, and fixed my tie. I then went into a bathroom and spent fifteen minutes trying to remove eye liner. There was still loads left over. Make up removal is a pain in the ass. I didn't look like a drug addict any more, though, so I went to buy my dinner.

I got a snack box with crispy chicken strips. They were not very crispy, but the box offered a more generous portion than what one would usually consider a snack, so I guess it evened out. It was pretty cheap, too. After I was done with that I went back to TGI's.

We talked until the bill came. Between them, Jan, Ebony, and Hannah owed me RM70. Ruben and Stefanie had to pay the remaining RM100. We did the math a few times over. Stefanie didn't believe that she and Ruben had spent so much until I told her to factor in the government and service tax, and that made the numbers work. Jan was surprised at how much his meal cost. I told them that I had told them it was expensive and that's why I didn't want to eat there, but they ignored the fact that they had ignored me. Whatever.

Anyway, after paying, we left the restaurant. The girls wanted to go underwear shopping for forty minutes, but there wasn't much for us guys to do. Ruben went to chat up the ladies working at the TGI Friday's (he's real smooth for a 13-year-old, I can see why Hannah likes him so much), meanwhile I went to a nearby jewellery store to see if I could talk my way into handling expensive shiny things. I told the lady that I was looking for a gift on behalf of my dad for my mother's birthday. She asked what my budget was, and she believed me when I told her that it was virtually unlimited. I think the tie and nice shirt helped. Jan sat next to me while I was looking at the necklaces and stuff, and he thought that I was actually looking for my mum's birthday present. He's pretty dumb. I told him to bugger off so that he wouldn't ruin my lie and my fun. He didn't get the hint, but he did stay quiet after that, so things were okay. I ended up getting to touch a RM1,700 heart-shaped gold pendant with a cool blue sapphire in it, so that was nice. The lady gave me a card so I could contact her if my dad liked what I told him. I feel I should repay them for being so helpful, and since I doubt I'll be buying anything I'll just give them free advertising instead. The store is Sim's Jewellery in IOI mall and they also have a lot of reasonably priced stuff. You should go check it out.

So after that I hung out in TGI's and talked to the staff. I was about to be introduced to a fellow HELP student when I got three urgent texts from Stefanie within three seconds. Apparently she wanted Ruben at the pharmacy nearby to lend her money. We went over and gave her the cash to buy pads or something. Women and their menstrual emergencies.

After that I abandoned Ruben and Jan and went to look around. I found a really cool sports jacket that matched my shoes and looked great with my shirt and tie, but it was very expensive (We're talking the equivalent of two dozen McDonald's lunches), so I had to leave it in the store. Next I went to Ace Hardware. I thought about buying Jan an RM1.70 piece of pipe as a present to show him how much I think he's worth, but that was a bit cruel plus he might like the pipe. Instead I bought a cushioned footstool that was going for RM10.90. At the checkout it registered as only RM7.90. I mentioned to the cashier how awesome it was that something like that could be sold for only eight bucks, but she just smiled at me.

I went back to TGI's and watched Ruben humiliate the servers. I had a nice chat with one of the staff about Inception and Donnie Darko. When I got a text from the girls saying they were done shopping, I told the guys that we had to go. As we left the girl I was talking to said I was crazy for watching Inception five times. Whatever. She wanted to watch Prince of Persia five times, now that's crazy.

Jan and Ruben didn't know where the girls were, so I told them they were in Jusco. They didn't know where Jusco was, so I told them to follow me. They didn't, for some reason. Probably because they're stupid. Anyway I went off on my own and I found the girls among the bras in Jusco.

Hannah wanted me to lend her RM15 to pay for bras for Ebony and her. Stefanie wanted to buy a negligée to wear on future sleepovers, but I told her to try it on first. She wore it and said that it made her look like a grandmother. I said that was good because then at least Jan wouldn't be thinking inappropriate thoughts if he saw her in it. She still didn't like the idea of looking like an old lady, so she just dropped it off in a random pile. I told her that was irresponsible and that she should put it back where she found it, but she didn't want to so I wandered to the ladies' undergarments section to try and find its place, but I couldn't locate it. Instead, I passed it off to Jan and left before he could give it back and left. He chased me through the store with it until he gave up and through it in another random pile. I told Hannah that I wouldn't lend her the money until the negligée was back in its spot, so Stef finally gave in and put it in its place. I gave Hannah the money to pay for her rainbow bras and then we left.

When I was paying for the parking ticket, the ladies behind the counter started talking to me in BM. They asked one of my parents was Malay, and I said that my dad was actually Chinese. It was a nice chat. I think those Bahasa Kebangsaan classes might be worth it. One of the ladies called me handsome as I left. That was nice.

The moving walkways to the car park were powered down, but everyone was still going down the "down" one. Since the "up" one was clear of people, I put the footstool on it and rolled it down. It picked up speed as I ran alongside it. When it was halfway down, this little kid stopped in front of the walkway to gawk at it. I yelled at him to move since if he continued his idiotic stance he would have been really badly hurt. He got out of the way and the stool slammed into the wall behind him. It survived undamaged. That was cool.

I sat on it and waited for the rest of them. My sunglasses fell out of my shirt pocket and a lens popped out. I fixed it, though, and soon everyone was here and we went to the car. Along the way we got hit by a chain that we were trying to walk over. I still have a gash on my shin.

We dropped off the Tans and again more goodbye hugs were exchanged. These ones were final, though. After that we drove back to KL. Ebony's mum called and asked me if I could pick up Ebony's sister, Chloe, since I was going to be in Bangsar anyway. I said I could. Ebony was upset. Ebony's mum called a little later and said I didn't have to pick up Chloe. So that was nice. After that we went home and Ebony picked up some stuff, then we got back in the car and dropped her off at her place.

Also at some point I told Jan about how long Stefanie's hugs were and how I had probably spent more time in one hug with her than in all my other hugs with girls combined. She is a real long hugger. It's awkward and nice. It's nawkward.

Anyway I hung out in Hannah's room and annoyed her into watching the first act of Dr. Horrible. She thought it was only okay. Strange girl.

After that I spent a long time on the computer and I did my exercises and took a shower and I went to bed at 5am. So yeah, it really was a long day.