Monday, August 9, 2010

Saturday Was a Nice Short Day

Sunday was a long and interesting and exciting day and I really want to right all about it, but I want to sleep more. I will right about it in the daytime. Right now I will write about Saturday so it is out of the way so that I can do my exercise and go to bed and sleep. Mmm, sleep.

Okay, so Saturday. Let's see. Um. I can't remember.

Hang on.

All right I think I got it:

So I woke up, I did my daily Bible reading and all that, probably took a shower. No, wait, I didn't wake up. Susanna woke me up. My dad had asked for bacon and eggs for lunch and Aunty Rosie had sent Susanna in to wake me up and tell me that the food was ready. So Susanna came into the room at around noontime and told me to wake up.

I ate my breakfast and it was delicious, and when the bacon was finished and the eggs were gone, that was when I did my devotion and all that. After the shower I went on the computer and spent a long time on it.

I watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for the second time. I had watched it once when it came out in 2008, and when I watched it again I had forgotten pretty much all of the songs and jokes so it was great. I also noticed a lot of things that I hadn't previously noticed. When I was done I watched it again while I waited for the soundtrack to finish downloading. When that was done I played some GTA and spent a while listening to the soundtrack. After that I went online and watched as many videos of Neil Patrick Harris singing as I could: in plays, at the Tony Awards, in Batman, in an interview with the cast of How I Met Your Mother, etc.

Hannah sent me a text (or maybe gave me a call) as I was listening to Neil Patrick Harris (as a Batman villain) singing. I told her I would go pick her up soon, and in the meanwhile to buy some fries. I changed out of my lazing-about-at-home rags (So comfortable!) into my going-out clothes (Leg coverage! Also contact lenses), and then I left.

Traffic was sucky, I guess. I can't remember. I arrived at Sunway Pyramid and I got my fries from Hannah, Stefanie, and Ruben. There were very few fries left in the bag, which was within another, bigger bag for some reason. I suspected Hannah was behind the lack of French fried goodness, but she pointed the finger to McDonald's, so we never got anywhere except Stefanie and Ruben's house to get their bags, and then after that we went back to our house.

When we got back to our house Ian and Jan were there. I pasted Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Hannah's computer. I gave her the soundtrack, too, since I knew she would want that as well after watching, even though she didn't know that she wanted to watch it yet. Hannah is like that. She likes to hate things that I show her. Things that if she found on her own, she would love. I don't know why she does it. She also dislikes cake. What kind of person dislikes cake? Strange girl.

Hannah told me to leave her room so she could be alone with Stefanie, so I did. I pasted Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Jan's computer and I watched it with Ruben and Jan. Ruben kept walking out during the songs to find his suitcase. The girls had hidden it in the bathroom. We found it later.

Ian had Sarah over for a while. He was going to take her out to dinner and then we were going to a cybercafe. Sarah was in the kitchen talking to the girls. I asked them if they were going to watch Dr. Horrible, but they said that they were going to watch Cloverfield instead. Sarah said it was crap. I protested. She said the ending sucked. I said it had the same sort of ending as Inception. Hannah asked us to stop talking because of spoilers. I thought I didn't have to worry because after hearing that it was crap they weren't going to watch it any more. They said they still were. They lied. Stefanie's gone back to Indonesia and Cloverfield still sits, unwatched, in Hannah's hard drive.

Jan, Ruben, and I went to the cyber cafe before Ian. We took a different car. We played Generals: Zero Hour and Ruben surrendered the first game, I won the second, and Jan won the third. I only died in the last one because I put myself next to an overly-powerful army and didn't pay attention near the start. Jan only won because he had Ruben and I looking at the map and telling him where the next attacks were coming from. Anyway after that we played Half-Life and we had loads of fun. The keyboards we were using made crouch-jumping extremely tricky and long-jumping practically impossible, so I ended up losing 40-53 to Jan. I would still have beaten him if Ruben hadn't kept on feeding him, but whatever, it was fun.

Ian arrived and they played DotA. I played SWAT 4. I have to remember to download that game sometime.

A few hours later we were done. Ian went home; Ruben, Jan, and I went to a nearby mamak for dinner. Ruben was paying. I had a roti planta and a milo. I regretted the latter. I got the worst milo ever. All the ingredients were undissolved, so it was basically just a cup of brown water with coagulated powder at the bottom. Lovely.

We got home and I forgot what I did. Nothing important I guess. Didn't blog, that's for sure. Maybe watched TV. I also took a shower after doing my exercise. I set my alarm for 6:30 so I could have time to get ready for church and take a nap.

My alarm rang at 6:30 but I turned it off and was woken up later at 8:00. I took a shower and did my daily Bible reading, and then we went to church, but we went to breakfast first, but first we had to get downstairs, but this is Sunday so I'll continue this in another post later.

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