Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dang Slots

The first day of the second semester did not start so well for me. Despite coming in at only a little past 10 o'clock, I was too late to register for for the best Moral Studies group, so I had to try to and get into one that didn't clash with my other subjects. This was an impossible task, and even after leaving both my English and CTS groups and trying every combination left, I still couldn't make it work. I went to the admin desk for help and the guy there told me that I would just have to drop Moral and do it next semester. Next semester was supposed to be my easiest and least crowded semester. Oh well.

After that I had to sign up for my old groups in CTS and English, but I only managed to get into the former. I had to search English for a new group because some opportunist out there stole my old slot. I ended up in group E, so now I've got a bunch more morning classes but at least I've got a group.

My first class of the semester starts at 3:30. I'm just going to chill in the computer lab and perhaps check the hallway occasionally for familiar faces until then.

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