Friday, September 4, 2009

What I Did for Class Today (And Other Things)

So today in Critical Thinking Skills the following was on the board:
"Write down three important aspects of your life plan in a piece of paper"
My paper looked like this:
"Life plan:
Get married
Have kids
Die peacefully

No srsly:
Finish college
Get a job
Start a family (or) fill the emptiness in my soul with material goods and hedonistic pleasure in a futile attempt to attain something resembling lifelong joy.

Third attempt:
Continue living
Avoid breaking the law
Avoid becoming homeless

Trying again:
Leave home after having made parents proud with good academic results and a respectable career
Raise a family
Ensure children leave home having made me proud with good academic results and a respectable career

One more, for fun:
Start a criminal empire
Cause the deaths of all who oppose me
With profits, build (and live on) a moonbase"

I presented the fourth one to the class.

So anyway, school today. I arrived early and started reading. I read a bit from The Lexus and The Olive Tree, then I read some of the Critical Thinking Skills textbook. When Juria arrived at college I handed her Breaking Dawn, which I had bought last night to cheer her up after I heard about how bad yesterday went.

Class started after that. My first Engineering Mathematics Applications class with Mr. Joel, my calculus teacher from last semester, was okay. He said that to the three of us there that the previous students had said it was a pretty easy subject. The class consisted of us learning about the course, doing some basic algebra (I made a few careless mistakes but I understood mostly all of it), and then retaking the first calculus quiz from last semester. I think this time I scored more than 2.175% out of 10%, so that was nice. Still, I'm hoping this is the last I see of calculus for a long while.

When the class was over I went to the computer lab for a while to pass the time between now and the next class. I went out to switch labs, but changed my mind and sat outside talking to Juria and her friends instead.

At eleven my next CTS class started, so I went to attend the lecture. Along the way I met Li Ying and Elo, who were trying to sit in for a CTS lecture they'd already heard because they had friends there or something. They found out that the class was already over or something, but I left before I could figure out what their problem was.

I got to class a few seconds before the lecturer. It was an interesting class. It ended a bit early, but I still had to rush if I wanted to make it to Christian Fellowship in the KPD block.

It had been raining while I was in college, so I got on my wet motorcycle and drove somewhat carefully to CF. I arrived in time to catch the last few worship songs and the offering. There were some icebreakers and skits by the groups to practice creativity and get started on our theme for that semester.

I came straight home after CF and bought some junk food to kill my hunger pangs. That was followed by a nice long nap, and now I'm typing this up.

So anyway, I think this'll be the last time I tag everyone I mention in these notes on Facebook. It's a bit silly to have people be notified about notes they're in and then have them wade through dozens of paragraphs about nonsense that happened to me that day only to find a phrase or two with a vague reference to them in it.

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