Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got a Slot

Today I got to wake up nice and late at 8am. It was wonderful. I was in school by nine o'clock and hung around a bit before attending my first class. We watched a video about a reproduction of the Milgram experiment in CTS and then discussed some common barriers to Critical Thinking.

After that I had an hour break before I could claim my slot in Moral Studies. I spent some that break in the computer lab since I couldn't find anyone to hang out with.

At twelve I went to the admin desk and registered for my moral slot. The moment I was done I ran off to my motorcycle so I could catch my twelve o'clock two-hour physics class. Along the way I made sure to tell everyone I passed that I was supposed to be "in the other block for a class five minutes ago".

I was fourteen minutes late to class, which is one minute less than what's needed to deduct an attendence mark. We discussed error for about an hour and then our lecturer ended the class. He gave us some homework to do, which I'm sure I'll forget about until right before class tomorrow.

When I got back to the main block I sold some books, hung out with some people, and got some KFC. I had promised myself previously not to eat in that KFC again, but they had no line and I needed to break a fifty, so I gave them another chance, and they gave me a Pepsi for free. I guess they can consider themselves redeemed.

During the break I also heard of this event at the Putra World Trade Centre that the Deputy Prime Minister (and thus next Prime Minister) would be attending. A few people I knew were also going, so I decided to tag along.

On my way to English class I passed by some friends who told me that I'd have to register before I could go to the Buka Puasa event, so I put my bag in class and rushed over to the admin desk to check for a slot. I was told that there was no space, but if I talked to the guy in charge I might be able to take the place of someone who dropped out. When I found him, he told me that two slots had just opened, but a couple of girls had just finished signing up for those slots. He told me that if there were any last minute cancellations I might be able to get a place, so long as I had a nice collared shirt.

When I got to English class I sent my brother a text to ask for a nice collared shirt. He told me he'd get on it, and he sent one of his friends to deliver one of my dad's shirts to me after my Moral Studies class ended. It was a ridiculously loud purple silk shirt that went with my bed-hair wonderfully.

While waiting for the bus I spent my time discussing Twilight with two fangirls and a dude I knew from a while back. I pointed out that Edward Cullen was pretty much a pedophile and every girl I talked to was shallow for saying that they'd never be attracted to him if he looked as old as he was. Juria tried to point out that I didn't understand Twilight and if the day ever came where a book exactly like Twilight was written with a female Edward Cullen and male Bella then all the guys would understand what the hype was about. I told her she was wrong and that the only people who would buy that book were lesbians, since guys only want to read about conspiracies, conflict, and sexy adventures in their stories.

Luckily, the bus arrived and ended the conversation before things got too ugly. I got a window seat in the back that somehow granted me the ability to hear conversations two rows in front of me but not from those sitting right next to me. I tried eavesdropping a bit on the conversation two rows ahead about why Spider-Man's webbing comes from his wrists instead of his rear end like a spider's, but I gave that up pretty fast and decided to just sing in my head and recite stuff I'd memorized while trying not to fall asleep in sermons instead. It was a pretty dull bus ride.

Once we reached the Putra World Trade Centre, we moved to the hall where the speech would be given. Everyone else was sitting next to someone they knew, but I was alone near the front. Each seat had a piece of paper that we had to fill in. They asked for my blog address and my Facebook page, so I wrote that down. Not sure why they'd really want that information, though.

After the national anthem there was a rather lengthy opening prayer. I decided to just follow whatever everyone else was doing, but I reflexively ended with a quiet "Amen". I'm hoping no-one heard that.

I looked around the room and noticed that, unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people there were Malay. I thought that between Juria and me, there was exactly one white person in the room. Later I found out that one of the dudes who came from HELP was half-German, so that joke was ruined. The speech took about an hour and I didn't understand any of it, so I spent the time passing notes and writing the following list of things that are awesome:
"Fast cars
District 9
Gambling (& winning)
Consensual heterosexual intercourse
Writing the words "Consensual heterosexual intercourse" during a speech by the Deputy Prime Minister
Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister
Monty Python
Ricky Gervais
Gerard Butler (Or however you spell King Leonidas' name)
The Netherlands
Theme parks
Vampires that aren't total fags
Dudes who kill zombies
Chicks who kill zombies
Facial hair in general
Fried and breaded mushrooms with ranch dressing/ranch sauce
Finding the dudes who take naps during speeches and feeling smugly superior to them
The internet
Video games
Suddenly understanding what's being said in aforementioned speech
Our next Prime Minister
Our previous Prime Minister
Getting promoted
Freedom of speech
Racial harmony
French fries
Insulting Twilight
Driving real fast on open roads
Being debt-free
Peanut butter
Underground bases and bunkers
Indian accents
Australian accents
Dutch accents
South African accents
British, Irish, and Scottish accents
Ice cream

When the speech was finished we went upstairs to wait for the nighttime prayer to play and for the meal to start. I sat at the table with a few people from the third semester and some lecturers. The conversation was interesting and the food was okay. I learned some stuff about fasting and Islam, and I learned about who was bringing whom to the ball, and I learned about what the lecturers do on Facebook and during their free time. The conversation ended when one of the lecturers was asked to describe the most disgusting thing he'd ever seen. He first mentioned this YouTube video that I'd seen a while ago with this huge cyst on a guy's back being cleaned out by a couple of friends, but then he went on to talk about corprophilia, which cleared the table pretty quick.

The bus ride back was about as dull as the bus ride there. I decided to myself that I needed a new crush, but I couldn't come up with any candidates. When we got to college I said goodbye, hopped on my motorcycle, enjoyed the empty parking lot for a bit, then drove home.

Seeing the next Prime Minster wasn't that great. Oh well, at least I got to eat dinner for free.

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