Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Semester Two, Day One

Alright, aside from losing my slot in Group F for Advanced English and having to put Moral Studies off until next semester, today was pretty great. A whole bunch of my friends showed up in the computer lab, and we talked about schedules and stuff while waiting for everything to get done so we could go for lunch. While we were there, my older brother Ian came to join us in waiting for lunch. He was in HELP to register for a course in Computing and Game Design or something like that. Anyway, him and my friend Joanna got along quite well, and they talked about his education and such until she had a better idea of his academic qualifications than I did. Ian and I spent some time bantering with each other, and I'm pretty sure he came out on top. Take note: bringing a sibling to meet your friends is a great way to lower your reputation among them. Still, it was fun.

When everyone was finally done with their registering and scheduling and whatever, we left for lunch. I thought we were going to McDonald's, but everyone else wanted to go to Ali Maju. While they tried to decide on which of the five Ali Majus to head to, I met Alessandra, who was in my Malaysian Studies group last semester. Apparently we're both in Advanced English this year, so I'm not going to be all alone this semester. Yay!

When the rest of the group had finally settled on which Ali Maju to go to, we set off for our trek across the college to get some food. Joanna got sidetracked by the Nigerian basketball team captain who has a crush on her, but we were all very hungry so we left her behind.

In the Ali Maju Ian asked why all my friends were girls. I tried to convince him that I had plenty of guy friends, but when I tried to name them I found that I only have two. Well, three if you count Nigel. Ian said that I've got too many girl friends, and that's the reason why I don't have any girlfriends. I agreed with him and pointed out how dudes with no guy friends usually end up with boyfriends.

Joanna joined us sometime during that conversation, and when we were done with that topic my brother moved on to telling my friends about how I was a bully in primary school and how I was responsible for getting all my siblings into home schooling with me. He described, in detail, exactly what I do when I laugh real hard, which made me laugh real hard, almost synching up to his descriptions.

When lunch was done all my friends were in agreement that my brother was a funny and awesome dude, and I was pretty scared about letting him meet them again in case he stole all my friends away from me.

After that I went to wait with Joanna for her next class. While we were waiting I met Juria, one of the girls from the third semester. I asked about buying her old textbooks, and she said she'd think about it. We kept talking until her class started, at which point she left to get educated and I left to go to meet the rest of my friends at the Department of Student Affairs.

When I got to the DSA Li Ying was playing pool, Carmeni was texting, and Elo was napping. I was a bit sad about the last bit, because she was in my favorite spot that I had been using for naps all of last semester. Elo woke up and asked if Ian was my real brother. Apparently we don't look much like each other at all, so she thought he was adopted or my step brother or something. Silly girl. After that we all listened (or pretended to listen) to Elo talk about her ridiculously huge family with thirty-something cousins or whatever before going on to discuss whether or not having a thing for your cousins is weird (I was on the "You guys, it totally is" side).

When that was, Elo went back to napping and Li Ying went back to pool. I practiced reciting 1 Corinthians 13 and the Beatitudes to Carmeni a bit before we somehow got into an argument over whether 16 or 18 was the legal age of consent. I ran off to the computer lab to prove her wrong, and came back victorious. It's 16, says so in Article 375 of the Criminal Code or something. Look it up, yo. I also looked up the verses I had forgotten from Corinthians and the Beatitudes, so whoever used that computer next would be confronted with some pretty weird search history.

Anyway, it was time for our classes so we left the DSA to our respective classrooms. Physics was fun. The lecturer's a cool dude, the subject matter is interesting, and judging by the course outline it should be easier than Calculus. I was sitting at the front and asking questions the whole time, so I think I came off as a bit of a twat to the other students.

After Physics was finished I met up with my friends again, talked for a bit, and then left on my motorcycle. While I was waiting for traffic to clear up before leaving college, some guy drove up to me and told me to "Just go lah". Yeah, thanks buddy, but I don't think so. I've still got wounds on my arm and a missing indicator on my motorcycle from the last time I followed that piece of advice.

So yeah, all in all it was a pretty great day.

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