Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Facebook Account Was Deactivated but Today is Still Awesome

I really need a nap, so let's see if I can make this short.

Went to college early today, met some friends (maybe, this could've happened later also), went to my first class (Engineering Mathematics Applications), got told by another lecturer that Mr. Joel was sick today so there wouldn't be a class, waited around to tell the rest of my classmates the news, met my classmates (who were all friendly people who I look forward to learning with), wrote that the class was cancelled on the whiteboard, hung out in the hall with Alessandra and her friend from the first semester, used the internet to check Facebook and stuff in the computer lab with Joanna and Nigel, went to my first Advanced English class (it looks like it'll be an okay subject except for the research paper. Also, the lecturer said that nobody in the current third semester got a HD for their Intermediate English, which makes me feel a bit proud of myself), got Juria's phone number from her so I could contact her to buy her Critical Thinking Skills textbook later, went to the computer lab to find that my Facebook account had been deactivated, e-mailed Facebook to ask why, went to find a place to read a book, told Ashley that Mr. Joel was sick today so Calculus would probably be cancelled, read a book, followed Juria to her car to buy her CTS textbook, met Mr. Joel outside a class because he decided to teach anyway despite being sick, explained Ashley's absence to Mr. Joel, helped Alessandra's first semester friend photocopy some Calculus notes, hung out with Joanna and Niri and company for lunch, went to the computer lab to see if my Facebook account was reactivated (it wasn't), attended my CTS class (it was the most interesting and fun class so far, and the textbook is also the most interesting one so far. I think I'll read through it just for the sake of a good read, not for study's sake), tried to find someone to have lunch with, failed, met up with Carmeni and Elo and company, said goodbye to aforementioned company, got on my motorcycle to go home, met aforementioned company briefly on the road again before overtaking them, got home, found nothing to eat, got on the computer, found my Facebook account was still deactivated, texted Juria to cheer her up, wrote this post in list form so I could fill out the details when I edit it and make it a note on Facebook (if I ever get reactivated).

I talked to a guy at college who said his Facebook account was deactivated but it was reactivated the next day, which gave me some hope. Then I googled "Account Deactivated Facebook" and read about some people who got their accounts back and some who didn't. Finally, when I got home, my sister told me about her friend whose account was deactivated and never reactivated, so now I'm worried again.

If I never get my old account back, I wonder whether I should start a new account or just not join Facebook. I hope I don't have to make that choice.

Anyway, one day I might expand this post into something coherent. I might forget the details, though, so this might be as good as it gets.

Oh yeah, I still haven't eaten anything since last night. I think that means I've been fasting for longer than most of my Malay friends have today. Huh.

Edit: My Facebook account was reactivated! Yaaay! The Facebook folks are quick at fixing mistakes made by their security system. Pleasant chaps, those guys.

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