Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Long Hair

Calico is fine. Yay! Anyway, here's a slightly interesting (at best) story of what I did today.

So I went to college today to try and sell my books from last semester and also to ask some questions about the second semester. I got most of my questions answered but none of my books sold.

I met some friends from last semester, Effe and Jia Yin, when I was waiting to ask a question at the admin desk. Jia Yin was also selling her books. I went looking for her notice so I could see what I should do when I put my own up, but I couldn't find it.

I met the girls again in one of the computer labs and tried to convince them to change their groupings so we'd be in some classes together and I wouldn't be all alone, but I couldn't get them to. I guess I'll have to make some new friends next semester.

After that they went to the toilet and didn't come back. Then I met another friend from last semester, Azri. He was helping his friend sign up for some stuff. We talked about results and schedules and the emptiest subjects (Internet Principles and Engineering Mathematics Applications, with 20 and 18 empty slots respectively) until they went back to the hostel.

I decided to go out and look for Jia Yin's secondhand textbook notice. Along the way I saw a couple of guys I had met at my Poker Night at my friend's house a few days earlier. Anyway, I found the notice and it looked very nice, but it said that she was selling her Computing Principles book, which I had heard was not part of the curriculum anymore.

I went to find the girls again to tell Jia Yin about her notice and the curriculum change. When I reached them, they were sitting at a table near the stairs and commenting on everyone walking past. We talked for a bit before the girls had to go to the toilet again. This time Effe said they'd leave their bags at the table so that they'd have to come back.

After they returned we talked a bit more before leaving to go wait for the bus. At the bus stop we talked about our first day at college and our first impressions of each other. They girls thought it was cool that they actually got to personally meet a "Western Nerd". I just took that as a compliment. They also told me that I should grow my hair long, which I guess I'll do.

Then bus arrived, so we got on and they talked me through the process of using a public bus, since I hadn't been in one in years. It was an educational experience for sure. I got off at the stop nearest to home and walked the rest of the way.

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