Thursday, October 8, 2009

Like Some Sort of Inverted Tuesday

Not feeling very motivated to type. Gonna leave a lot of stuff out, probably.

Today my morning class was cancelled because my lecturer was teaching in Vietnam. I talked about The Sims 3 with my classmate instead. After that I lent some super glue to Carmeni for her Human Communications project. The cap was stuck, so Arun tried to open it with his teeth. He ended up almost gluing his mouth shut. When I attempted to open it I ended up squeezing glue out of the tube through a hole he had made. I ended up with glue all over my fingers. I managed to get it out when I remembered that alcohol dissolves the bonds of the glue and hand sanitizer contains alcohol, so getting the glue out was just a matter of finding a friend with a bottle of hand sanitizer.

After I got the glue out and finished my English class, I took a nap in the hall with some friends while they worked on a project and we all waited for Marc, a friend from our first semester, to visit. When he finally arrived we went for lunch.

I had to leave in the middle of lunch to get to class. After class I played truth or dare and then took another nap. After the nap I did some physics homework, and after the physics homework I went to LOL, which was this comedy event that some of the students were organizing.

There was some good music and some funny music and some beatboxing with alright comedy and then some very good comedy followed by some very comedic beatboxing (If you ever get the opportunity to hear someone beatbox a lion dance, don't miss it) and then a final musical act before I went home.

That last paragraph could easily be expanded fivefold, but I'm tired. I had a good day, though.

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