Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mid-Terms and Movies

So today I had my midterm examination for Advanced English. It was as easy as I was expecting it to be. My only problem was that I didn't have enough time to finish my essay, so I kinda had to rush through the last bit. I just finished my last word when the paper was taken from me. After the test was over I was talking to people about how the exam went. The essay was the topic that came up most often. We had three subjects to choose from: E-mails, Cinemas, and Homeschooling. I only read up to movies before I made my decision and started writing. It was only after my introduction was complete that I looked up to see what the third option was. It was too late to turn back by then, though, so I just kept writing. Everyone I talked to assumed I had gone with homeschooling. Oh well, writing about cinemas was nice, even if everything after the first half of my first con was rushed and written with little to no thought put into it.

Not much happened before the test. Joanna had commented on Facebook that she didn't even think I was capable of growing facial hair to shave, so I found her before the test and showed her the beard I was growing for midterms week. She didn't care. The whole point of that beard was to prove her wrong. Man, winning sucks when the losers are all apathetic about it.

Oh yeah, I also now know three people who don't want to be my date to the ball. It's okay, going alone means that I can dance like an idiot and the only person I'll embarrass is myself.

Anyway, after the midterms were over I tried to find someone to go to Subway with, but everyone was leaving, so I left, too. I tried to think up an appropriate post-midterm riding-a-tiny-motorcycle-through-light-rain-at-moderate-speeds song to sing, but the closest I could get was Simple Plan. Oh well.

After I got home I went with my siblings to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and it was very very good. When that was done we looked at some games and ate some dinner and came home.

This is quite a short post. Anyway here's a list of other things that happened lately:
-Physics mid-term was on Tuesday. We shared an examination hall with the Marketing students. Among them was this dude with Tourette's Syndrome. Calculating the effects of gravity on trigonometric velocities is more than a little bit harder when there's a guy two rows across from you yelling obscenities every half-minute or so.
-Engineering Mathematics Applications midterm was on Wednesday. It was nice because I knew what I had to do for all the questions except one. I stayed for the full two hours and I was one of the last people to leave the exam hall (The other person was the lecturer). While I was at my motorcycle, my lecturer came by and commented on how cute it was. I wish people would stop saying that about the bike. It is literally the first thing everyone says when they see it, and the first thing I say is how everyone always says that. The second thing they say is "How many CCs does it have?" and then I say "I dunno". I don't know the third thing.
-Yeah I think that's it.
-I'm kinda hungry.

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