Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Post Should Be Longer

So. Awards Day was today, as were a couple of replacement classes at college because of last Tuesday's holiday.

Awards Day was good. I got a whole bunch of badges, including a one-year-service badge I had forgotten to request four or so years ago and have been waiting for ever since, and my certificate of completion for Basic NCO Training Course, which I had been waiting for since '07. Lots of people got promoted, including my younger brother Jan and a whole bunch of my friends. I'm still a lance corporal, though, but you couldn't argue that I deserved a promotion anyway. Oh well, there's still a chance at promotion if I buck up before Enrolment Day.

On the way back home, my dad made a deal with me. If I got a date for the college ball, he'd pay the full ticket price, otherwise he'd only pay RM80 and I'd have to cover the extra fifty. I'd already been approached by one of lecturers, Ms Usha, who asked if I wanted help getting a date. I agreed and now she's out looking for someone who'd make a good match for the night. When I met her today she said it was a "work in progress". I am cautiously optimistic.

College was okay. It was a replacement for Tuesday, so all the classes were held at the same time in the same place. Tuesdays are my busiest day, with classes from 8am to 6pm with only a one-hour break the whole time. Fortunately my eight o'clock class was not on, neither was my twelve o'clock or three thirty class. All I had were Critical Thinking Skills at 9:30, which I had to miss and will be replacing this Monday, and English at two o'clock, which ended early because everyone was tired. After English I found a bunch of my friends playing hide-and-seek in one of the darkened classrooms and joined in. It was pretty fun. My friends seem to have been playing some pretty childish games lately. The other day we played Pepsi Cola and a rather interesting game of Truth or Dare.

So yeah, that was my day. I also found out when I got home that one of my friends had met Boys Like Girls yesterday night to celebrate her birthday eve. I cannot believe I did not know Boys Like Girls were going to be in KL yesterday. I need to stop missing opportunities like this. First it was the crew at Mist, now Boys Like Girls. At least I still got to go to the MTV World Stage mosh pit and the fashion show at Mist, I guess.

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