Saturday, October 10, 2009

Technically Yesterday

Having a lecturer in Vietnam meant that my morning class was cancelled, so I got to sleep in until 9. It was pretty sweet.

After waking up I walked the stairs with my sister and told her how the day before went. Then all my siblings and I went to one of the many Ali Majus near my college for breakfast. I had to leave in the middle of it because I had a Critical Thinking Skills class that was starting soon. Miss Tay, our lecturer, forgot the cable to connect the laptops to the projector, so she had to go leave to get that. While she was away I went up to repark my motorcycle. I saw my siblings, but they didn't notice me.

On the way back to class after reparking the motorcycle I passed by my friends. I told them my siblings were eating breakfast nearby and they asked to meet them. Unfortunately, by the time I got my brother on the phone they had already left, and he had paid for my meal a second time (I had paid when leaving). Perhaps I should have said something to them when I was on the way to repark the motorcycle.

Anyway, the presentations were started when I got to class. They were quite good. During the breaks between them I asked this dude about this BMW he had as his background. Apparently he had the exact same model, so that was cool. I'm not sure whether the story of how he got the car was about fantastic profits from stockbreaking combined with connections to dudes in the import/export business or organized crime and German car thieves, but I don't really want to find out. The intrigue is exciting.

After CTS I helped Joanna brainstorm some ideas for her human communications project. Nothing much to note about that except the joke question of whether it's halal for a Malay chick to kiss Chinese dude who had char siew for breakfast. I invited Jo to Christian Fellowship, but she was busy until next month. Eh.

I arrived in the KPD a bit late, but CF hadn't started yet so things were cool. I passed the time by failing to understand this one girl's chemistry notes before moving on to reading this really good text about WW1 and letters from her english notes.

CF was alright. The speaker's message was about the influences of media. There was a bit about DotA and connections to the occult which I found ridiculous. I got in a bit of a debate with the speaker over that, partially because I wanted to make things more interesting and partially because I enjoyed the irony of playing the Devil's Advocate in Christian Fellowship. I talked to the speaker after CF was finished and found out he had been a missionary for 26 years. That was cool. I also helped some guys fill out some surveys for their assignments before heading home.

When I got home I karaoke'd for a while with my youngest sister. That was fun. I took a long nap after that and woke up several hours later to the news on the BBC that Obama had won the Nobel Peace Prize and from my brother that we were going to TGI Friday's for dinner.

TGIF was okay. The lamb seemed a bit overdone, but I finally got to have parfait. I had been wondering what that stuff was since I saw the first Shrek movie. I'm glad I finally know what that stuff is now. While at the restaurant I talked about pyramid schemes, binary marketing, and multi-level marketing, then my dad told us about this Ponzi scheme he was almost conned into. Other subjects were discussed but I will skip them so I can finish this and go to bed.

On the walk back to the car we saw birds. Loads and loads of birds, all sitting on the side of the old wing of One Utama. If you're ever there at night, look closely at the black lines on the sides of the building. It's awesome.

So yeah, I got home, did no work, and now I'm writing this. I really need to study hyperbolic functions sometime. Oh yeah and here is the definition of devil's advocate in case you didn't know. Now that I've got a link in my blog I guess I should start linking to my friends. Eh, I'll do that next time I'm free.

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