Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Chose Wasting Time Over Getting Stuff Done

My Friday eight o'clock class was cancelled, so I got to wake up late. I had set my alarm for nine, but I woke up at eight thirty and I couldn't get back to sleep. Apparently my body has become so used to my sleep-real-late-and-wake-up-real-early schedule that it thinks five and a half hours is an appropriate amount of nightly rest. That's a bit disturbing.

Anyway, I spent my free time lounging around the house and chatting with my younger siblings. I arrived at college around fifteen minutes early for my CTS class at eleven. I found some friends to sit and talk to for a while before I had to go for class.

Class went by quite quickly because of how interesting our work was. Venn diagrams can be a bit confusing, but they are fun to map out, especially when you're working with a friend.

I was the last person to leave the class because I stayed back to ask my lecturer some questions about the diagrams. As I was walking through the hall to get to the parking lot and my motorcycle, I saw Elo working on her research paper. I sat down to help her with her introduction and references. She was practically done with it already, which made me reflect on my paper and how unfinished it is. I pushed the thought out of my mind and decided I would return to it later when I went to the computer lab to work on the paper.

I reformatted a reference for Elo and helped her rearrange her introduction, and in return she showed me how my formatting for my paper had been wrong (I should have used double line spacing instead of 1.5). It was around this point that we realized how hungry we both were, so we went to McDonald's for some lunch.

I ended up buying an extra sundae and convincing Elo to upsize her meal so that I could get a second clear Coca-Cola contour glass. Somehow I managed to eat everything I ordered, but I felt quite sick afterwards. Oh well, free cups.

During meal I would occasionally glance at my watch to see if I could still make it to Christian Fellowship. It had started at 12:30, which was before I had left my CTS class, but I figured that I could still drop in a bit late and catch a bit of the message, which was about donkeys in the Bible and sounded like fun. I also wanted to get some of my surveys filled by the older students there. Lunch, however, ended at around one forty-five, so going to CF at that point would have been pointless.

After lunch we went to the computer lab, and that is where we stayed for the next three hours. Joanna and Roshaan were also there. Jo spent her time messing about on Facebook and blogs while working on her Human Communications assignment, Roshaan was playing Counter-Strike the whole time, and Elo played CS against Roshaan for a while before using her laptop to find nostalgic songs to assign to each of her friends or something. As for me, the first two hours or so were spent faffing about on the internet with occasional breaks to help Elo win some CS rounds or give Jo a critique on her assignment, and around fifteen minutes working on my research paper. I did not get anything done that I couldn't have done at home without the internet. This is something I will regret soon when I realize that the deadline is really close and I simply do not have time to get it done properly, but that moment has not arrived yet and I'm going to enjoy this relatively stress-free state while it lasts.

Anyway, the lab. I also showed Jo that the mirror at the back of the lab was actually a window, but when we went behind it to mess with Roshaan and Elo, they could still see us. It was disappointing, but we Elo did manage to take a couple of pictures that made us look like ghosts, so that was a plus. Another thing that happened during the three or so hours in the lab was a spontaneous breaking-into of song. Most of them were from the Lion King. The singalong ended when we got to songs that only I knew the lyrics to, which left me singing alone and with no other voice to drown out my terribleness. The others asked me to please stop. I know how bad my singing is, so I did. It was fun while it lasted, though.

After we left the lab we were approached by these three dudes who asked us if we'd like to participate in a survey about cell phone service providers. Jo, Elo, and Roshaan agreed before I could make up my mind, so I was left standing around when they started their survey. Thankfully, Elo invited me over to her table to do the survey. The guy recording our answers had to pull double-duty, so we finished a little while after Roshaan and Jo were done. When we were all done I asked the survey dudes if they would help me out with my research paper by filling in my survey. They did, and so I finally had fifteen completed surveys, which is the amount that is required for the paper. That was nice.

When that was over we walked to a bus stop to wait for a bus that would take Joanna and Elo to the Bangsar LRT station, and from there they would go to the Kelana Jaya station, and from there they would go to work for three hours or so promoting this rather tasty juice thing. Joanna practiced her pitch for the product with me as we were walking, and so now I know quite a lot about the stuff, but I somehow can't remember its name. Oh well.

After a long while the bus arrived and I said goodbye. As I was walking to my motorcycle I saw that the moon was already out, and in my boredom I sent a text to Jo informing her of this. It was probably one of the least necessary text messages I've ever sent.

When I got home I took a long nap while everyone else went out for dinner. When I woke up I ate some pasta and proceeded to karaoke for the next few hours. My siblings were in the room and they did not appreciate my warbling. I told them I'd stop if one of them beat my score for "Circle of Life", so after a while my younger brother came over and he did. Right when I had turned off the TV, though, my dad showed up and said he wanted to karaoke, which started another two-hour session.

So when that was done I got on my younger brother's computer because he's got the in-case-of-dead-Streamyx-connection wireless modem plugged in. I kinda wanted to work on my research paper, but mostly I wanted to blog and faff about on the internet. Naturally I got the last two done and neglected the first and most important one. I'm putting that off until later (again) because I am tired and I want to get to bed soon.

So now it's technically Saturday. At BB I've got new responsibilities which involve collecting attendance reports from squad leaders and compiling them in Excel, which I'm not looking forward to. I'm also going to get a few more responses for my survey for safety's sake. After that's done I may or may not be driving my younger siblings to the All-American Rejects concert, depending on whether my parents are free. I guess I may also be picking them up after it's done.

So yeah, that's about it for this post. Despite my nap earlier, I am tired so I'll end this real soon, but first I wanna talk about the dream I had during the aforementioned nap. I guess I should be more reluctant to go into details since this blog is open for everyone to read, but nobody's going to read this far in anyway so screw it. In my dream I was sitting a pier with two of my friends from earlier on today. We were just talking. It was nice. There wasn't any feeling of assignments that needed to be done or classes to be rushed to or anything. We were living in the moment and the moment was lazy and relaxing. Aside from that there was the usual surreal elements that come with every dream, in this case it was a bunch of middle-aged people on the far side of the pier doing whatever it is middle-aged people do, and also something about some post-Merdeka statues and/or monuments and/or flags. Anyway if I accept that dreams are expressions of subconscious desires, then (ignoring the surreal elements, of course) my dream probably meant that I'm lonely and want people to talk to, and I want to be able to just not care about responsibilities for a while and just exist. Also I guess it also means I've still got feelings for someone who I thought I was over. Oh well.

So yeah, this is the last paragraph. I'll give it two more sentences, excluding this one. Um, I could've spent this time to get a lot of my research paper done. Also, I want to skip taking a shower tonight and just head straight for bed, but I'm not going to because I have other stuff to do before bed such as preparing for BB and oh crap this is my last sentence oh well I'll cheat and make it a run on is there anything else I want to say no not really well then goodnight and goodbye and why am I so reluctant to just hit the period button on the keyboard and then fill in some tags and then hit post and then close this I don't know oh well time to just press that button and leave the computer here goes okay false alarm okay this is really it.

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