Monday, March 15, 2010

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The internet's been down for the past few days. It got fixed on Saturday, though, so that was nice.

Recently I've been sleeping on the couch a lot more because I'm too lazy to get my exercises done at night. As a result I have to do my exercises and take my showers in the morning. It's not so bad.

Not much has happened. I've played more RuneScape, I guess. That game really sucks a person in. I also e-mailed out my part of the Psychology assignment.

I went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner to celebrate the first half of March 14th (International Steak and BJ day) and it ended up costing quite a lot. It was pretty dang tasty, though, so that was worthwhile.

Monday is the last day I'll be able to work on my Finite Mathematics assignment before I have to hand it in. I've got all the answers, now I just need the workings. I'm going to do them during my break with Amanda.

Also I had this dream where I was making out with this girl in an elevator and after it was over I spent the rest of the night trying to dream it again. It did not happen. That was disappointing.

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