Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today I Had a Lot of Food

Today between classes I went to KFC to buy an ice cream jelly cup, but they didn't have any jelly left. I bought some popcorn chicken instead, and it was nice and fresh and juicy. After that I bought a couple of doughnuts from Donut Empire, and then I got some fries from McDonald's. While I was paying for my fries I realized I had forgotten my doughnut change, so I went back and got that. Also, I bought an ice blended mango drink. It was okay.

When I got home Ian said he'd buy me popcorn chicken if I went with him while he did some tax stuff or something, so I said yes. After I enjoyed my chicken I got myself an ice cream jelly cup, and it was good.

Back home I went on the computer for a long while. I've started playing RuneScape again because I'm bored.

Oh yeah, apparently everyone in Melacca had a great time. They got to eat onion rings and garlic bread and sausages.

I'll have to start on my Psychology assignment soon.

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