Friday, March 5, 2010

More Stuff that I Did

On Wednesday I went to a cell group meeting for Christian Fellowship. It was okay. After that I had a Finite Maths class.

Later on that day I had to drive Hannah to One Utama because she was going rock climbing with some friends. She thought she had to be there at 5:45, but she got there at 6:30 or something, when actually the thing started at 5:00. Oh well. I borrowed her iPod for a bit and then took a nap. We were only there for fifteen minutes.

Anyway, on Thursday I got my mid-term results back for Finite Mathematics and Physics. I got 17.5% out of 20% for Finite Maths because I didn't show my working and also because of a few careless mistakes. For Physics I got 11.5% out of 20%, so I'm really going to have to buck up if I want to make it through.

It was also Li Ying's birthday, so everyone chipped in five ringgit and got her a cake. It was chocolate indulgence and it was delicious.

Hannah, Ian, Jan, and I went to Mid Valley at night to go watch Alice in Wonderland, but all the tickets were sold out so we watched Up in the Air again. The censorship in that movie was idiotic, as usual. Good thing I had already watched it before so I still knew what was going on.

The bus for camp leaves at 2:15 on Friday. I still haven't packed. Hm.

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