Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gyah, I Itch!

I fell asleep on the couch a bit earlier on and when I woke up the Discovery Channel was airing a show about the guy in Indonesia with the tree-like warts all over his body and I felt all itchy all over and that feeling hasn't passed. Ugh, that's unbearably gross.

Anyway, much earlier I had breakfast in McDonald's after my Finite Mathematics was over. It was pretty tasty. I actually ate in McDonald's twice; the second time was with Amanda when she went for lunch. I had fries and a medium drink for the first time in a long time. Usually I just get large. I wanted an ice cream but the machine was broken, so I settled for a drink.

I met Kenneth from my condominium when I was walking to my Physics lab. We didn't have any experiments in Physics today, so Mr Naj just showed us some of the equipment in the lab. I played with a slinky for a bit and then I went back to the main block early so I could take a nap.

Psychology was fun. We were learning about sexual motivation today, so that was of course an interesting subject that everyone enjoyed.

When I got back home I finished the last remaining three episodes of Glee. I drove Hannah and Jan to McDonald's and now Hannah will finally let me read the seventh book, which is excellent. She has two free ride coupons from me, though.

Oh yeah, Carmeni watched Zombieland the other day, so now I'm obliged to watch New Moon as soon as she gets me the DVD. Should be fun to mock.

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