Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Poor and Procrastinating

Ian owes me 82 ringgit since yesterday I lent him my Maybankard to fill his car. Maybe I can get my dad to subtract it from his allowance and add it to mine.

Anyway, today I had three classes. Finite mathematics was okay. We finished matrices today and now I'll have to pay attention because everything else is new material. I'm almost done with The Lexus and the Olive Tree, so once that's done I'll stop reading in class. Also, we got our assignments today. We have to hand them in in a week. I've figured out how to solve most of the problems, so I just have to remember to show the working and I'll be fine.

We had a tutorial session in the lab for Physics. It was mostly the same formula with different variables. There were some tricky questions, but Mr Naj helped us figure them out.

Before Psychology, I had another jelly ice cream cup from KFC. It was real nice. During Psychology, Carmeni challenged me not to fall asleep during the class. I failed. I managed to stay awake during the first forty-five minutes and the last half-hour, but I nodded off for a while for the bit in between. We discussed puberty and stuff, so that was interesting.

Back at home I went on the computer for an irresponsible amount of time. I set my alarm for seven o'clock so that I could start some homework, but all I really did was create a word document and name it. Oh well.

I'm still playing RuneScape, although I'm not really sure why.

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