Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fifth Day of Training

So, Wednesday.

I didn't actually fall asleep after writing my last post. After my shower I kinda just climbed into bed and lay there for half an hour until my alarm went off, then I went about getting ready for the day and such.

Aunty Rosie needed the car for something so I couldn't take the car. Instead, I went with Aunty Rosie so she could drive it back and use it for whatever. We left at around seven fifteen. I ordered McDonald's for breakfast since I was early enough to finally have the time to do so. We used the drive through, so I didn't have enough time to perfectly optimize the pricing, but I ended up with an order of RM27 that included three hash browns, three ice milos, one sausage McMuffin for me and one sausage McMuffin with egg for Aunty Rosie, and also some hotcakes and an extra sausage patty. By right Aunty Rosie's portion should have cost RM5, but she paid RM10. I'll fill up her car a little more next time.

I stopped at 1 Tech Park so I could get out and put my stuff down to eat while Aunty Rosie got in the driver's seat and went back home. I managed to construct the following monstrosity from my order:
It's a bun, then a piece of hotcake with syrup, then a hash brown, then a patty, then a hash brown, then a patty, then a hash brown, then another piece of hotcake with more syrup. It was amazing. The syrup was the key.

After breakfast I went to the roof to enjoy the cool morning air and the nice view. I had my phone with me so I had music to enhance the atmosphere.

I arrived in the training room at eight. Hariz told us that he had bad news and good news. He delivered the bad news first: Since Jonathan and I had passed the test, we would be going live on the floor (taking calls, basically) that day. The good news was that the others could retake the test, so they wouldn't have to worry about failing the training or anything. I don't see how us going live on the floor was bad news, though. It was more like two pieces of good news.

Jonathan and I went out to buddy up while the rest of them retook the test. I was with Koshla again, which is good, because she's very professional. There were very few people on the floor so there were a lot of calls waiting and people were more frustrated than last time. There were less wrong numbers, though.

After that we went back in and learnt stuff, and then we had a lunch break. I spent half of it in front of the computer, and then I went upstairs to check out the empty floor. It was only when I arrived that I realized it was full that day because a mobile blood donation unit was there.

I was greeted on my way in by my department's business manager, Edward. He was on his way out. I walked in and filled in some forms, and then a nurse pricked my finger to get some blood to check my blood type. I'm type A. I was sent to the doctor, who asked if there was anything I wanted to ask before the donation started. I asked her if the nurse was correct when she said that it was okay for me to donate even though I had bipolar disorder. The doctor told me that it wasn't okay, because even though my blood was fit for use, bipolar disorder is caused by a chemical imbalance, which can be brought on by a loss of blood, which meant that I could never donate blood ever. This was disappointing, but I guess it was for my own good.

I went back to training and learnt some stuff for a while, and then we had a break. I took a nap. During the break, Jack came in and gave Sean some recruitment forms to fill because the ones we had filled after the interview were with Roy Morgan. Sean passed me mine when I woke up. After training I filled them in and gave them to Jack.

Aunty Rosie drove over with Susanna to pick me up. She told me that we were going to Bangsar Village to buy Susanna a movie because Hannah wouldn't download it for her. I told Aunty Rosie to just save the money because I'd download whatever movie she wanted. We went to pick up my contact lenses instead. When we got to the optometrist, I realized I had no money, so we went back and I got my money from my dad, then I drove over and got the lenses.

When I got home again I didn't do much before I was asleep on the floor again, this time in front of the TV. Nobody woke me up for dinner (again), so I had to reheat everything when I woke up around four hours later at 11pm. I ate my carbonara while watching Deadliest Warrior on Ian's computer. I had known from the list of weapons that the SEALs would win, even though I think the Israeli commandos are more awesome.

So I never ended up answering calls on Wednesday, but today (Thursday), I will. Chances are, in around five and a half hours I'll be on the phone providing people in Australia and New Zealand with the best support options for all their HP Desktop related problems. Yay!

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