Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Day Before Work

Today is the first day since my Redang holiday that I haven't taken two showers. I didn't have time to take my morning shower, and when I woke up it was afternoon, anyway. My next chance to shower was when I got back from driving my dad around, and by then it was evening so a shower would have been quite pointless.

My dad woke me up at two o'clock in the afternoon so I could drive him around because he had a couple of meetings that he needed to get to very soon. The first place I dropped my dad off at was KL Sentral. I went to get lunch from the Brickfields KFC but I had no money, so I walked over to the CIMB ATMs to withdraw some cash, but their switch transfer system wasn't working so I had no money so I couldn't eat.

After that I took my dad to this incredibly boring place called Bandar Pemaisuri or something like that and there were no places to eat there except for nasi kandar places and kopitiams. I settled for the busiest kopitiam and fortunately enough, they had chicken chop, so I ordered that.

When I was done eating I went back to the car and found ants carrying their eggs across the dashboard, so I killed a bunch of them with my slipper. They were coming out of the air conditioning system, so I assumed that's where their queen was. When I picked up my dad he told me that they had probably come from Terrenganu and moved their nest into his car while we were in Redang.

While stuck in various jams on the way back, I texted all my friends to see if anyone was free on Saturday to do something. I don't think anybody was.

Later on in the evening, my dad found that there was a problem with our toilet lights, so he asked one of us to go buy some new lights. I said that the blinking lights didn't bother me, so Ian could go get them, but Ian didn't want to. My dad said that one of us had better volunteer or else, so I told him I'd do it.

Jan came with me to buy the lights and we gave them to Ian to install when we got home.

I'm waking up at five-ish tomorrow so I can be ready by seven fifteen because that's when my dad and I will be leaving so he can drop me off at 1 Tech Park for the job training. Also Clement's friend had to apply for Roy Morgan since HP was full.

The Office DVD extras are almost as good as the series itself.

I also watched this great Bollywood action scene with Jan. I cried laughing. There were literally tears streaming down my face; I was laughing nonstop for maybe two minutes.

I still haven't gotten a call or text from the lady who owns the dogs. I guess I won't be seeing them again after all.

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