Saturday, September 11, 2010

Country Club and Cloverfield

A little over three hours ago, it was Friday. I woke up at four in the afternoon on Friday. Hannah woke me up to ask me if I was going to drive her and Ebony to the KL Golf and Country Club so they could bowl. I asked her when she wanted to leave, and she said right then. I told her that I would need half an hour. We haggled over how much time she'd give me and we compromised at 23 and a half minutes. Or maybe 22 and a half. Whatever.

Anyway, I got up and started reading my Bible, but then my mum said that she would drive them there instead. When I was done with my chapters for the day, I told them to wait for me while I did the stairs and got ready to go out. My mum asked how long it would take, and I said seven minutes, so she agreed. I ended up taking nine.

Jan joined us to go bowling. I bowled terribly at first (12) and ended up bowling better but still terribly after some tips from my mum (54, I think). While we were bowling, a couple of girls were sitting nearby, and I told Jan I'd give him five bucks if he had the balls to go over and talk to them for long enough to get their names. He didn't, but he told me he'd give me three bucks if I were to do the same. I told him that I would right after I finished bowling my next turn. The girls left right as my next turn started. Oh well.

After that we went swimming. Originally I didn't want to swim, but everyone else was swimming and Jan told me that the showers were awesome, so I decided to swim so I would have an excuse to take a hotel-quality shower (I am a huge fan of hot water). The showers were really good. KLGCC has an infinity pool, so it looks pretty cool. I lost my last pair of contact lenses when I opened my eyes to see how near the end of the pool was while swimming underwater, but it wasn't too bad since my contact lens supply was only supposed to last six months and it ended up lasting around a year. It does mean that I'll have to wear my glasses to Nick's farewell party, though. Oh yeah, there were also snails at the pool.

When we got back, Aunty Rosie had made a tasty dinner with great homemade fries. The fries were a bit soggy because we got home late, but they were still great.

I watched Cloverfield again and read all about it. It's still one of my favourite movies and Hud is still the character I still enjoy having been compared with most (the others being Columbus, Sheldon Cooper, and Fogel, in that order). I want to watch it again soon, but with a friend this time.

It's now very late so I'm going to bed again. This time I hope to wake up at around ten. I got a miscall from the lady who owns the dogs when I was swimming. Hopefully she was calling to say that tomorrow I can visit the dogs that I helped rescue. I sent a text for clarification.

I dislike residual feelings of attraction because they make you jealous and petty even when you don't want to be. I'm happy for both of them, really, it's just that sometimes my subconscious is not. My subconscious is a dick.

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