Monday, September 13, 2010

Third Day of Training, Lost One of My Jobs

So today I lost a job. Well, I never had it to begin with, but I thought I had it, but I actually don't. I've still got another job, though, so it's not that bad.

I started off today by waking up early and then falling asleep again while reading my Bible which meant that I had to rush to leave the house in time to arrive at work by 8am. It was exactly 8am when I reached the training room.

There was nobody there to train us, so after an hour we were told that we could go for breakfast while our trainer arrived from Rawang. I went to McDonald's. It was pretty dang tasty.

When I got back there was still no trainer, and then we were told that our trainer's car broke down so we could go for lunch while they found someone else to train us. I used the lunch break to listen to music while napping.

Finally we got a trainer. I forgot what his name was, I think it starts with a P. Anyway, he was quite good. Hariz was better, but then again this guy's speciality wasn't training so he did quite well considering. He taught us how to register a customer and an asset. That took about two hours, and then he went home at four.

We sat around for another half hour before I went out to ask what we were waiting for. We were told we could go.

Sharmila (Shamini? The recruitment lady I met the first time I ever went to Datacom, with my dad) told me that Roy Morgan had a problem and they couldn't take me on. I asked why Jack had offered me dual jobs in the first place if this was the case, and she told me he wasn't aware and it was actually their department's problem. I went up to check with the Roy Morgan department and Kelly told me that the government had a new rule in place whereby if a part-timer worked a certain amount of hours, the company would have to pay for their insurance and pension or something involving acronyms. This was only coming in to effect in October, and Jack wasn't aware of it when he offered me the HP job when I was applying for Roy Morgan. Anyway, all this meant was that it wasn't anybody's fault, really, but as long as I worked in HP I couldn't work in Roy Morgan because then I'd clock too many hours and they'd have to go through the hassle of figuring which department would pay for everything and that wasn't something they wanted to do. So I guess I've got a lot more free time but a lot less money. Oh well.

In the lobby I talked to Sean, Ganesh, and Eddie about what was going on with HP and why I couldn't work both accounts and such. I'd mention what I said but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be confidential or whatever so I'll just play it safe and say nothing. Anyway at the end of today's training I think we only earned two hour's worth of salary since that's how long we were trained, which meant that we wasted six hours. Oh well, at least we had internet access.

After work I drove to the optometrist to order new contact lenses. She gave me a check up and went over my history. I've been wearing the same pair of glasses for three years now. Apparently it's bad for my eyes since my right eye astigmatism is increasing, but my dad probably won't pay for new glasses unless mine break, and I have never broken a pair of glasses. It's always been someone else's fault. But yeah, the optometrist gave me a good deal for contact lenses: six months' supply plus two free left eye lenses to pair with the two right eye ones that I have left over. While I was there I helped her mum view a slideshow of wedding pictures. There wasn't really a problem, it was just that Windows 7 streamlining made it difficult to figure out what to do next.

Back at home I told my dad about what was going on with the contact lenses and how I had gotten six months' worth of lenses plus a check-up plus two additional left eye lenses for only RM20 more than the other store was offering. He doesn't like the way the optometrist does business or something so I felt the need to justify everything to him. I like her, though, she's familiar and friendly. Of course she'll try to convince us to take the more expensive option, but then again she is running a business and that is why we have discretion and the right to go elsewhere. Anyway I'm rambling.

I ate a large-ish dinner that was quite okay and then I watched TV and and then I took a nap. I will be very surprised if anyone other than me reads this whole post by the time it's done. I doubt even I will ever read it again. But yeah, I did some boring stuff and then I wrote this and after this I'm going to do my exercise and take a shower and then I'll try my luck at sleeping in bed and if I'm still having trouble sleeping (I had trouble sleeping last night, by the way. Ended up falling asleep a little after 3am to a BBC news update), I'll just turn on the news; the news never fails to put me to sleep.

Okay then goodnight. To anyone reading this, try to kiss someone soon. I hear that's pretty fun.

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