Friday, September 10, 2010

Second Day of Training

So today (Thursday) I woke up really early because I wanted to eat breakfast at McDonald's. Unfortunately I was really tired so I took naps and let my alarm snooze and by the time I left in Aunty Rosie's car I did not have time to eat breakfast at McD's if I wanted to arrive at 7:45.

I met Ganesh and he told me that we actually had to show up at eight, so I was fifteen minutes early. I went to the third floor to get some juice and some pies from the cafe, and then I went to take pictures of the view while listening to my music. You can actually see Sri Wangsaria from 1 Tech Park, which means you can see 1 Tech Park from my parents' room's window, and perhaps also Hannah's room's window. Oh yeah, when I went to get my pies I found out that Kelly's name is Kelly, not Cali. Later on in the day I found out that Eddie's name is Eddie, not Eddy. I'm not going to bother changing previous blog posts. I'm too tired to bother with that.

At eight o'clock we were all waiting in the waiting room for Hariz to show up. Sukarno stopped by to tell us that Hariz would be late so we could go get something to eat if we wanted, so we did. We were only in the cafe for a little while before we got a call from Hariz saying that we should come downstairs soon since he was here. Anyway, here is a picture of the paintings in the living room that I was talking about in a recent post.

Training was engaging and interesting again. This time we had our work e-mail accounts and accounts that gave us system access. The computer I was using had Windows 7. It's a really cool OS and I'm pretty sure I'll upgrade to it the next time I get my computer updated.

Anyway, we read through the warranty and learned where to refer to in order to answer common customer questions.

After that we had lunch. I went to McDonald's for the drive-through. It's really close by. The fries, nuggets, and coke were all real good. My only regret is that I didn't have enough money to buy another packet of large fries.

When lunch was over we continued learning about the warranty, and then we got to go listen to some live calls. Eddie and I were the first to buddy up with someone taking calls. Eddie got one of the best senior agents, and I got Raj. I'm going to pass him Ghostbusters 2 the next time I see him. He taught me a few things about how to register stuff and I helped him point out a typo when he was recording a customer's address.

After everyone had a chance to listen to the calls, we went back to the training room and told Hariz how the calls went. He told us what our seniors had done right and what they had done wrong. When that was over, we could leave since all the training for the day was done, but we stayed on for a while longer.

Jack talked to Sean and me about Roy Morgan. He said that they didn't want us to feel overworked or anything, so I just told him how eager I was to do my job and I heard that that kind of enthusiasm is rare. Sean told him that he had a schedule clash so he couldn't do Roy Morgan, and Jack said that was fine.

When I got home I took a nap. Ian almost woke me up by hanging around in the living room for some reason, but he left and I went back to sleep. Jan and Hannah woke me up by talking about Cherie's sister. That may have been a dream, though. Jan started playing his music so I countered with some of my own. I love my new phone. I really need to thank Joanna again for that.

After I awoke, I went to Subway with Hannah and paid for her meal to earn some goodwill. We went to Bangsar Village so she could smell the collector's edition of Teenage Dream (it has a cotton candy scent) and buy herself a copy of Seventeen magazine.

Back at home, I watched Hannah play Theme Hospital and then I watched her watch the first episode of The Office. She laughed at the jelly stapler and at nothing else. She thought Dawn was annoying, for some reason. I hope she'll keep watching the series, it's really good.

We played with the piano for a bit. Neither of us could really play what we wanted.

I'm going to wake up late tomorrow.

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