Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Should Have Been Working on My Research Paper and BB Responsibilities, but I Went to the All-American Rejects Concert Instead

It was awesome. I'll give the day in list form first and then maybe get back to it and expand it later because it's late now and I am really tired

-Woke up and went to BB
-Rather lousy time at BB
-Found out what my new responsibilities are.
-Made a to-do list.
-Found out the name of Elo's mystery texter from Friday. I don't think I mentioned him in the last post.
-Got another survey filled to replace one with slightly odd results, ended up pissing off my brother for delaying them.
-Got stuck in a long jam home.
-Called after mishearing that they were giving out tickets. Brothers were initially skeptical about the call.
-Got home
-Saw Hannah get RM50 from Mama for the concert
-Left home quickly with Jan and Hannah to get them to their concert.
-Used all the money in my wallet to fill the car's empty tank.
-Went home to get my phone and tape the broken antennae to the roof of the car so it wouldn't fall off.
-Strugged to find the venue for the concert
-Argument over the RM50 of concert money that Hannah had given Jan to take care of.
-Call to Mama to settle argument.
-Figuring out a solution.
-Applying solution by leaving Jan in line while taking Hannah home to charge her phone, get her wallet, buy some food and drinks, and withdraw some money.
-Returning to Jan several hours later. Dropped Hannah off and went to park the car.
-Realized Hannah had left her phone in her bag, which was in the car.
-Found Jan
-Went looking for Hannah
-Asked event organizer to make an announcement telling Hannah to meet us at the VIP entrance
-Left Jan to wait at the VIP entrance while I went to look for Hannah.
-Found some dudes selling extra tickets. Bought one.
-Got a call from an unknown number, it was Hannah.
-Arranged meeting spots in case we got split up again, went into concert.
-Observed how shitty the VIP area was, asked Jan and Hannah to come over to the main area so we could get close to the stage.
-Went off alone when they said no.
-Met a bunch of Form 3 girls about five rows from the front and discovered that I was surrounded by their schoolmates.
-Waited with the girls for the concert to start
-Concert started, awesomeness ensued.
-Waited half-an-hour for the All-American Rejects to start their set.
-All-American Rejects started their part of the show. Was almost beyond awesome.
-Caught a bottle thrown from the stage.
-Carried a girl on my back during "I Wanna" after she asked for a better view.
-Carried her again during "Mona Lisa" when Tyson climbed down to find a girl in the front to sing to. He didn't pick her, but we still really really close to him.
-Concert ended.
-Watched the girl I carried find an AAR pick on the floor; gave bottle to one of the other girls.
-Introduced girls to my siblings before saying goodbye.
-Drove home, Jan was being very unpleasant the entire trip, to understate the problem.
-Stopped at Mid Valley and gave Jan the option to either apologize or get out and find his own way home.
-Hannah called Papa who told me to come back and said he'd talk with us.
-Went back home, got talked to.
-Shower. Realized I was covered in glitter from the concert.

Have I ever returned and expanded a list-form post? Probably not. Oh well, I'll try to make this one different from the rest.

Edit (13/01/10): Huh. Still haven't expanded that list. I added a new tag to the post, though. I guess it's a start.

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