Thursday, August 20, 2009

An Afternoon Ride

(Originally written on the 2nd of January, 2009)

I went out for a ride on my brother's motorbike this afternoon. My dad lead the way on another bike. It was loads of fun. I especially enjoyed riding around a housing estate we went to, since there weren't any cars on the road and the views were spectacular. I was almost inspired enough to start taking pictures again. Maybe next time.

The only bad part was when we had to cross the more crowded roads to get home. I think I almost made a car me crash when I changed lanes without looking behind me. That had me pretty scared.

While riding around the areas without traffic, I kept myself amused by singing. I was muffled by my helmet and any sound that made it out would've been drowned out by the engine, so I could indulge myself in off-key renditions of Hey Julie and Addicted. I also sang Que Sera Sera with an Irish accent for some reason. It turned out better than you would think.

So yeah, motorcycles are fun and maybe I'll start taking pictures again.

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