Friday, August 21, 2009

HELP Orientation Night

So this post is not going to be as long as I pictured it would be. Oh well.

Anyway, in the early weeks of my first semester at HELP University College, I heard that there was going to be an orientation night. Apparently there would be food and games. The entry fee wasn't that steep, so I decided to go. I had a few friends coming along as well. The theme had something to do with the Middle East, but aside from minorly affecting the decorations, it had no effect on the rest of the night.

There were games (I did not win but I had a good time), performances (the dancing was amazing, the music was pretty good, too. Loved Creep and Push.), and food. I didn't eat any of the food, but I did overindulge in the drinks. I think it was orange cordial.

The highlight of the night was dancing. I kind of wanted to dance, but I wasn't really ready to get to the floor until I was egged on by a pair of pretty ladies (thank you Ashley and Juria). I had a lot of fun dancing, although I'm pretty sure that the entire time I looked like a total idiot. There was a tiny part of me that thought I was cool and people were cheering because my dancing was awesome, but mostly I knew they were cheering because it had been a while since someone had made such a shameless fool of themselves. It was really tiring stuff, and I tried to leave the dance floor a few times but Ashley and Juria kept calling me back in. The highlight of the night was when Ashley asked me if I had ever danced with a girl before and invited me to do so with her and Juria, so that was nice, even if it did only last ten seconds and I had no idea what I was doing the whole time.

When the night was over me and my friends went to McDonald's for dinner. I was parched and famished, so I was very very glad for french fries and a drink and a nice ice cream.

After the meal and saying goodnight to my friends, I went back down to college on the way to my motorcycle. The party was midway being cleaned up and I chatted with some of the organizers. The Orientation Night was mostly planned by our seniors, Ashley and Juria among them. I look forward to planning such a night during my second semester.

I went to my motorcycle with Ashley tagging along to have a look. I forget whether that was my idea or hers. Anyway, her description of it was "cute", which caught me by surprise. I was hoping for "awesome" or "badass", but yeah, it is a pretty small motorcycle. I drove it up to the front where Ashley called Juria to have a look, and my motorcycle was described as looking like "a puppy trying to be a bulldog". A wee bit emasculating, but I'd rather have them be impressed with its cuteness than have them not be impressed at all. I lent the motorcycle to a guy to have a ride around while I chatted with Juria. I found out that she was half-Dutch, too, which was awesome. Her dad's Dutch, my mum's Dutch. Her mum's a Malay, my dad's a Malaysian Chinese. Apparently a Dutch mixed parentage leads to very good looking children. After some more small talk I drove back home, and thus ended the night.

Oh yeah, at some point I was sitting down and I spilt my drink on someone. In the unlikely (haha, unlikely is an understatement) event that you, reading this, are the person I split my drink on, sorry. But yeah, that was the only downside of the night. Well, that and the video on my friend's phone of me spazzing out on the dance floor.

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