Thursday, August 20, 2009


So turns out I don't have a post about Orientation Night at college because I never wrote anything on the internet about it. I guess I know what my next post will be about then.

Not much else to write in this post, though I guess I can actually detail what happened today. Met up with some friends to watch a movie today. I invited 17 people, 2 showed up, 1 brought another friend, and I brought my brother. We got some tickets, I paid for my brother, we got some lunch, my brother paid for himself, I got some ice cream, I ended up sneaking it in the cinema in my coke, we thoroughly enjoyed the movie (seriously you guys District 9 is awesome, go watch it), we hung out a bit, and one of our friends dropped us home. Also I started a blog. So far it's okay.

Oh yeah, all the posts before this were copy-and-pasted directly from my Facebook notes, so some of them are out of order and they are referring to the wrong relative times and stuff. I guess I'll go back and fix that sometime.

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