Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Up, Sky Lounge, and Horses

I'm going to put some actual content in this blog sometime. Maybe some opinions or perhaps my feelings about something or someone, or an open letter, or a review or something. But for now here's another post about a day that I found slightly interesting.

So I was woken up at around noon today by my sister, Hannah, reminding me that I was taking her and her friend, Audrey, to see a movie today. After I had used too much styling gel to fix a case of bed hair, we climbed into my maid's Kancil and set off.

The first thing we did when we got to the mall was get the tickets. We were supposed to see I Love You Beth Cooper, but my brother told me that it sucked, so we decided to watch Up. Because Audrey had already seen Up before, we were going to watch it in 3D this time.

After we had the tickets, we went down for lunch at Burger King. The girls didn't really want to eat there, but I was pretty much broke except for the Touch n' Go credit in my MyKad, which could fortunately be used at Burger King, so that was where we went to eat. They were against the idea at first, but then I offered to buy them ice cream and that was how a decision was made.

We all ordered and ate too much at lunch, but it was awesome. We all affirmed our belief that Burger King was the best fast food restaurant, and Audrey was proved wrong about McDonald's having the best ice cream.

When we were done with lunch we went up to watch Up. The guys at the front barely glanced at the tickets and so the girls managed to get it for six bucks less with children's tickets. We took some 3D glasses and found our seats. The rest of the time until the movie started was spent examining the glasses trying not to break them and cause a RM200 fee.

The movie was great. When it was done I had decided that it was the best movie of the year. District 9 was awesome and perhaps more fun, but Up was better in different ways that were completely unrelated to people-exploding lightning guns, South African accents and flying death pigs.

After the movie we decided to follow the advice of one of the cinema ads and go check out the Vertigo Sky Lounge in Mont Kiara. The girls were a little surprised that they let us in, but once we were up there we saw one heck of an amazing place. Seriously, they had a jacuzzi in the freaking toilet. They had beanbags on the roof. They had a vending machine and a pool table and roughly a hundred comfy chairs. It was pretty rad.

When we were done touring a place too expensive to ever consider living in we went to the last stop, which was the place where Hannah and Audrey had their horse riding lessons. They wanted to see their favorite horse, and I wanted to see if there were any good looking riders that day. Well, at least they got what they hoped for.

Anyway, I almost got lost on the way home but instead I found a shortcut. Being able to drive is awesome.

So now that this post is done I am realizing that it is pretty boring. I guess it's a good thing then that I'm the only one reading these.

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